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Parent: The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

  1. #777652014-06-08 09:52:32 *Kirn said:

    So, I got reminded of one BeBop AMV today, so I am giving it to you. The anime is, obviously, Cowboy BeBop and the song is Jim's Big Ego - Stress. You will notice right away, that the quality is not perfect and there are no effects at all. However, the author managed to make video almost perfectly going along with the lines of the song. And you will have a few good laughs here, you can be sure of that.

    Also, watching that AMV reminded me of something I consider the platinum standard of video following the song. And the platinum standard of lip-syncing. So, this AMV's song is Very Tasteful - Lip Syncing to the Song. And it's a mix of something like 20+ animes there. And goddamnit, this may be the best sync ever. Well, because that's pretty much the whole point here - syncing lyrics and meaning to the video and characters. They even made it lip-sync for a character whose face you can't see at all! Work of a real master.