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  1. Always Sometimes Monsters

    #775072014-06-04 03:34:01 *DarkChaplain said:

    Content Warning
    Always Sometimes Monsters has content dealing with racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, mental health, sexual assault, child abuse, animal abuse, drug abuse, and suicide.
    It is a moral rollercoaster dealing with real life issues and topics!

    Courtesy of Devolver Digital and Vagabond Dogs, I've got yet another wonderful game to /thread about!

    Website - Steam - GOG - Humble

    Out of money and out of luck you find yourself heart broken and on the verge of collapse. Your landlord's taken the key back, you can't finish your manuscript, and your beloved is marrying someone else. With no choice but to handle whatever life throws at you, you set out on the open road on a mission to win back the love of your life. The story from there is up to you. Can your life be salvaged, or are we always sometimes monsters?

    A story-driven experience focusing on relationships and emotional bonds rather than traditional RPG combat and adventuring. Indecision is your enemy and empathy is your weapon in a quest to earn one last chance to win back the love of your life.

    Choose from characters of different gender, race, and sexual preference and live through the common experiences and unique hardships of each based on your selection. NPCs may treat you differently based on your gender, race, or sexual preference opening and closing different paths along the way.

    Each playthrough is filled with a staggering number of diverging paths that can be discovered through both overt actions and subtle choices in conversation. The journey you experience will be tailored to your personal ethical compass as your decisions both conscious and subconscious change your fate.

    I highly recommend this game to people willing to explore different angles and get in moral dilemmas, putting themselves on the line. It really is a rollercoaster, and one very well worth experiencing.

    Please use !!![SPOILER] tags when discussing in-game events in detail!

  2. #775542014-06-04 22:28:40Rebel said:

    This looks really interesting... like a NSFW Sims hardcore I have to try this out... Also because of some people bickering I'll have to buy this game rather than pirating.... :|