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The CL Internet Speedtest Thread

  1. #790222014-06-27 19:04:01awkwardangels said:

    There's days where it's god awful though. By days I mean like, nearly everyday it goes at a really slow rate, etc.

    Comcast is awful please don't bother with them eugh.

  2. #790772014-06-28 20:12:32awkwardangels said:

    I decided to check again since I'm downloading a game on my PS3.

    I'm just downloading one thing and it's not even huge in filesize goddammit Comcast

  3. #790542014-06-28 03:55:56Dark-B said:

    On the bright side, you have an actual internet connection! Not all people have that ya know.

    I don't know, might not cheer the dude up

  4. #790612014-06-28 08:50:56 *Dark-B said:

    So, I moved the internet a bit to the living room, and this is what happens:

    This counts as a win for me. Guess I really did get my money's worth, but locations.

    Shoutout to my homie @JacquelineGraye to check out "faster than 95% of SA