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  1. Pixelated Art Thread

    #783392014-06-19 21:25:37 *--Jack-- said:

    We have a place for regular art already, so how about just pixel art? So put all your art and artistic things that are in the genre of Pixelated and/or 8 bit here!

    Here are some online tools I use:

    piq Pixel Editor

    Online Image Editor

    Also this

    I made the thread header image with some help from these tools!

  2. #783462014-06-19 23:00:29 *Dark-B said:

    For starters, I decided to make a character from one of my favorite shows of all time, Transformers. I did Optimus Prime, which is kind of unexplainable for me as I don't really like robots that much. Anywho, check it out, it's supposed to be Optimus Prime from the first(and best) show, the original if you might say.

    Might not be perfect but I like it enough.

  3. #785682014-06-23 02:02:40 *TalTal said: A little large to be considered pixels? I KNow they're usually done really small, but made this large pixel-me a week back