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CLpodcast Art Contest: We Have a Winner!!

  1. #813612014-08-06 19:55:12CQKumber said:

    I loved everyone's submissions, but if I had to pick just one, I'd hafta go with @TeruShinozaki. I like the sharp contrasting colors and the overall direction they took with the design

  2. #813802014-08-07 01:44:14 *johan_5179 said:

    I'll vote for @genericmav

    Edit :- Mav's artwork is truer to the tone of CL podcasts, its cute, and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like the podcasts do, being not very structured and driven wherever the participants want it to go. TeruShi's is glossier and would be more suitable for a more... refined project like a chorus probably, a GOOD chorus though. Very close, but I'll go with Mav on this one :3

  3. #813962014-08-07 08:04:41Kip said:

    my vote goes to @GenericMav, wtih @TeruShinozaki's being a very good competitor for it. i love all the artwork, especially those two, but Mav's just strikes me in a more "this is a cover" kind of way. although the only thing i dislike about Mav's is that it's spelled "TheColorless", not "TheColourless"... "The Colourless" is a completely different website lol.

  4. #815932014-08-15 03:37:55 *reki said:

    @TeruShinozaki's work definitely takes the cake. The colors are great and I like the composition of the piece. Makes it look more dynamic. My only nitpick would probably be the choice of font, but otherwise it's p cool overall.

  5. #821412014-09-06 19:27:21xiaden said:

    @teruShinozaki, because everything. Composition is good, coloring is good, the characters appear outgoing and fun(which is like the only reason that entry won over @GenericMav's). The overlay works. Really it's a top notch entry.

  6. #826762014-09-19 20:38:16TeruShinozaki said:

    THANKS Y'ALL FOR THE VOTES (now I'm $20 richer ayyyyy)

    Since this is going to be used for future podcasts, I can change the text font/placement/whatever since that seems to be what people didn't like about it, or whatever else I guess!