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Parent: What Movies Should Everyone See at Least Once?

  1. #783212014-06-19 08:54:40 *Kirn said:

    So, we have a gif from the absolutely best movie ever at the end of the first post here, but we don't have the description for that exact absolutely best movie here yet? What blasphemy is this! well, let's fix this with...

    This movie is rated number 1 on imdb top 250 movies list, and it deserves that place fully. This is also my favourite movie and it's also my favourite book.
    You know, I find it somewhat ironic that Stephen King is considered to be a master of horror books. I red quite a lot of King books, and in the end you end up realizing that he is just using the same patterns over and over. Sure, there are some curious and really good works, but the fact remains - in doing what he does best, he is not nearly as creative as one would expect him to be.
    And it was completely fascinating for me to realize that his best work - and the work I would consider to be the best book I ever red - is something that is completely out of style for him. No horror, no mystic stuff, just grim realism opposing the hero's strength of character.

    The story is simple, really. Man is accused of murder, man goes to jail, man learns to survive inside the prison system, man escapes. The important things are emphasis, the characters and the fact that it is not really a story about escape, it is a story about hope.
    And that's really what made me like the movie and the book so much. One can really wish to at least try to have such strength and courage as Andy Dufresne has.