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  1. AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story (documentary)

    #773192014-05-31 16:08:51 *Kirn said:

    Hello, one and all! Yes, it's me again, with another documentary. And, while usually I try to bring you something relevant about the world issues that you uninspired people can gleefully ignore, this time I want to bring you something I watched because it was my personal interest to watch this. Let me present you...

    So, those who talk to me a lot, know that my two favourite comedians ever are George Carlin and Bill Hicks. And I think that George Carlin is the absolute best, but I also believe that if Hicks would have lived as long as Carlin - he would have had all the chances to be just as great, or even greater. Hell, he was great already, so pretty much one thing he loses by is the pure amount of the material - he didn't have time to make more, sadly. And in his shows Hicks alternated between some simple and easy 'dick jokes', as he called them, and serious stuff like armies killing people and Kennedy assassination, presented through a comedy point of view, but extremely relevant still.
    So, what is the movie about? Well, obviously, it tells the story of Bill Hicks, from his birth and to his death. And this story is told by people who knew him best - his family and people he started up with and worked with. Oh, and consumed psychedelic mushrooms with. Yes, there's that in the movie too. You will learn pretty much everything - how he started, where he went and what he did, what problems did he have, and even what he did when he found out he is going to die. And by the way, a damn lot of this was new for me. Now I understand better at which time which albums of his were made, and knowing things he had to struggle with, I now understand some of his materiel even better.
    As I said, this movie is made from people who knew Bill talking about him. Also there are parts of his shows included, obviously. Mainly the footage consists of those taped shows and photographs of Bill taken at various times. Photos are sort of like animated a bit. But anyhow, the visuals are not stunning, and hey, it's the footage of 80s and 90s, you can't complain about the quality. Plus, the main point here is the story, and that's the key thing - if you like this guy, like his shows and want to know more about him - you will love this. If you have no idea who this guy is but want to know about great stand-up comedy... First find some of his shows, and then watch this. I have to say - I love this guy, so for me this movie never had a dull moment. So I do recommend it.

    Oh, and since two of the very best are Carlin and Hicks - here's a nice musical video made from the endings of their shows.