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CL Chorus Villains Medley: IS OUT!!!

  1. #802162014-07-14 20:40:15Kirn said:

    Today sent the last of me recordings... well, technically the last. Did Jafar, Other Side and Be Prepared. Listened to Hellfire some, but it really isn't my thing.

  2. #802352014-07-15 09:26:49Ecstasy said:

    Good news, we have a new badge dedicated to Chorus projects, so all participants will receive one, once the project is complete.

  3. #802972014-07-16 20:47:34olivaisfire1997 said:

    So I know that the list of people that already sent their recordings isn't up to date. Well, due to personal circumstances, our audio editor @Ecstasy hasn't been active recently, meaning that every person that sent her any recordings, after this update of hers are still unoticed. So to solve this, I'd like to know how manny people already sent their recordings so far, and then I'll have to think of a deadline extension. So here are my pings to everyone who could've sent the recordings @abinit123 @CloudVariasKira @Frey @JacquelineGraye @Kip @Teru

    Please answer if you've already sent your recordings or not.

  4. #803022014-07-16 22:57:58Teru said:

    @olivaisfire1997 No, I didn't send yet. I'll try until tomorrow, ( I don't even know if I'm using my PC tomorrow ) if I don't, you can cut me out but I think I'll make it without a problem.

  5. #803032014-07-16 23:05:34olivaisfire1997 said:

    @Teru From the looks, of things, we will have a deadline extension, so, I guess we won't be cutting people off the project. I just ask that this deadline is kept. I will give everyone until Friday.

  6. #803332014-07-17 12:31:30Frey said:

    Yes... We're having some outrageous power outage at the moment. I do not know how long this will last hopefully by tomorrow. Sorry :(

  7. #803042014-07-16 23:22:02olivaisfire1997 said:

    So, due to the fact, that I still don't have any word from our audio editor, and that apparently, quite a few singers have yet to deliver their recordings. I'll be making a deadline extension to Friday the 18th. Please be sure to either keep this deadline, or at least inform us why you missed it.

    Also, there appears to be some confusion in some singers in terms of which songs to sing. To make it simple, the song division was of 4 male songs and 3 female songs, while seeing our number of participants and their gender, we decided it would be fairer to have each singer sing only the songs according to their gender, making our selection easier, having the singers do less work, and having a fairer distribution. Now, for some reason, some singers had the idea that they had to sing all of the songs, I actually had questions asking which songs they HAD to sing. You don't HAVE to sing any of them, you can sing one song or two or three, but they have to be in your own gender, because if you sing and send a recording of a song from a diferent gender, you're basically wasting your time, because we will choose each singer per song they are best at, so a girl will only go to a male song, if she can do it better than any of the other guys, for example.

    I hope I've set things straight, now get to singing people!

  8. #803192014-07-17 05:51:57Ecstasy said:

    Ecstasy hasn't been active recently

    @olivaisfire1997 I'm just active during another timezone. I've been up most part of the day yesterday and the list is up to date. People can always send me their recordings by PM and none of them did, @Kittycat being the only person who contacted me and explained why he was late, he also said that @abinit123 is still working on her recording as well. I have no word from the others, sadly.

  9. #804212014-07-18 20:17:37olivaisfire1997 said:

    So the deadline's already passed, and, according to the list, there hasn't been much progress. Now due to @Ecstasy having a diferent timeline, she can't follow the deadline time to it's full extent. So I'd like to know, the fate of most of our participants, I already contacted some, even followed their progression in the recording progress, but sadly I couldn't follow all of you. And for that, I'd apreciate if @Kip @Frey and @JacquelineGraye gave me an update about their recordings, have you sent them yet, are you having problems, do you need another extension, are you even intending to continue participating? I'm only asking this since, it's common for some people to give up, when they can't get their recordings the way they want, which is a shame. So please, give me an update on your progress.

  10. #804312014-07-19 00:20:06Kip said:

    i'll be handing mine in soon, i haven't had much of a chance to be alone to record and also had to finish work

  11. #805552014-07-20 08:32:06 *Ecstasy said:

    Deadline closed.

    Updates and chorus editing stages:

    • Recordings collected.
    • Prework for the video frames: completed.
    • Clearing audio for the mix: done.
    • Raw audio mix: done.
    • Songs to be mixed:
      001: Be Prepared: 100%
      005: Poor Unfortunate Souls: 100%
      002: Hellfire: 100%
      009: Mama Knows Best: 100%
      003: Prince Ali (reprise): 100%
      004: Friends On The Other Side: 100%
      013: My Lullaby: 100%
    • Mastering: 100% (?)
    • Video editing: 100%.


    • We have no idea what we are doing.


