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  1. Steam Summer Sale 2014 Thread - Day Eight!

    #783632014-06-20 05:17:02 *DarkChaplain said:


    Use this thread to discuss deals, and post interesting ones for others to explore. Simple thing, really.

    Obligatory Sale Rules:

    • Only buy games that are on Daily or Flash Deals! Anything else might go lower on one of those.
    • Buy what hasn't been on Daily/Flash Deals yet on the penultimate day.
    • Excluded from this are small indie games with already high (75/80/90%) discounts, as that's most likely the best you will get. Also, they deserve the money.
      This includes DayZ, The Forest, Rust, all of them. THEY ARE NOT DONE, AND WON'T BE FOR MONTHS OR YEARS TO COME, IF EVER!

    • Nine New Daily Deals every day.

    • Four new Flash Deals every 8 hours.
    • 4 New Community Picked Deals every 8 hours.
  2. #783682014-06-20 05:41:16 *DarkChaplain said:

    @Teru @PureBoredom @Kip
    I'd appreciate it if you'd keep the silly videos and gabe newell glorification at that level. Please keep the thread for the deals as much as possible~

    Recommended Gems:

    Trine Complete Pack -85% This includes Trine 1 and 2. Trine 1 is getting an "Enchanted Edition" upgrade, porting the story to the Trine 2 engine, which is ridiculously pretty.

    The Blackwell Bundle -75% @Kirn made a thread for this series. Read up on it.

    Secret of the Magic Crystals -80% Somebody needs to gift this one to @Chou....

    Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death -80% It is Marlow motherfucking Briggs! FOR A SINGLE BUCK! Buy it. Also, thread here.

    Divinity Series -80% If you'd like to check out Larian's other games before buying into Divinity: Original Sin, go ahead. Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity and Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga are all 80% off. You can pick the ones you want, the savings are the same.

    DLC Quest -67% This is a Parody Platformer. Short, but sweet (or bitter).

    Two Tribes Classic Pack -70% You like puzzle games? This bundle includes three of those, all good.

    LYNE -75% One day I'll 100% this!

    Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Two Parody JRPGs, one featuring Cthulhu as the Hero. its 0,59€ / $.89 - buy it.

    Defy Gravity -90% This currently costs 19 cent in Europe, 29 cent in the US. Buy it, its dirt cheap and actually a cool concept.

    The Adventures of Shuggy -90% I almost 100%ed this. Good puzzle platformer, needs some thinking and precision, very neat game, especially for half a dollar/euro.

    More to follow.

  3. #784062014-06-20 14:49:33Ecstasy said:

    well, I was going to buy 0 games this sale because I'll be away from my PC for a week, but nope. This post already made me buy a game.

  4. #783872014-06-20 08:46:37 *DarkChaplain said:

    Early Access Games You MAY Pick Up on Sale:

    Disclaimer: I have looked into these, have checked for developer activity, frequency of patches and general testing of how good the gameplay and plans are. These are games I know about and/or have experience with.

    Gnomoria -50% Remember Dwarf Fortress and the likes? This is a bit like it. The devs have been patching this frequently, expanding on gameplay features, introducing new items, mechanics etc. I've been playing this for what seems like ages. I've had my gnomes' heads chopped off by goblin raiders, and mants have killed many more. There are still some performance issues late-game, when your population grows massive, but heck, I had my fun for almost 200 hours since I picked it up. Woop.

    Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition -55% This is a humorous endless runner. The devs have decided to not make it for mobile and instead go to PC, and it benefitted from that. It is, of course, simple in its mechanics, though not easy to master. RR already has a work-in-progress Adventure Mode, which is the reason why it is in Early Access to begin with. The Story Mode is finished, there are Endless Modes... Yeah, its nice and cheap.

    Serious Sam Classics: Revolution -75% This is free for owners of the old Serious Sam Classic versions. It is mostly feature complete, but still goes through polishing. This is a reimagining of the old SS games, with new levels, updates, all in a new engine, and there'll be a new "Revolution!" campaign. If you've never played SS, this might be worth your while

    Unepic -50% The singleplayer of this metroidvania dungeon adventure parody game is finished. The thing thats still being worked on is the Multiplayer/Coop. It is fun, difficult and funny.

