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Parent: What Movies Should Everyone See at Least Once?

  1. #779992014-06-11 20:02:23 *hellstorm901 said:

    Starship Troopers

    Warning, this film has SHIT LOADS of gore pretty much from the intro.

    The film is a Science Fiction / War movie that follows Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien) as he joins the Mobile Infantry, after an attack by the Arachnids aka "Bugs," Rico is thrust into a war against the Arachnid threat.

    The film is a must watch for its action scenes and themes along with the brutal deconstruction of "Hollywood tactics." As TV Tropes puts in the Mobile Infantry tries to Zerg Rush the Zerg and its ends about as well as you expect in one of the most iconic action scenes of all times, The Invasion of Klendathu. In terms of themes we are presented with a number of issues such as the fact the Federation is a Fascism that regularly exercises capital punishment, unsafe military regulations (Live fire training exercises) and propaganda/brainwashing and the fact that we are supposed to be rooting for these people.

    (Klendathu Drop Scene)

    (It's a good day to die - Starship Troopers 3)

    A couple little facts

    • The Mobile Infantry Armour has seen reuse in a number of later works including Power Rangers and the forgettable G - Savior movie.

    • The original book sees the Mobile Infantry in full powered Armor (making the name Mobile Infantry more relevant) however Hollywood laws of the time banned putting actor in roles that hide their faces for most of the time.