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  1. Kirn's Birthday Celebration Thread

    #771972014-05-29 12:31:05 *johan_5179 said:

    Today is the day when the mighty Kirn, scourge of the limitless idiocy on the internet's domain first appeared. It is believed that his first words were "You crazy fucking bastard."

    4 years ago he came to beloved CL and has stuck with it from its time as hell's deepest pit to what it is today, a warm and helpful community. But the ever-ready cynic still stands, passing judgement and brutality on all and sundry, unafraid of the consequences. Apparently In Soviet Russia, consequence fears YOU!!

    His rough demeanor shields a quick mind, his abrasive language masks his ability to recognise and even respect actual talent, and his inner moe-ness is not apparent to everyone leading people to believe he is a horrible person, which he is actually. Some believe he has mellowed down, I believe his gentler demeanor is a sign that things are better with CL these days. And while many may not believe it, he has contributed to the relatively happier state we are in, even if this super-kawaii meido denies it. Happy Birthday to him. her

    Come give your wishes to CL's greatest terrorist, slayer of morons, the barometer of this site's well-being and the Jesus of Moe. Also a loli. Also my and @Ecstasy 's endless love :3


  2. #772002014-05-29 12:52:14Kirn said:

    What, now I will be getting a thread every year or what? Goddamnit...

    I still do not celebrate this.

  3. #772012014-05-29 12:56:28johan_5179 said:

    Yes you will get a thread every year. You have absolutely no say in the matter you.

    /me drags Kirn around and throws blood-soaked confetti

  4. #772092014-05-29 14:58:43Rinneko said:

    Happy birthday, @Kirn. Thank you for everything thus far; your contributions to CL, consistently dramatic ways of coming on to chat, and others. Have a nice day, I hope. :)

    Additionally, getting a notification that you 'turned 114 years old' made me laugh.

  5. #772392014-05-29 21:13:45Taro_Tanako said:

    Happy birthday Old Man CL! May your tales of butthurt and trolling continue for many years..

    If you were a dog how many dog years is this?

  6. #772562014-05-30 00:07:20Rebel said:

    As much i don't care about kirny... I think CL wouldn't be what it is today if he didn't come on this site... So for that I'm thankful... SOOO happy CL Bday you fucking asshole piece of shit...

  7. #772672014-05-30 05:38:41Kirn said:

    @Taro_Tanako you really should fight with parasite-words like trolling and butthurt.

    I really don't troll. Well, I only did one textbook trolling of this site, about 2 years ago, but I have no interest in repeating that, even at this horrible place. What I do is honestly hate everyone in general and, at times, someone in particular. And actively channel that hate.

    @Rebel 'as much as I don't care about you, fucking asshole, I will still congratulate you'? Really? Fucking hell, decide already. Either you want to continue hating me for abusing your ass, or you want to suck up to me so I would stop poking at how pathetic you are! Be a man, pick one, stick with it for bitter end and inevitable dismemberment! Trying to suck up to me while trying to look tough and uncaring is just weak.

    So. All in all, not a bad birthday as far as these days go. People are finally learning to leave me alone, not bother me with trying to rope me into celebrating and to not give me anything except cash or money transfers so I would pick for myself what the hell I want. Good.

  8. #772712014-05-30 08:42:30Rebel said:

    I never hated you. I don't know you, why would I hate you... I never sucked up to you and never will, I don't even know why you would even think that... Pick a side, pffft I choose to do whatever I feel like at the moment, how about that @kirn

  9. #772722014-05-30 09:42:11Kirn said:

    I choose to do whatever I feel like at the moment

    Yeah... actually, remembering the IRL thread - while you do that, you obviously fail horribly.