    Nekro -50% This one was originally a Kickstarter game, and its shaping up nicely. A very unique artstyle mixed with a diablo-rts-like gameplay system that reminds me of Overlord. It's got humor, wicked amounts of style, and they're listening very closely to player feedback.

    Prison Architect -50% This is a simulation with a very distinctive topdown 2D style. It gets updated frequently, but is not feature complete by any means. If you enjoy builder/manager games, you might enjoy this.

    BROFORCE -20% This is being published by Devolver Digital, and thus trustworthy as fuck. Its also hilariously fun. They're introducing new Bros to play as frequently.

    Dungeon of the Endless -25% I have not played this yet. However, it is a dungeon crawler rogue like experience that is unfolding well. This is being developed by Amplitude, who have won me over with their VERY open and interactive Early Access approach with Endless Space, two years ago. It shaped up really well, and community involvement was strong (up to faction design contests - design notes, background, specializations, all of that). They're trustworthy.

    Endless Legend Same as with Dungeon of the Endless. However, this one is a turn based strategy game based around hexes. Think Civilization, in more creative and with better design. One thing I can definitely say about Amplitude is that their interface design is really clean and intuitive, which is especially important for 4X games like this.

    Divinity: Original Sin -20% As said on the OP, this game is shaping up as a serious candidate for Best RPG of 2014. It is ambitious, full of love for detail, freedom and great storytelling, paired with really good mechanics. It also leaves Early Access in a mere 10 more days. Pick it up.
  5. #783912014-06-20 10:21:53Kirn said:

    The Blackwell Bundle -75%

    3$ for 4 quest games of prime quality. Too bad it doesn't include the last one, but anyways. If you are one of those people who buys games - there's not reason for you not to pick this up.

  6. #784372014-06-20 20:30:41 *DarkChaplain said:

    Day One (June 19-20)

    Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion -80%

    Dead Rising 3 Preorder -25% Don't grab this, they're not bothering with a good PC port, locked at 30fps, and the game lost its charme. Let Capcom keep their shit, and they're happy to bring exclusive DLC to Xbox One anyway.

    DayZ -15% Ahahahaha the BALLS to put an Early Access game, in Alpha, on sale at 15% off. This game won't be done for two more years at the very least, and won't leave Alpha until the end of the year at the earliest - when the original creator is jumping off the project. Figures. If you buy this you're a moron.

    Divinity: Original Sin -20% Yes, this is Early Access, but the game is coming out officially in 10 days, on June 30. The game is solid, very very solid, I love it, I want to have its children, but I think @Cenica might disagree with that. Buy it, Larian are fantastic, dedicated developers and since I have been following the development diaries for ages, I can tell you that this might be the best RPG of 2014.

    Don't Starve -75% Good game, yes, and the new DLC is 20% off as well. Klei also did the excellent Mark of the Ninja, and are very dedicated at updating Don't Starve with new content very frequently .
    XCOM: Enemy Unknown -75% Buggy, at times frustrating, but solid. The Expansion is recommended, but only 67% off. The spinoff Third Person Shooter The Bureau is 80% off, might be worth at that. You can buy The Bureau and Enemy Unknown at 83% off in a bundle for cheap.

    Democracy 3 -66% Good simulation about leading a country to ruin. I streamed this for CL once, and was voted out of office... Juggling budgets while trying to be all eco friendly sucked.

    Far Cry 3 -75% THIS INCLUDES BLOOD DRAGON! Blood Dragon is awesome, stand-alone and full of nerdy humor. Excellent game, buy it.

    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition -80% Buy this so hard, buy it buy it buy it. The game is fantastic, its cheap as hell and the devs are very dedicated to their customers. This price is robbery.

    Day Two (June 20-22)

    Bound by Flame -40% Highly flawed RPG. Can't really recommend it at this price.

    Prison Architect -66% As said on the Early Access post above, this isn't finished, but worth your while if you enjoy simulations / building games.

    The Walking Dead Season Two -50% Meh. Wait til the whole season is out, I think there are one or two more episodes missing. The price will fall further afterwards, and buying now only means you're gonna wait for the resolution anyway.

    Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition -50% If you have a gamepad, you may consider this. Mouse and Keyboard controls are arse. Runs at 60fps, but is a PS3 port, not the superior PS4 version. Online Play was not implemented, only local splitscreen coop. Can't recommend it at this price.

