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  1. Dragon Age Inquisition

    #773132014-05-31 11:34:13 *arnaK said:

    I don't know how many people are Dragon Age fans on this website, but if anyone else is as excited for Dragon Age Inquisition, I would like to know. DAI will be coming out on October 7th in North America and October 10th in Europe.

    In this trailer, many familiar faces appear. We see people from not only Dragon Age II, but also from Origins. Returning characters include: Cassandra Pentaghast (Narrator), Leliana, Varric Tethras, Morrigan, Cullen, and Alistair. There is also one more character returning from Dragon Age Asunder, but it is not yet known who he/she is.

    Most if not all Dragon Age fans would agree that Dragon Age II was really mediocre, sub-par at best. I think one of factors is that they took away all playable races except for humans. Bioware definitely noticed this and they said they did not want to let fans down again. So this time, we have all of our playable races back! Oh, and did I mention you coULD BE A QUNARI? DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITED I AM? Ohhhhh my god, I've been waiting for so long.

    In the story, you play the inquisitor and make the decisions that normally end in one side's favour. This is a major element due to the fact that in this game, Thedas is undergoing war between the mages and the templars (basically the entire story of Dragon Age II). This time, they are also mixing in the older, original aspects of the game with fights against dragons and the blight. We are also seeing the appearance of newer demons as there is a tear in the veil (the layer between the real world and spiritual world) so many new demons are appearing.

    I reaaally want to preorder this game for the PC. I want to get the Inquisitor Pack which includes things like Orlesian coins and Fereldan (I believe) Tarot cards. The only thing that is stopping me is the fact that the PC version is hosted through Origin, which i absolute loathe. I don't know if any of you like Origin, but I kid you not, when I tried to search "why does origin" on google, these results came up:

    I just want to game nicely, without having to worry about arguably one of the worst customer services in the video game industry if I ever do something as simple as forget my password. (I've done it before, even after pressing "Forgot My Password" countless times, they failed to email a password reset link even though they told me they did, every time. This is my struggle.

    All-in-all, I'm suuuper excited for DAI and at the moment, have no one to fangirl with. So what do you think, guys? Are you excited? Do you think you'll get it? I know that Dragon Age II was a big let-down but from all the updates and trailers I've been seeing and hearing about, I think they've taken our suggestions to heart.

    Let me know what you think!

  2. #773182014-05-31 15:21:02CQKumber said:

    This is something I've been looking forward to for a while now, and that I'll definitely be getting as soon as I'm able to \o/ I'm really happy that they're bringing all the playable races back, and I'm super stoked to hear they're adding the Qunari to the list!! I'll possibly be pre-ordering it as well, those coins and tarot cards sound pretty sweet (I already missed out on Dishonored's tarot cards ;__;)

  3. #773262014-05-31 23:39:05 *arnaK said:

    @C_Q_Kumber Are you as conflicted about the fact that it's hosted through EA Origin though? I'll probably end up pre-ordering it as well, despite my bitterness. We should definitely put up pictures of our DAI merch when/if we get it, though :3 always nice to see a fellow DA fan.

  4. #773272014-05-31 23:48:26CQKumber said:

    Not all too conflicted @arnaK, since I'll be getting it for the PS3 lol. That wouldn't effect the pre-order bonus, would it? .__. cause if not, then yeah, posting pics would be a must~

  5. #773382014-06-01 00:52:38 *arnaK said:

    @C_Q_Kumber I was contemplating getting it for the 360 but I don't know because PC is awesome and i just got a new gaming one! and 360 is a bit outdated now. Aaahh I don't know the struggle hnnngh!

    I believe you get all the same stuff you'd get with the PC preorder...let me find the link.

    Here is the link.

    I want to play with my Orlesian coins ah!

  6. #773432014-06-01 01:14:09CQKumber said:

    A game like Inquisitions would probably run better on a slab of rock than it would my laptop lol. But if yours can handle it, than I say go for it @Arnak! You'd also get to play around with mods, so that's an added bonus :3

    I'm happy to see someone as excited for this as I am xP

  7. #773502014-06-01 02:37:32 *DarkChaplain said:

    The only thing that is stopping me is the fact that the PC version is hosted through Origin, which i absolute loathe. I don't know if any of you like Origin, but I kid you not, when I tried to search "why does origin" on google, these results came up:

    Origin was shit, but right now, it is more stable than Steam, does not interfere with the gameplay experience unless the multiplayer servers are bugging, and even offers features that Steam lacks.

    Sure, I dislike EA and their business practices, but Origin hasn't been as big a pain in the arse as people make it out to for years. Heck, aside from horror stories with indian support gurus, EA's email support has been more effective for me in the past than Valve's ever has.

