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  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Television Series]

    #790002014-06-27 11:35:21Dark-B said:


    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American action comedy television series that airs on Fox. Set in the fictional 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn, the single-camera series follows a precinct team of detectives and a newly appointed captain.

    This series, is by far one of the best I've seen. I haven't had one episode where I haven't laughed like crazy, and the characters are just very interesting and humorous, as well as the situations. The pilot was, for me personally, one of the strongest and best pilots for a comedy, and the way they handle the plot is satisfying for me. The show is about police and all, sure, but the police work is secondary to the actual interactions and everyday life of the squad, alongside the fact that I find the acting very realistic and hilarious.

    By realistic, I mean to say how you really watch and see two or three characters interact and not feel that it's fake or something no person would talk about. Like, I think the word for this is "chill"? Yes, the acting and cast are very chill and makes you hooked up rather quickly.

    Definitely give this show a watch, it got fresh comedy, cop action of some sort, interesting and hilarious characters, great acting and cast, chill attitude, and also a bit of cliches about police shows here and there, as expected. May not appeal to everybody, but for people who were interested, watch the full pilot before judging it.

    On a side note, Season 1 ended at 22 episodes, each episode is like less than 23 minutes, so not very time consuming to watch. And, since the show won 2 golden globe awards, another season has been announced!

  2. #790272014-06-27 20:21:41 *mizlily said:

    Andy Samberg has a comedy channel called The Lonely Island with these guys. It seems like the person in the video below (Akiva Schaffer) is one of the directors of Brooklyn Nine Nine.