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  1. Tokyo Ghoul [Anime Discussion]

    #787412014-06-24 14:19:16 *Dark-B said:



    The suspense horror/dark fantasy story is set in Tokyo, which is haunted by mysterious "ghouls" who are devouring humans. People are gripped by the fear of these ghouls whose identities are masked in mystery. An ordinary college student named Kaneki encounters Rize, a girl who is an avid reader like him, at the café he frequents. Little does he realize that his fate will change overnight.


    Title: Tokyo Kushu
    English Title: Tokyo Ghoul
    Adapted from: Tokyo Ghoul
    Type: TV Anime
    Airing: July 4, 2014 to ?
    Genres: Mystery, Horror, Supernatural, Psychological
    Rating & Demographic: R - 17+ (violence & profanity), Seinen.
    Studio: Pierrot
    Noteworthy Voice Actors:

    • Hanazawa Kana - Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats. Onodera Kosaki from Nisekoi. Shibasaki Roka from D-Frag.

    • Hanae Natsuki - Kanou Shinichi from Outbreak Company. Maeda Atsuhiro from Tari Tari.

    Websites: MyAnimeList




    More to come as series updates~

  2. #790562014-06-28 06:14:22Dark-B said:

    @Kaminaspirations If it helps, some have called the manga as one of the best manga work at some point, and people have rated it quite highly as well, and praised it. So, might be enjoyable for you.

  3. #790602014-06-28 08:04:40Noodle said:

    Oh, so this is becoming an anime?

    I read the first book several months back, but gave up because of kanji x)

  4. #790782014-06-28 20:39:59 *judar said:

    The guy with the lower face mask is pretty interesting and the animation is pretty neat and dynamic looking from the trailer, I'm sure that the action scenes will be note-worthy! Definitely going to give this a try but I hope the hype doesn't kill it.

  5. #795362014-07-04 19:40:24instantmusic71 said:

    The debut episode was fantastic, the characters, animation and story are all superb so far. And the voice acting, paired with the awesome animation; it made some of the scenes legitimately chilling and creepy. I'm really looking forward to next week's episode, and this could potentially be one of the best shows this season as DB said. KNOCK ON WOOD.

  6. #795612014-07-04 23:59:09Dark-B said:

    Guys, I must say, excellent. I mean, if anything, I liked the ending where She's like "stop whining, bitch" and shoves that hand in his mouth. Ah, was so enjoyable.

    Well, I guess we need to wait for next week's episode, but so far, I very much like the design for the main character, I hope to see more goresome scenes and better fight scenes, because in this one, as fluid as they were, they pretty much cut the middle part of a fight and just showed the end and beginning, lol.

  7. #795652014-07-05 00:43:42effect said:

    didn't quite get what is the main theme, but for what i've seen people don't panic knowin there is a monster eating them in the streets, i found it strange as i expect that characters to be more real and have real panic... but that aside i find it great and the idea is new, it's a enjoyable series to watch in this summer, i want it to be more gore if possible.

  8. #795662014-07-05 00:54:27Dark-B said:

    @effect Actually, if you noticed, there was a moment that showed people panicked and are on alert from strangers.It was when the main character was going batshit insane while crossing the street, a couple noticed him and walked away quickly for being terrified. But, my theory for now is, that they pretty much realize they can't do much about it expect stay safe. If I remember from what I read, people still don't realize ghouls are humans or something along those lines.

  9. #795672014-07-05 00:57:28effect said:

    indeed they were terrified, but i expect more of that , like military forces or someth like patroling on streets... someth like psycho pass

  10. #796392014-07-06 04:05:11Teil said:

    The first episode was enough to make me go and read the complete manga in one day. If all the episodes are that freaking entertaining then, Tokyo Ghoul may be a contender for anime of the summer 2014. The characters are all so damn amusing and hearing Kana Hanazawa play a darker role is glorious. I have to say it was the overall style and tone of the episode that really grabbed me. I haven't seen a nice dark show like this in a while~

  11. #796992014-07-07 08:28:11Rinneko said:

    The first episode was exceedingly good. The psychological trauma was thoroughly explored, especially through the eating human food part and the refusal to subject to his new nature. The sound of him swallowing at the end of the episode is still ringing in my ears... :D

    I think I will read the manga now.

  12. #799902014-07-10 22:34:13Dark-B said:

    Second episode, quite a lot has happened, and we got the opening:

    And I must say, I love it. I also loved this second episode for it succeeded in hyping up the development of the series, but especially because it teased the explorations of the nature of the ghouls.

    Seriously, Toka has been landing direct hits since the beginning of the series, I love her, but what I truly loved more was the psychological aspect the show seems to deal with, especially with Kaneki and how he keeps going batshit insane and how amusing it is every time.


    This... too much~

  13. #800072014-07-11 03:28:37Teil said:

    Even after spoiling myself completely with the manga, the show is still as amazing as it was in the pilot. If it keeps up each episode like it's going now, this is going to be one hell of a series. At least, to my tastes that is. Waiting for a new episode each week is going to put me through hell dammit. This is what I get for not waiting for the good series to end before I start them.

  14. #800122014-07-11 05:28:59TalTal said:

    Two episodes in and I'd say it's pretty good, albeit predictable. My only complaint is the the protag has the same "boku wa"-cry baby personality as nearly every other protagonist ever made. I get that he's reacting realistically to the given situation but, goddamn, he's so boring. There's no personality traits that set him apart from all the other generic protagonists.

  15. #800592014-07-11 16:35:21TalTal said:

    I streamed it and the censors were brutal. They also did the thing where they made an entire scene in negative color just to hide all the red blood, but instead of looking stylistic like in Bakemonogatari, it just looked weird.

  16. #800692014-07-11 19:43:35Teil said:

    I ran into the same censors as Tal. It took away from the mood and completely ruined the scene. If anyone has an uncensored version of the ep PM me a link too.

  17. #800712014-07-11 20:16:01Dark-B said:

    @Ipotane @TalTal @Teil I'm on my phone ATM, far away from my PC, but I'll hopefully link you soon.

    In short, don't watch it streamed, download the episodes even if you don't usually do that but to enjoy the show.

    But, what I want to post not only for you, but for pretty much anyone else who had this issue: please don't watch it streamed. I download my anime, so even if you don't but you actually wanna watch this show, you'd better download it then. Most anime like it suffer heavy censorship at early streams, like how Mirai Nikki did as well(provided the show wasn't as brutal tbh).

  18. #800762014-07-11 23:57:12Frey said:

    Yup, censorship ruined this for me sadly... It was like eating a big banana cake with almost no banana. I'll just wait for the BD's to come out and watch it then.

    I think a fansub group tried to invert back one of the scenes: Spoilers

  19. #801062014-07-12 18:58:46Dark-B said:

    Oh, btw, my download link, while it doesn't have the painful extremely censored episode, it does however contain the scene where colors were changed and was flashy. Sorry for disappointing ya, but that scene's still there.

    Also, pretty much I watched it from HorribleSubs. I wanted to PM it but, everyone should know about HorribleSubs tbh if they at least get a basic idea on how to download anime.

    (I also dislike the group, but it's the fastest and also least censored version to cover of the show tbh, I'd take my chances with it)

    pretty much.