    Game Dev Tycoon -60% Not impressed by the discount, fun for the first few hours, but gets tedious quickly.

    State of Decay -75% Who needs this zombie junk....

    Plague Inc: Evolved -33% Early Access. Even on sale 10 times more expensive than the iOS version (which has less content, though). Can't recommend, too expensive, too unfinished.

    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs -75% Fuck The Chinese Room. They don't get horror, and turned Frictional's franchise into a walking simulator. Get The Dark Descent instead - also on sale, -80%, or at least the bundle.

    RPG Maker VX Ace -75% You picked up the Humble Bundle, right? Then no need.

    Bottom Line: Day Two Sucks

  7. #784692014-06-21 04:55:06Kip said:

    i'm expecting it~ RPG Maker was just bumped down to the Humble Bundle price, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't come with all the extra fun stuff that HB gave.

  8. #784862014-06-21 09:39:10DarkChaplain said:

    Ahahahaha fuck Ubisoft. They have Assassin's Creed Unity announced, but AC IV: Black Flag only got a 50% flash deal, up from the 40% regular discount? 25€? Don't make me laugh.
    Even funnier, the game costs $20. 25€ = $34

  9. #784872014-06-21 09:48:16 *hellstorm901 said:

    The Last Remnant -75%

    I have not played a huge amount of the game but what I have played is good. The PC version is IMPROVED over the original console version, yes you heard that right, a ported game is actually better than the original. The PC version has had many of the annoying features that plagued the console version removed (The scaling level system has been altered to prevent game breaking) along with adding in much more content. Monsters also have received a boost to their HP and drops to make it more challenging and rewarding to fight them.

    Finally got hang of linking, it looked right in edit but I think I had to remake post as it wasn't quite showing right, if it doesn't work, screw it.

  10. #785052014-06-21 23:08:29 *DarkChaplain said:

    Day Three (June 21-23)

    Terraria -80% Yes, this is worth it. Better in Co-Op for obvious reasons, but fun nonetheless. This is NOT like Minecraft. Here, the enemies actually are out to kill you! There's a much bigger focus on digging and fighting.

    Project Zomboid -33% Early Access, hands off. These devs even lost the game code at some point (I'm not kidding) and had to rebuild the game from pretty much scratch. I wouldn't trust them to deliver a finished product anytime soon.

    Wasteland 2 -33% InXile is a trustworthy developer, but this is, again, Early Access. Don't buy it yet. Wait for the release of the game, its not worth buying yet. Or rather, there's no point buying an RPG with only the basic content. You'll just spoil your first "full" playthrough for yourselves.

    Age of Empires II HD Edition -75% This HD remaster sucks. There are framerate issues, problems where sprites would spazz out, and their "HD" changes can be boiled down to "showing more on screen". So you'll basically have the old SD image quality and zoom, but there's more to the top and sides of it at the same time. The graphic fidelity really hasn't changed. But its AoE II, so at 5 bucks, you may pick it up I guess....

    Contagion -75% Another Early Access game... Yeah, they've officially left the Early Access programme, but there's STILL content missing, including game modes and maps. TotalBiscuit's SaleBox video says it may be worth the money, but once again, be careful about it.

    Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition -75% This costs FIVE EUROS, or $7.49. Buy it. I don't like the modern BioWare, but hell, this was, in my opinion, their last good, oldschool BioWare game. There's a shitload of content in Origins alone, but the Ultimate Edition includes the Expansion and all the DLC. Definitely worth the pick. Though I could never be arsed to play more than 10 hours or so - it is rather lengthy, with lots of dialogue.

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -75% ...yeah, at 5 bucks (or less in Europe), I can actually say you may pick it up. Its worth it as a platform for mods, if the game itself is mediocre, padded to death and the story does not actually revolve around you, the fabled "Dragonborn" hero. The game feels static and about as deep as a puddle.
    Note: Morrowind and Oblivion are only 50% off. This is NOT a franchise sale! Those two will likely get individual sale spots later on (as they have in the past), so hold off for now.

    7 Days to Die -45% What's the matter with all this Early Access bullshit today? Seriously, another Zombie game? Really? The THIRD today? Seriously though, no, don't buy it. Not finished, not worth it.

