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  1. Last person on Earth?

    #776272014-06-06 07:25:29 *--Jack-- said:

    What if you woke up one day, and everyone except you had disappeared? What would you do?

    This thread is pretty self-explanatory. Would you travel? Would you build things? etc? A lot of things depend on large numbers of humans exiting, such as infrastructure, packaged food, gasoline, safety, socialization. Think about these too.

  2. #776292014-06-06 07:35:07Johtoh said:

    Gather food and do whatver. Cant socialize because im the last person. Probably get a dog because they arnt considered people

  3. #776302014-06-06 07:49:13 *Lieutenant said:

    Get supplies, get weapon for safety purpose, travel probably, Would feel alone but oh well. While traveling and move on, get more supplies and more weapon, read all the books from bookstores and library. Well a lot of things really.

  4. #776312014-06-06 07:52:53 *Yugure said:

    Even if all things in the world retain (food, technology, etc.), I'll still face the fact that I'll die soon, and the human race will cease to exist.

    On the bright side, I would go like: "Yey! I'm alone now. No more noise, no more chaos. I can do whatever I want now." Probably I would get all the food that will not perish, can be eaten in tight situations, and can last long (if not eaten) in the market (money is not an issue here, hehe), and will probably stay at home for the rest of the day, doing the usual things. Travel or not, the first thing on my list is to equip myself some weapons (guns, swords if that still exists, etc.); teach myself some skills and use them as self-defense (no magics). I may not feel like it because I'm alone, but I can adapt well in many situations, so this will be a piece of cake.

    Although, I can't do large-scale facilities that will affect me, such as the Internet, electricity, and water, because no one will manage them, so that can be a problem (for me)

    I was ninja'd by a cat and a lieutenant .__.

  5. #776322014-06-06 07:59:06Kip said:

    I would stay where I was currently and figure out how to build my own shelter, while using the safety of a smaller building with little to none open entrances first. Eventually domesticated animals would form families and packs, so I would have to prepare for it. I would try to find food for myself, and a large backpack to carry it in. Since nobody is alive, I could just take can openers and canned food from stores, because canned food lasts longer. I would avoid carrying anything that needed to be cooked, because the smell of cooking food attracts animals, and with no way to defend myself it would be extremely unsafe.

    The animals would eventually start to hunt, and I would need to avoid that. I would find a dog or two that were still obedient to humans and train them to be mine and to help me hunt and fight/protect myself. I'd need to find a pharmacy so I could also pack medicine, disinfectant, and bandages. I'd also need a sleeping bag and extra clothes once mine became too raggedy and torn to wear anymore.

    I would have no choice but to travel, it's never a good idea to stay in one place for too long. I would take my dogs with me, two males would be preferable to avoid being slowed down or burdened by the birth of puppies or one of my dogs becoming pregnant from either it's partner or a wild dog. Once their instincts kicked in more, they would be able to hunt cats, small critters, and birds on their own without my help. I'd probably be forced to share a meal once in a while, also being forced to create a fire in order to cook the food so I don't get ill from raw meat.

    Winter time will be the easiest to survive in as long as I scheduled my traveling correctly and got to some place warm during the winter season. I might need a car for some things, but if it's just me traveling alone it would be harder to carry a gasoline container everywhere on top of all my other supplies, so I would probably switch from vehicle to vehicle depending on how badly I needed the transportation, only in dire circumstances would I rely on using a car (unable to find or make shelter, needing heat in an area where it's not safe to build a fire).

    I would either become a master of survival, get ambushed by animals within the first 5 years of being the last human and get eaten, or die of some kind of illness that I needed antibiotics/medical support for. Humans originally never survived long to begin with (only living until they were about 25-30 years old), and we only lived this long due to how well we adapted and all the medicine we made to fight disease. I think falling back to natural instinct after being pampered for so many years would be really difficult, I don't see myself lasting very long as the last human on Earth. Also, my dogs would only live for maybe 14 years so that too puts a bit of a time limit on how well my survivability would be.

  6. #776422014-06-06 12:08:55AshitoKenji said:

    I would stay where I was for a while until I finally face the fact that I am alone, and then I would start travelling. Although I would have to make a lot of stops for rest because I live in the country and it takes like 5 minutes to get passed one person's house.

