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  1. Pictionary

    #785802014-06-23 06:52:07 *mizlily said:


    • Illustrator will have a word they will attempt to illustrate, people will try to win the game by correctly guessing what the picture represents

    • Pictures cannot have any words/letters/numbers. No exceptions

    • You must draw your own picture, ugly pictures makes the game more fun

    • Illustrators can only communicate the word with sketched clues

    How to Play:

    • First person to guess the answer will be the next illustrator, the current illustrator will notified them like this: @Winner Answer

    • Instead of a time limit, the audience is given only 5 guesses.
      * * * If no one guesses the answer within the five tries, the current illustrator will pick the closest, or most entertaining guess at their own discretion * * *

    • Word can be an object/action/person/place/animal/expression, word picker

    • First person to call out a cheater will proceed as the next illustrator

    • You can guess a second time, but no double posting

  2. #785882014-06-23 09:28:50 *MrTrain said:

    a big patch of grass that has only a single lopsided tree who's top has been chopped off, obviously symbolizing the destruction caused by humanity towards nature

  3. #785892014-06-23 10:17:17 *DarkChaplain said:


    Here we go:


    As per the Rules, @Kip gets to be the next one. The solution was "One Smart Cookie" - I legitimately got that from the randomizer!

  4. #787312014-06-24 12:18:05DarkChaplain said:

    I'd like to propose a rule change regarding the "5th to guess gets it" point.

    How about having the one who drew the picture people failed to solve picks the closest, or at least most entertaining guess at their own discretion? That way, 5th-sniping would be out of the picture. I mean, there's NO penalty for being 5th to guess. As soon as 4 people guessed, the next one will absolutely be the next to draw.
    I kinda think that's boring.

  5. #787462014-06-24 15:30:12 *Yugure said:

    Here ya go. Enjoy~

    Meh, bunch of flies or "Swarm", so @MrTrain got it.

    (The hole on the ground indicates they're levitating, so there's that)

  6. #787912014-06-25 01:25:08 *mizlily said:

    I'm still trying to figure out what those dots are.....grub?

    @Rinneko that guess was too perfect ;X I never read anything so I won't know that kind of stuff

  7. #790632014-06-28 09:16:45 *Dark-B said:

    scarce as hen's teeth?

    If that one won't technically count the same as Gawd's...

    Just going to randomly mention you @Rinneko, so we get things moving

  8. #792862014-06-30 20:06:36 *MrTrain said:

    EDIT: brain steoomr
    EDITEDIT: Barinstorm
    EDITEDITEDIT: Brainstrom
    EDITEDITEDITEDIT: ughhhhh Brain Storm

  9. #793172014-07-01 10:15:55 *johan_5179 said:

    I drew it on my phone, since me drawing with a mouse is not healthy for anyone's eyes.


    @Gwynn -chan makes me feel like a useless Captain Obvious :I

  10. #793572014-07-01 23:14:58 *Dark-B said:


    As lame and stupid as your comments are, as well as how badly you guys don't read the entire "the worse, the better" which is supposed to make it fun, only one guy actually bothered to think about it. @Gawd_Daym got it right, because he actually tried.

  11. #793722014-07-02 02:25:50--Jack-- said:

    Son (left): Hey dad, whays wrong?

    Dad (right): I'm afraid I've been lying to you, son.

    Son: What? what did you lie about?

    Dad: your head, your head is round, but...[cringes] I lied about other people being like you.

    Son: wh....what do you mean?

    Dad: People's heads are long and potato-shaped....and...you'll have to live life knowing that you are different, son.

    Son: [happy turns to sad face]