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  1. #984322016-01-30 15:22:25 *Wolfangle said:

    @Kip :I uh huh, sure. You call her cute all you want OR EVEN HIM* WHO KNOWS. Kip takes the win.

    Deleting that from my fucking hard drive.

  2. #984362016-01-30 15:39:05Enami said:

    Woah .. i got it.. i'll try my best to make my drawing not very awful ...sorry for my upcoming horrible drawing ._.) *panics*

  3. #984492016-01-30 19:22:10 *Enami said:

    Well i believe this one is too easy.. it would have been easier with a better drawing tho but oh well~ :'D (sorry for taking so long for my turn >->)

    Aaand @Cyth won since she got very close, also best answer for me, it was "at the drop of a hat" and i'm very thankful that she figured out that it was a hat even lol :'D