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Parent: The CL Internet Speedtest Thread

  1. #789262014-06-26 12:50:02 *DarkChaplain said:

    If there's anything I find disappointing is the fact it was supposed to be 150 mb/s, but oh well. It ain't cable, so obviously the speed's going to be way lower.

    I'm pretty sure you're mixing up mbit with megabyte there. Also, lucky rich bastard living in a country where the government hasn't slept through the rise of the internet resulting in shit asynchronous connection speeds. Bugger-all in terms of upload speed.


  2. #789282014-06-26 13:11:15Dark-B said:

    Yes, thank you for clarifying this for me, though at the same time, it was supposed to be way higher than that when I first talked to the guy. When we were done, I didn't actually expect it to be at 100 mb/s for download speed, but he said it'd be higher than 50 or something.

    Nevertheless, the internet is good and all, nothing to complain about but it was clear that it was supposed to be faster. And, judging by the fact in different locations where I've taken it, I'd say that it's probably because of my location indeed, alongside the fact it's not cable at all.

    So, yeah, 20 mb/s is probably the best I'll get until they start developing and upgrading the towers in my area.