    My problems were handled over the course of maybe 12 hours since submitting my ticket, I had it solved and was treated with actual respect and no auto messages apart from "we've received your query, we'll be in touch". Now with Valve, you wait 2 weeks and hope they actually read your ticket instead of copy/pasting an unrelated message and close the case.
    That's not to say EA's support cannot be awful at times - but no more so than any other tech support would be.

    As for the points on the screenshot:

    • Origin opens fine for me and all my contacts who occassionally use it, and faster than Steam (and without Steam's crashes or dumb update reminders 5 minutes after logging in)
    • Origin charges tax where applicable. Blame your government for enforcing taxes on digital goods. This is coming from somebody living in Germany who pays 19% VAT on most things. Steam charges tax for purchases as well, but usually the prices include those already for Europe, and from what I know, not every part of the USA charges tax on it, so it will be applied during checkout.
    • Origin always downloads at full speed for me, and much more reliably so than Steam. 12mb/s are the norm via Origin, with Steam I'm looking at 6-8 usually, and sometimes it crawls at 300kb/s. Even with two machines online at the same time and downloading the same couple of games, Origin managed to distribute the data well while still using all of my allowed download speed.

    It is far more likely that people searching this stuff can't even figure out how to set up their machines - just checking the Steam forums makes it very clear how stupid people are.

    Wanna know what "why does Steam" suggests on google?

    • "why does steam say disk busy"
    • "why does steam keep crashing"
    • "why does steam update so often"
    • "why does steam keep going down"
    • "why does steam stop downloading"
    • "why does steam slow down my computer"
    • "why does steam disconnect randomly"
    • "why does steam download start and stop"
    • "why does steam run so slow"
    • "why does steam randomly close"
    • "why does steam redownload my games"
    • "why does steam always install directx"

    All of which are actual problems - even if you account for the Steam Client Beta, update loops are far from rare, and Steam's new and "improved" download infrastructure has been prone to overload disks ever since it was rolled out. It has gotten better, surely, but I remember how bad it used to be - you wouldn't like your PC starting to crawl every time a small patch was downloaded.

    So yeah, no, I don't see Origin as a huge problem at all. If you're fine with Steam, accept its very frequent downtimes, awfully slow community pages and store, glitchy overlay et all, you have no real right to complain against Origin anymore.

    On topic of Dragon Age 3, no, I am not hyped or excited. I don't trust BioWare to do a proper, in-depth RPG anymore. The steady dumbing-down of Mass Effect, combined with mediocre writing and superficial romance option hype, as well as the flop that was Dragon Age 2, don't make me confident in any way.
    But as always, they will make massive promises and ride the hype train, so it'll obviously be a huge financial success.

    Then again, while I respect DA: Origins as an RPG, the story hasn't really gripped me anyway - too much fantasy reading, you see. I couldn't really care less about Inquisition.

  8. #777612014-06-08 07:52:15 *Ecstasy said:

    Bioware also promises 40 possible endings. I hope that's some funny joke or the differences are really minor because I do like to complete all possible endings for the game and 40 is freaking massive.

    Also Alistair's VA supposedly did some work for the game, which means we most likely will see the character.

  9. #777682014-06-08 10:46:09Xyopq said:

    I'm not sure if I'll get this yet. I liked the story side of the first game, but for some reason I don't enjoy the combat as much. I'll check it our at E3 before deciding but I don't think I'll get it on release anyway with the new LoTR game coming out around the same time.

  10. #777712014-06-08 14:14:07 *Ecstasy said:

    @Xyopq have you played the second game? They did change the combat somewhat. Made it more slashy while it still was this strategic kind of gameplay. I think they were moving into the right direction with it, so you might be able to enjoy it in the third game. I do prefer the combat style of the second game to the Origins, except it was less challenging.

  11. #815512014-08-13 08:44:24Ecstasy said:

    Hawk is in the new trailer around 1:36, which most likely means that we are importing saves again (and I should maybe replay DAII because I don't have a save I'd actually want to use, unless someone comes up with a save generator later like it was with DA:O)

  12. #816272014-08-17 00:37:18 *Mairu said:

    A good friend got me into the DA series this past tear and whoa. I can say that I am hyped for this game. I liked both DA:O and DA2 for different things. DA:O has more of a better story and your companions had a real depth to them and on top of that they scenery was pretty nice. DA2 had a nice choice of companions that made sense(at times) and I really like the way attacks looked.Cone of Cold still looks great in both games, however.

    Anyway, DA:I looks fairly promising and with each new game-play trailer, I get happier. I'm glad it looks about more strategic and not just button mashing or spell spamming now. I'm also very excited to play quanari female mage. I think Saarebas was the word for mage Quanari. I'm also, not incredibly ready to see Morigan and Alistair again. <3

    Oh, and my friend is saying the one with Hawke in the latest trailer is Sebastian. Any other thoughts?