    • @Rinneko sounds too inocent for these songs.
    • For a second there, @Kirn wished he was black.
    • @Frey can do some cool cartoon voices.
    • We should open @Kip's fanclub at this point. We gonna stalk her on CL and write fanfics. It's gonna be so much fun until she bans us.
    • @Dark-B has probably already opened a fanclub on his own. Dedicated to himself, of course.
    • @olivaisfire1997 wants to have more lines, he's gotta sing 'em all.
    • @Kittycat sounds good. I think it's the Canadian swag.
    • @CloudVariasKira doesn't sound so tired anymore.
    • @abinit123 knows best.
    • @Teru can't stop clicking. HE HAS TO CLICK!
  12. #806602014-07-22 00:08:14Rinneko said:

    Aha, it's Ecstasy's facts again! I'm looking forward to the completed chorus, and the little snippets of humour you will share. :)

  13. #807642014-07-23 14:56:00 *Rinneko said:

    @Rinneko sounds too inocent for these songs.

    Ahahaha! I figured, but...

    We should open @Kip's fanclub at this point. We gonna stalk her on CL and write fanfics. It's gonna be so much fun until she bans us.

    Now I'm anticipating Kip's lovely voice again.

  14. #807692014-07-23 16:25:26Kip said:

    oh my god i'm laughing so hard <3 i love Ecstasy's Facts.

    Now I'm anticipating Kip's lovely voice again.


  15. #807902014-07-23 22:11:47Cloud-VK said:

    and yet

    We should open @Kip's fanclub at this point. We gonna stalk her on CL and write fanfics. It's gonna be so much fun until she bans us.

  16. #807552014-07-23 06:56:04JacquelineGraye said:

    Yeah, I don't think I'll be able to do this one. My internet has been off for awhile, and I haven't managed to get on for ages. It would turn on sometimes but not long enough to do anything, and I honestly don't think I have the speed to upload my recordings, It takes me forever to get on a page, and half the time it turns off in the middle. Sigh. I really wanted to do this actually, but it seems our tower is messed up in some way. No clue whats going on. Sigh. Sorry bout that.

  17. #808382014-07-24 18:31:24 *Dark-B said:

    Since everyone took their turn updating, here, I'll share my own:

    Update with a big font:

    Pretty... close?

    I got nothing, they all took the cool announcements.

    So, just to end this post on a good note, expect the video to finish by the weekend if Oliva gives the green light today or tomorrow.

    Also, @Ecstasy's right, we have no idea what we are doing.

  18. #808552014-07-25 02:25:05Kip said:

    okie dokie!

    makes sense. i can't wait to see what you guys have done, i'm just super excited and anxious lol

  19. #809532014-07-27 20:05:01olivaisfire1997 said:

    Hey...Guess what everybody...

    The chorus is out!

    Finally we deliver you the result of our work combined in our newest chorus, "The CL Villain Medley" (video on first post) I'm incredibly happy with this chorus, and of course, I must give my thanks for those who deserve it. @Kirn as usual, you showed your interest in this project and helped me pick it off the ground, if it weren't for you, this could not even have been a project to begin with, thank you. @Ecstasy and @Dark-B for both agreeing to being the editors, and for beeing able to tolerate me. Thank you guys, I owe you a lot! And of course, let's not forget, every single one of you lovelies that sang with us, your voices literally made this chorus, and I thank you deeply for letting me borrow them.

  20. #809542014-07-27 20:38:33Kirn said:

    So, one thing to say right away - congrats, people, we murdered Disney!

    Well, saying that, I do have some things I wanted to mention right away after listening.

    @Kip is damn good, as always. Even though she always says she is ill in some way.
    @Frey is surprisingly good as a hyena.
    @abinit123 has incredible range of emotions on her song. Pretty much spot on.
    As much as I wanted to do 'Be Prepared' best, I'd say 'Friends on the other side' I did better than other songs. Oh well..

    Also, as an idle thought. Since we recorded pretty much all the songs, but got only small parts of most of them (except Jafar one), I guess this chorus would be the one with the most percentage of the sound files not used at all )

    Oh, and a very nice image of Server-tan it is!

  21. #809582014-07-27 21:31:04Kip said:

    it's safe to say that I'm just always sick lol

    we murdered Disney. we were the villains all along.

    also ty @Kirn I actually kind of expected more "chorus" parts of people singing and harmonizing together, so I was pretty self conscious about My Lullaby since it was my worst recording and I had the most issues singing it. I actually had done some background voices instead because I thought they would be more useful.

    I thought you sounded great during friends on the other side btw!

  22. #809712014-07-28 12:32:34Cloud-VK said:

    <3 Everyone was so awesome!

    All the singers did a great job! The editors also did a nice job~

    I do wish the the songs would have lasted longer. I'd liked to hear more of dem villainy voices~