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Parent: Revolutionary Girl Utena [Anime Discussion]

  1. #788222014-06-25 13:43:35 *Frey said:

    From the makers of Star Driver(Enokido) and Mawaru Penguindrum(Ikuhara), I present to you... Revolutionary Girl Utena.

    Kashira kashira gozonji Kashira?

    Most of the information is above, and what comes after it is the discussion.

    Spoilers ahead! If you haven't watched Utena...

    So basically this more of a mind fuck version of Mawaru Penguindrum with all the symbolisms and other stuff with the fabulousness of Star Driver. Who would have thought that this was just all about Utena growing up(typical Ikuhara stuff, but mawaru doesn't exist back then)? I got thrown off with all the sex in the car shit and Anthy being a bitch. The anime was annoyingly confusing and I had to watch it several times and still not make a sense of some of the episode. Like when Nanami became a cow something about greed probably...and why the fuck a boxing kangaroo suddenly appeared out of nowhere!?

    That didn't stop me from enjoying it though. This was also was probably the first anime where I had to watch THE RECAP episode to probably connect some of the shit that was happening, even though I was marathoning it. As if the 1~2 minutes of mukashi mukashi recap wasn't enough. Writing this made me want to watch it again too.

    Also I'm pretty sure every item ontop of the table in the black rose arc has it's own meaning. I just...don't get them. Or just forgot about it. Probably a representation of their(one who holds the black rose) emotional state?

    end of spoilers...

    If you have watched Star Driver, you might get familiar with the formula of this show! Just expect this show to have some somewhat irrelevant(though interesting) over symbolisms. Its worse than Penguindrum, as I believe that every other episode has a Penguindrum's worth of idk's. If you like those stuff, this show is for you! Have fun!