    The Stanley Parable -60% THIS you should buy if you have any sense of humor. This is a game about choice, or the lack thereof. It is a fantastic adventure, Following Stanley. I streamed this for CL once, and it was quite popular then!
    PLAY THE DEMO! It is separate from the main game!
  11. #785062014-06-22 00:48:55hellstorm901 said:

    Okay DC, I'm gonna come out and defend the devs of Project Zomboid here because you're being a bit unfair.

    They did not "lose" the code for the game, one of the developers home was broken into and his computer was stolen, so with this set back they worked their arses off to get the game up and running again and also then faced paypal blocking their funding because the websites automated system thought they were engaged in illegal activities so regardless of the fact their funding had been taken from them they still soldiered on to get the game working when they were now technically working in the red.

    So lets give some credit where its due. These guys had justifiable reasons to stop working on this project after said setbacks but they didn't quit. Which is more than can be said about certain AAA devs.

    Since releasing their early access game they have been releasing a number of patches adding new features into the game including a hunting and building system and recently created an entire map expansion which among other things added in an entire shopping center.

    So as I said, back off. You're being unfair.

  12. #785092014-06-22 01:40:12 *DarkChaplain said:

    They fucked up. You make backups of your code, of your product, and don't leave it on one guy's PC. And yes, Paypal dipshit happens, but there are ways around that. They get paid properly via Steam, regardless of the payment method of the customers. Sure, it sucks having your own Paypal account blocked by the company's stupid shit games, but they have multiple sources of income.

    Guess what, a LOT of developers are working in the red, making debts to even be able to develop their first games full-time. It is a gamble no matter how you look at it.

    And no, I'm not being "unfair". They are selling an UNFINISHED product for $14.99, right now on sale $10.04, and a Four-Pack for $49.99.

    The game was Greenlit last year, with a projected release date of "Late 2013".
    It entered Steam Early Access on November 8, 2013.
    Over 7 months have gone by since. Still not finished. The game still lacks a proper tutorial, they want to make significant changes to the engine, they want to implement a persistent world with NPCs and a metagame system. Nevermind the other half-dozen "planned features" yet to be worked on.

    You're paying for an Alpha build. It is not done, and may take another year to get close to being finished. The game still has performance and stability issues, is not optimized well, and I cannot recommend buying it in this state.

  13. #785522014-06-22 17:35:58 *DarkChaplain said:

    Day Four (June 22-24)

    Tomb Raider 2013 -75% Yes, so much yes. This game is GOOD, grab it. No need to buy the GOTY edition, as the only relevant DLC is the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer, which costs less than a dollar, the rest are costumes (some of which are pretty nice) or multiplayer unlocks and maps - and MP is irrelevant.
    The game is REALLY good, and you'd be amiss to skip this deal.

    Borderlands 2 -75% If you buy this, buy the GOTY. The amount of DLC is staggering - AND THE GOTY DOESN'T EVEN INCLUDE ALL OF IT!
    If you've played the first game, this is more of the same. Nothing too special. Also be prepared for juvenile humor...

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning -75% This was supposed to be a precursor for an MMO, but the developers went bankrupt after releasing Reckoning. Two DLC packs got released, but the studio is no more. However, the game is REALLY underrated, and it suffered greatly from being released in Skyrim's wake.
    There's a lot of MMO-style question involved, and the difficulty curve isn't the best, but the gameplay is fun and the art style is colorful. At this price, I can only recommend it.

    South Park: The Stick of Truth -33% Great game, really. Not if you're in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, though. Australia also got some stuff censored, but at least it was replaced with a witty remark.
    Good game, but the 33% discount is weak. I've seen better elsewhere.

    Outlast -75% It is good at what it does, but gets fairly repetitive after a while. The enemies aren't really creative, and become annoying throughout the game, rather than scary. The DLC is 50% off.

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance -50% I was really hoping for a 66% discount at least, but 10 bucks for this game are pretty good. The game's got humor and the fighting is tight as fuck.

    Planetary Annihilation -66% Early Access. Hands off unless you read the forum first.

    The Wolf Among Us -66% Early Access in all but name. The 5th and final episode is yet to be released, and it won't be until late July at the earliest, if the past is anything to go by. The price is fine, I guess, but please note that the episodes after the first are what, an hour long each? Yeah...

    BattleBlock Theater -75% This was released a bit over a month ago on PC, but was out on Xbox before then. Its a damn solid game from all I've seen, and I might pick it up.
    The Double Pack and a bundle with Castle Crashers are discounted as well!