    Once I find a place that would be suitable for living I would stay there for maybe about a year (if I live that long) and then set out again. The whole time my cats and dog would be following me, so I would have them to talk to the whole time. One day I will start running out of food, and there wont be much left for my cats and dog to live off of, so I will have to leave them and they will die.

    At that time I will probably be heartbroken because I absolutely love them all with all my heart. The next day I will be walking down a road and start getting dizzy and exhausted, but due to where I live there wont be any houses nearby, and no where to stay, so I will collapse from exhaustion and finally... I would die, joining my pets and family and friends all in Heaven 'Happy End'

  7. #776442014-06-06 12:12:11hellstorm901 said:

    Travel for a bit and enjoy being able to do whatever I wanted then when I finally got bored I would probably destroy the world in global nuclear annihilation.

    Just because there'd be no one around to really give a shit anymore.

  8. #776562014-06-06 16:58:27 *Rebel said:

    Find a corner and cry a lot... find food, water, backpack, Most importantly dog food and milk in grocery and shelter... Then go insane.. Go nude... blend into surroundings... become one with nature and act on instinct, make dog traps with dog food and catch them and keep them as pets.. find as much as you can more dogs and cats and keep them as pets... make a base in said grocery... make weekly hunts and territorial markings with dogs and bring home food for pack of 100+... NEVER BACK DOWN from a challenge from another dog... kill the fucker in the process if you have too... I AM ALPHA MALE.
    Make a healthy collection porn mags o.o... find police store collect guns and more weapons.. expand territory and conquer city.. always have 5 dogs with you... lions or bigger animals always goes for the weakest in a pack.. which will be a dog. Find first lion. SLAY IT, wear it's mantle as neck and back warmer and skull as a helm if it's big enough.. let dogs eat that lion and know what it tastes like so they won't have fear of another lion... Make those dogs the temporary generals of pack, find a motorbike... lean to drive it... Stop being nude get loads of fuel go on monthly travels for hope of finding another human.. Call it EVE project (To find female and replenish humanity)

    If that was a novel... I would totally read it

  9. #776662014-06-06 19:18:51Jacek said:

    Not give a single fuck. Since no one would be around I wouldn't be able to play any MMOs, so that would be a bit inconvenient. I'd probably end up finding my way to wherever the most powerful computer is and use it for any gaming I can with the backlog of single-player games I have.

    Along the way I'd end up raiding homes for food, shelter, and possibly weaponry although really, the chances of me needing anything powerful would be unlikely, especially if I stayed in a city. Now, on the off chance something goes horribly wrong and animals decide they're going to start hunting me while I'm in the city, I'd pick someplace high to live, the upper floor of a hotel or apartment complex. Most likely apartment. May not be as nice, but since it's been lived in there will be supplies/access to other apartments.

    Food would be easy, again, you just raid apartments/homes, grocery stores, etc. If you lived near a farm it'd be even easier. If you're well supplied with guns, you can hunt animals and cook them.

  10. #776672014-06-06 19:37:11TeruShinozaki said:

    I'd just really be chill about the whole thing. I wouldn't even bother with hunting, really. I'd just live off of processed food and go from grocery store to grocery store. I'd go around malls and take whatever I want. Clothes, shoes, little things I can carry, because fuck, the world is as good as mine, really. I'd go find some rich fucker's house and live in it. Bring some food, and make trips back to stores if necessary. I'd have lots of free time which I'd probably spend by reading books, magazines, manga, anything to pass the time. I'd draw and paint lots too. Grab a whole bunch of drawing and painting materials from art and office supply stores and do a whole bunch of landscape and still life. It would be super peaceful. Once stocks from all the stores I raid spoil, I would probably just... OD on some pills or some shit.

  11. #815352014-08-12 23:54:15MarkovAlgeroth said:

    I would go full bush man. Take my bow and arrows, and shoot those bastard kangaroos. They'e easy to find, and they usually don't even bother hiding. I'd live off the land (as well as canned things left by the disappeared people), move from place to place, and stay the fuck away from deserts. Too damn hot.

  12. #815442014-08-13 02:24:00--Jack-- said:


    For those of you who play The Sims (really any version) would you go imaginary-friend nuts and remake all of the IRL things & people in The Sims with your spare time while hunting/gathering?