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Parent: Anime: Sakuga, What is It?

  1. #768112014-05-26 10:23:00Dark-B said:

    Thanks again, @Frey, for giving us more knowledge on the animation techniques and animators who helped or discovered them. And, for now, I have to say, Kanada is by far the most interesting person for me. He was under-appreciated, unrecognized, yet was very good, had a lot of promise, but even though everyone probably dismissed him as just "good enough", he continued to expand and work on his techniques more. Now, he's dead, and it still doesn't feel he gets much known as he should be. Just these techniques you showed us right now, those prove that he contributed in MOST memorable animated moments after, and most popularly, shounen anime.

    So, this guy's work contributed to all of this yet he still is unknown to the masses as much, yet he was recognized by his peers and the people who learned in the Kanada-academy hopefully. I am just glad that he didn't quit his work and stop because he didn't get appreciation he deserved, because that would probably mean anime as we know it might've been different.

  2. #768792014-05-26 18:46:44Frey said:

    Yeah, almost all key animators are pretty under appreciated, sadly. Some do try to be very obscure, so they don't mind it that much. But some animators that were very talented are not given any spotlight too. Like Takeshi Koike, he wasn't really recognized after 15 or so years of working at Madhouse. Who knows who's out there that's pretty awesome and just not given the right attention. :(