    Current Flash Deal:

    Sleeping Dogs -80% YES, YES, YES, SPEND THOSE $4!!!!!!!
  14. #785872014-06-23 09:26:20DarkChaplain said:

    Meh, another lame set of deals. Fallout New Vegas Ultimate was down 75% before, now 66% only. Dead Island was in a humble bundle. Sanctum is a frequent sale item, and Mass Effect lacks DLC, which you can't buy on Steam but instead via Origin or BioWare points (aka bullshit rip-off tactics). And who the heck needs a Titanium Edition of Farming Simulator 2013?

  15. #785912014-06-23 10:48:45 *DarkChaplain said:

    Deus Ex: Franchise 75% off!

    I just noticed that ALL Deus Ex games are discounted during the community deal, this brings these titles down:

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut - $4.99 / 4,99€ / £3.24 This Director's Cut includes the DLCs, but better integrated into the game (you don't start out with an inventory full of weapons and ammo), and the Missing Link DLC, which was a stand-alone game entry before, is inserted into the story seamlessly.
    The DC also added developer commentary, and changed the way Boss Battles can be won. The engine was also upgraded to the Missing Link version, and the Gold shader tuned down - thank god for that!
    While I have my issues with the game and consider it very much overrated and the plot hamfisted, it IS a good purchase for 5 bucks.

    Deus Ex: The Fall - $2.49 / 2,49€ / £1.99
    This was originally a mobile title on iOS, later ported to Android and recently to PC. It suffers greatly in comparison to Human Revolution.
    The mechanics are simplified, the universal store (which can be opened at any time) kills the game balance once you have a bit of cash - buying grenades/ammo/weapons ahead of time is dumb when you can buy them the moment you need them anyway. Enemy bodies disappear and your augments are even more limited than in HR (heavy objects can only be moved to a preset spot, not freely tossed around, for example). The areas are very small and restrictive.
    The biggest problem I have with it, though, is the lackluster character animations. Facial expressions are static, and the voice acting could be better - then again, so could HR's.
    The story runs before, or parallel, to HR, following on from the Icarus Effect prequel novel. As such, it develops the setting further, which I can appreciate.
    If you enjoyed the Deus Ex setting, I'd recommend picking it up to broaden your view on the franchise, and the antagonists of HR. However, if you get easily frustrated with limiting gameplay mechanics and mediocre acting, this might not be for you.

    Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition - $1.74 / 1,74€ / £1.24 This is the original Deus Ex game. As such, it is old and benefits from a few community mods. It looks very dated out of the box. It is, however, a pretty good game, and you'd be amiss to not pick it up.

    Deus Ex: Invisible War - $1.74 / 1,74€ / £1.24 The sequel to the original. Widely considered the worst game in the franchise, and the one that killed it for half a decade. It doesn't compare well to the first game, though I'd still say its cheap enough for the purchase to not be too regrettable even if you get disappointed by the high standards it fails to live up to.
  16. #785992014-06-23 13:28:43hellstorm901 said:

    Here's a couple deals I noticed. While the percentage is not the largest it can be I would be uncertain whether they would reduce them any further.

    Silent Hunter 3 -40% - £4.19

    This is a U-Boat simulator where you are given control of a German Submarine and unleashed onto the Western front to carry out operations against the Allies. The game gives you free reign to sail the sea sinking Allied vessels to help the German war effort. The game realistically keeps to the time line for both gameplay and diffculty meaning should you opt to start you game from the early days of WWII you cannot sink US Merchant ships (As the Us was not at war with Germany at this time) while the game becomes difficult as time progresses due to the advent of airborne sonar systems and Anti - U-Boat operations later in the war.

    Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific -40% - £5.99

    And now onto the other theater of war. This is a US Navy Submarine simulator where you fight on the Pacific front against the Imperial Japanese Navy and Airforce. This one is more forgiving than the third installment due to the realism that Japans Navy was weaker to submarine operations. From my time playing this I can tell you that gameplay seems to be slower as the Japanese Navy is no where as large as the Allied navies and often by the time you reach reported positions of enemy ships they've already been engaged and destroyed or left.

    Both games are really immersive simulators to the point that the hardest difficulty of the games are where you must realistically track O2 levels and battery power AND having to actually calculate Torpedo firing solutions by pen and paper to hit a target.

