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  1. Twitter Account Thread

    #773552014-06-01 05:32:10 *--Jack-- said:
    If this thread was made before, sorry. I could not properly search Twitter threads at the time. If there is a pre-existing version of this thread, then consider this one an improvement on it.


    What's your Twitter?

    This thread is for posting your own twitter information for those on CL you'd like to see it! Find people to follow, maybe get some followers yourself. Feel free to include any of these (The more the better!):

    • A link to your twitter account.

    • A description of what you usually tweet about.

    • 1-3 Tweets you or others have liked or you feel really "Represent your twitter" (See help below for posting tweets here)

    Embedding Tweets in Forum Posts Does Not Always Work!

    I'm retro-actively changing how people share their tweets: Screenshots!

    Please Share one or several screenshots of your tweets! Embedding them may not work (user error) and may break the thread pages, so No More Embedded Tweets Here.

  2. #773592014-06-01 05:58:10 *Teil said:

    My Account: Teil

    Generally, I post about complete nonsense that has no relevance to any of you but, hey, that's twitter. A lot of it will probably be dry humor, negativity, and passive aggressive comments. Also, expect a lot of retweets from various forms of artwork involving anime, manga, and the like.
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  3. #773622014-06-01 06:15:24 *DarkChaplain said:

    Account: @TheDarkChaplain

    I usually tweet about books, reading progress, and games. Also the occassional rant about games or publishers of games and books. Also a ton of retweets on both fronts.
    Can get tedious, and sometimes I don't actually tweet anything for days outside of the occassional retweet or auto-tweet via Raptr. I kinda doubt many of you really care about the game industry bits I care about though.
    Most of my interactions on Twitter are with authors of fantasy and scifi novels, with very, very little silly stuff, isolated to a rare few friends.

  4. #773632014-06-01 06:38:00 *Jacek said:

    My twitter

    Nothing on my twitter is super interesting, it's mostly talking about whatever it is that I'm currently playing, whining (as most people on twitter do), talking to Malaysian cosplayers, and retweeting some really just...dumb shit because I find it funny. And art. I'll periodically tweet out my art when I do it, although currently I'm on break.

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  5. #773652014-06-01 07:03:23 *Rawr-ichigo said:


    I Tweet Mostly Dota 2 Or LoL Stuff. Sometimes By that i mean Rarely i will tweet on a show i just watched or a Manga,Book or something that i just read. And the Occasional Random Pew Pew

  6. #773662014-06-01 07:12:15DarkChaplain said:

    I won't follow you back because of so much dota and league of losers stuff on your feed. Play some real good games and I might follow you then....

    Just thought I'd let you know.

  7. #773972014-06-01 16:23:41 *TeruShinozaki said:

    I am pancakeprince on twitter!

    Sometimes I tweet about the games that I play, or the things that happen to me in real life that I find kind of humorous. I try to be funny, but it's not really working.

  8. #774022014-06-01 19:49:56Ipotane said:

    Made a new account because I deleted my old one You can catch me tweeting about various forms of media and some stuff that happens in my daily life. I'll try to be funny but i can't promise anything.

    da tweets be here

  9. #774032014-06-01 20:32:04 *--Jack-- said:

    JackColor is my twitter

    I tweet about artists, music, gaming (more of the retro end), and odd things. Also I tweet a lot of Minecraft-related things too, as I'm sure you know. Also news if it's interesting to me.

  10. #774062014-06-01 20:34:56 *Kip said:

    i am Scumkip on Twitter and i post about being a really fucking rude human being. and some Free Tilikum/Anti-SeaWorld/Blackfish bits.

  11. #774082014-06-01 20:52:54 *arnaK said:

    My twitter is Emily

    I tweet a lot about stupid shit that happens at work and school, sometimes with friends, and my everyday average life. I post many funny quotes found around the internet having to do with booty. I also post the occasional deep quote I like but I don't post those often. I also reblog a lot of stuff from characters of the FilthyFrank Show, lots of animals, occasional hot girls from fitness blogs, and sometimes a funny vine or two.

  12. #775402014-06-04 17:01:28 *Lieutenant said:


    I mostly type about my life, rant a lot on my twitter account, and sometimes I type in my native language (because most of my followers are from my country), sometimes I put in humour stuffs or even sharing quotes. Spamming alone or with people is a normal thing to do. Not recommended to follow if you don't want your timeline to get flooded by my nonsense.Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed.Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed.Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed.

  13. #775412014-06-04 18:21:13 *awkwardangels said:

    Here's my account

    I'm mainly on there to talk to friends and Tweet about Jojo 24/7. I tend to be on there more when I'm on mobile, which is a lot.

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  14. #805242014-07-19 23:53:44 *Zyxx23 said:

    Here is mine

    I tweet random stuff, things in my head, and the usual rants about life here and there. Expect much anime tweets.I just recently revived my twitter account so I figured might as well post in this thread. :3

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  15. #805592014-07-20 10:12:08 *Kairna-kun said:

    This is me on Twitter.

    I tweet mostly about daily rants (I tweet most rants in Filipino lol), animu, manga, games that I play, books, Game of Thrones etc. Basically, it's just a whole trash bin of my thoughts. My Swarm / 4sq, Instagram and YouTube accounts are connected in there so sometimes there are tweets where I'm at, what videos I liked etc.

    I also RT stuff that interest me. Here are some of the examples:

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  16. #806892014-07-22 02:37:18 *Toku said:

    I generally post random things, not so random things, and more random things.

    Seriously though, unless something is in dire need of being buckshotted around the internet then I'll probably post about Starbound...


    Or tweets stalking my favorite webcomic people!

    And no linky name magic stuff, as I'm not much of a techy in reality:

  17. #862442015-01-12 17:36:20 *Rinneko said:

    My twitter can be found here. It's a fairly new account, and pretty empty as of right now.

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    I simply blabber about the daily shenanigans of my life. If you follow me, drop me a mention telling me you're from CL, and I will maybe follow you back, too.

  18. #862902015-01-13 21:57:25AnimeShifter said:

    I'm Fenris and this is my twitter

    I really post about everything. This is pretty much what you'd call a 'personal' one. And by that I mean I can shitpost all day long and around the corner I can be venting. Rarely I tweet in my native language - Lithuanian. But that happens really rarely. I also tweet about games, sometimes take silly requests for doodles and such. May occasionally post about GamerGate but mostly I retweet. And even then I shitpost. Also I sometimes make stuff with Photoshop and XNALara so I post those there too. Everyone's welcome!