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  1. Kuroko No Basket's 3rd Season Confirmed! - Now for 2015.

    #774202014-06-02 03:16:05 *Dark-B said:

    People, please gather around for these great news.

    But first of all, if you do not know about Kuroko No Basket, then please refer to these links and watch it if it took a liking to you:

    But, simply here is a synopsis for you:

    "The basketball team of Teikō Middle School rose to distinction by demolishing all competition. The regulars of the team became known as the "Generation of Miracles". After graduating from middle school, these five stars went to different high schools with top basketball teams. However, a fact few know is that there was another player in the "Generation of Miracles": a phantom sixth man. This mysterious player is now a freshman at Seirin High, a new school with a powerful, if little-known, team. Now, Kuroko Tetsuya, the sixth member of the "Generation of Miracles", and Kagami Taiga, a naturally talented player who spent most of middle school in the US, are aiming to bring Seirin to the top of Japan, taking on Kuroko's former teammates one by one."

    Moving on, never mind the entire link, for it is rather advertising about more than the confirmation, but focus on this part:

    "This year's issue 27 of Shonen Jump, on sale in Japan June May 2nd, reveals that a third Kuroko's Basketball anime has been planned. Timing and other details have not been announced. "

    You all know what this calls for? A Celebration. We are now going to finally be witnessing Akashi, Midorima, and Kise in action this season with a lot of great quality of matches, and I am happy to say that my hopes are high for this season, and I pretty much believe that it'll be the final season as well, which is why they are going to probably wait until the manga finishes so approximately we'll be getting it in like late 2015 or 2016 as a safe bet.

    But, moving on, this isn't the only thing to get excited for. A new season is great and all, but you know what that season is bringing us? That's right, Akashi fucking Seijuro. If you're not a bit excited about seeing Akashi play, then why the hell do you even watch the show?

    All in all, this brought a smile upon me, and made me quite excited as well, so here is a shoot of Momoi~

    And, as a token and tribute, here are some of my favorite AMVs about Kuroko No Basket to remember the past, but look forward to the future.

    Now, are you as excited for this as me?

  2. #774312014-06-02 15:23:07Rinneko said:

    While I'm pretty hyped for the new season chock full of action-packed basketball matches, I'm still shocked that KnB managed to secure a 3rd season so quickly!

    I pretty much believe that it'll be the final season as well, which is why they are going to probably wait until the manga finishes so approximately we'll be getting it in like late 2015 or 2016 as a safe bet.

    Yeah, I wouldn't want to watch fillers while they buy time for the manga to end. It does make me more excited to see how KnB finishes off though.

  3. #774412014-06-02 19:25:36Teil said:

    Half of my hype for this is for Akashi. If you've been following the manga like I have you know some good shit is going to go down in the next season. Can't wait to see everyone's favourite psychopath throw down against the mains~ Aka

  4. #775222014-06-04 12:53:26 *Dark-B said:

    I have made a GIF that should serve as a tribute for the generation of miracles, and one of the awesomest moments in the show:


  5. #775442014-06-04 19:12:14Lolo_Jay said:

    i have a feeling its ganna be out end of the year or the beginning of next year, this makes me so happy best news wewewee

  6. #778632014-06-09 22:29:45koolbus said:

    I am so happy! I don`t know if I can wait though... I need moar Kuroko!!!! I need moar Basketball!!!! I can actually relate because I play! Oh well at least we get another season, I cheering for you Seirin!!!! Go , Go Go Seirin!

  7. #796252014-07-05 20:03:13kamihate said:

    In my whole life watching animes, i never really liked the sports genre( i think it's because i don't like sports very much). But, then, comes KnB...and I really enjoy it, the animation style and the characters...that changes my opinion about the genre. And now, we got another season of this beautiful work. Yeah, I'm excited.