  13. #816432014-08-17 10:37:01 *Ecstasy said:

    I believe someone said that there will be no characters from the DA2 DLCs and Seb is a DLC character. No proof though.

  14. #816312014-08-17 01:34:45 *Destro said:

    I'm a big bioware fan myself and am always eager to see what new adventure theyve created for me to lose myself in but admittedly after DA2 im a little worried. My first issue with 2 was that the environments were completely uninspired i mean they reused the same dungeons caves and hideouts multiple times each except that maybe certain doors would/wouldnt open; by the time youre done with the first chapter the wonder of exploration is completely gone its just the same rehashed material for the nth time. DAI however seems to put alot of emphasis on open world exploration, they even keep showing off that one portion of the game that is "larger than all of DAO" and they make sure to stress how many cool off the beaten path things there are to find so thats one problem that seems to be fixed. Second issue with terrible 2, the characters were a total step down from origins; i swear everytime i go to recruit anders i just want to punch him in the throat before he starts talking about how oppressed he is. To be fair Varric, Bethany, and Aveline were pretty cool and i didnt find merril entirely annoying but compared to origins the cast just does not compare. DAI seems to have a large cast of interesting characters with the return of some old favorites but i cant really comment as of yet( i like to learn all about characters in game rather than learn about them prior to playing). I can say that i still believe in Biowares ability to make me fall in love with my crew. third issue the combat got super boring super fast for me each engagement turned into a war of attrition seeing just how many waves of the same mobs they can throw at you without completely depleting your resources and cool downs. DAI seems to be focusing on more intelligent ways of tackling your foes and im sure that the feel of combat has improved. Honestly combat isnt too huge for me because my main focus in Bioware games is story and characters just as long as im not bored to tears spamming my abilities in between cut scenes like i was in DA2 I'll be happy. Fourth character growth there seemed to be only a few reliable ways to build your characters in DA2 certain abilities far outclassed other abilities blood magic is pretty much garbage when compared to Force magic and templars are only good for that burst with holy smite. On top of being pigeon holed into the same abilities every time i found myself only investing in two attributes at a time depending on your class str/con warrior, cun/dex rogue, magic/willpower mage there wasnt any real reason to invest anywhere else unless youre on nightmare difficulty where you need to invest a little in cunning to get your defense up. Just a quick aside nightmare was an actual nightmare playing as a mage, say good bye to all your high dmg spells because they are so OP they will literally murder your entire party. Again i cant speak for DAI yet but with the increased production time i hope they were able to balance skills and ensure that each player can grow according to their own play style. I have other things that frustrate me in 2 but i don't really wanna keep writing and they're pretty minor compared to these if i think of anything big ill throw them out but all in all DAI seems to address alot of them and i hope they live up to the amount of hype i have inspite of my experience with 2. Like i said earlier im a big bioware fan and regardless of any doubts i may have im totes excited and will be picking this up for sure.

    TLDR inspite of my problems with DA2 i will be getting it, and if they fix the problems they had in 2 that would kick alot of ass.

  15. #816322014-08-17 01:38:40Destro said:

    CHEESE AND RICE! I didnt mean to write that much i wish i used paragraphs now that i look at this ridonk wall of text but you know i got alot of feelings and when old destro gets started he has a hard time getting stopped. Seriously though thats my bad.

  16. #816422014-08-17 10:28:18 *Ecstasy said:

    @Destro I agree with you though. Having to go through the same locations 3 times in your playthrough was a real let down in DA2. And all the locations pretty much looked the same. I guess DA: O locations weren't that magnificent, but you had plenty of other things to focus on and there usually was a lot of stuff to explore on the map (side quests and secrets) and they weren't repetitive. You could feel that there was a lot of thought put into every map and every character. You couldn't be indifferent even towards the secondary characters (Riordan for example), even they had something about them which was making you care about them or dislike them. And all the lore you could discover in notes in books. Combat was a lot more complex too, even on the easier difficulties. In DA2 on easy you didn't even need a tank, very little involvement in the lore, no real ultimate goal. You didn't fight no great evil, all game you were just trying to earn money and solve your own problems. And the characters? Most of them I didn't care about at all. I was getting far more excited when there were cameos of the characters from the first game.

    Oh, and Anders? He was a perfectly fine companion in Awakening, but they just had to butcher him in DA2. "Mages are oppressed, mages are oppressed, mages are oppressed, mages are oppressed, mages are oppressed" all game long. And when he doesn't talk about mages? He is creeping on Hawk even if you don't chose him as your romance option! Could they make him any more pathetic?

  17. #830832014-09-30 19:32:31Ecstasy said:

    Time for another vid.

    boy did that dwarf look sexy

    Reminds me of that one time when I spent half an hour creating my character in skyrim never to look at her face ever again.