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Twitter Account Thread

  1. #862932015-01-13 22:22:10Mau said:

    I just made a twitter

    It's basically gonna be me posting WIPs, observations I make about games I play, ranting, complaining like an old man, and being giddy over things I like.

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  2. #863582015-01-16 00:46:28 *momo said:

    Hi hello I am acostoss on twitter, and i for one welcome our new moeshit overlords.

    You can expect esports (mostly LoL), anime, and shittweets on my twitter.


  3. #881962015-03-25 19:11:27Jacek said:

    Remade twitter that I primarily use to thought-vomit and find cute Asians to talk to.


  4. #972552016-01-11 06:32:47--Jack-- said:

    Thought I'd bump this thread since we've got a few new users about. Also I changed the posting rule in the OP so do check it out. Screenshots from now on.