    Alternatively you can get the collection for £17.99 which includes all previous titles plus the newest installment.

    Mount and Blade Warband -66% - £5.09

    Firstly this game has been on the Humble store before discounted for less if I recall so bear that in mind, even at 66% you are getting your monies worth for the game. Secondly, and I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT BUY THE ENTIRE COLLECTION, It may net you three more games but one of those is just this game, (Warband was the re-release) another one (With Fire and Sword) is widely despised for offering not much new beyond badly implemented guns and the Napoleonic Wars is a Multiplayer modification that is only good if you find servers with lots of people (It's essentially rank and file combat on player scale)

    This game is a massive First/Third person simulator where you start out as a nobody and can ultimately work your way up to becoming a lord within a kingdom or forming your own kingdom with you as King or Queen (Female characters are a difficulty in their own as the land is realistically sexist towards women meaning you must earn you renown) leading huge armies against other kingdoms.

    If you get this game I would recommend you download the Floris Mod Pack which is a massive overhaul of the game including many new features that flesh out the game such as being able to join a lords army as a paid soldier and the addition of a class specification tree for hired soldiers.

  17. #786102014-06-23 16:05:58DarkChaplain said:

    -40% is rather disappointing, and Mount & Blade I wouldn't recommend picking up at 66%. There's already been a Flash and Community deal where it was down to 80%, and that's likely gonna happen again for a 48 hour daily deal.

  18. #787302014-06-24 12:11:43DarkChaplain said:

    Day Five (June 23-25)

    Saints Row Franchise -75% The BEST deal you can get here is the Franchise Pack. It includes SR2, SR3 with all DLC, and Saints Row 4 plus DLC. For less than 20 bucks. SR4 alone costs 10, so if you don't know SR3's Full Package yet, this is the best possible way to buy into the franchise.
    If you only want SR4, be aware that the 75% discount extends to the Season Pass, which is very much worth it.

    The LEGO Movie Videogame
    The discount extends to ALL LEGO GAMES, minus Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Those are apparently forgotten and hidden by Disney, they don't like selling those it seems.
    I personally don't think the LEGO games are exciting at all, and veeeeeery samey, but $4.99 or $7.49 per game aren't bad, especially in Europe where all of them are 4,99€.

    FTL: Faster Than Light -60% FTL got a free update to the "Advanced Edition" a few months ago, which expanded on a lot of things. The game is great.
    What isn't great is the discount. Keep in mind, this has been in Humble Bundles before.

    Arma 3 -50% Nope. Shit price, 50% is still 30 dollars, not worth it by ANY means.
    If you really have to play an Arma game, do yourself a favor and pick up the ARMA II: Combined Operations pack at 80% off. Still not a fan of the whole thing, but at least that price is acceptable.

    Nether -80% This JUST had a Flash deal for 8 hours and then slipped into the daily deal for another 48 on top.
    Either way, DON'T BUY THIS. It just got out of Early Access, is full of hackers, multiplayer only, features are still missing, micro-transactions are in the game and overall the "horror" is said to be piss-poor. 94% negative reviews on Steam should tell you what's up.

    Surgeon Simulator -75% Has been bundled before, but hey, its a good game if you like feeling completely incompetent. It started this whole incompetence simulator craze, and is pretty good at what it does - making you feel like a horrible butcher.

    Insurgency -55% Oh, hey, another shooter on today's dailies, who would've thought? At least this one's quite alright, though I wouldn't recommend it without a few friends to join you. It is multiplayer/co-op only, though.

    Rogue Legacy -75% As somebody who earned 93% of the achievements for this game, played it twice from the very beginning and countless more games in New Game+, New Game++ and New Game+++ etc, I can wholeheartedly recommend Rogue Legacy. It's a great game, usually very fair (outside of Fairy Chest rooms, at least), and will test your pattern recognition skills as well as combat execution. Best played with a gamepad, though!

    Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition -75%
    THIS STILL USES GAMES FOR WINDOWS LIVE! It also needs the DSfix mod to really shine on PC, and a Gamepad is MANDATORY!
    If you own a Gamepad, don't fear installing a relatively simple mod and can resist the urge to vomit at the sight of Games for Windows Live, this is a great game.
    If you want Dark Souls II, HOLD OFF, it will get it's own, separate Daily Deal!