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  1. CL Short Story Project 5: Discussion Thread

    #790962014-06-29 01:55:32 *DarkChaplain said:

    This thread is a follow up to:

    For the full project details, please refer to those threads.

    As discussed on the Writing Group on Skype, I'd like to fill July with another writing project. Things went remarkably well with no.4, so keeping up the pace should be fine, especially with holidays coming up~

    Targeted Project Timeframe: July 4th til August 11th.

    The topic is as of yet undecided. We've got til Thursday, July 3rd, to decide on one, before I'll have to pull something out of my backside to stick to the schedule.

    Please discuss the topic here. The overall format and rules will stay the same, I expect, with possible minor changes to the word counts depending on the topic chosen.

    So go wild, brainstorm, get crackin'!

    Pinging the current Writing Group members: @Cenica, @Ucui, @Dark-B, @Frey, @hellstorm901, @--Jack--, @johan_5179, @Kirn, @kofuku, @Maudia, @MrTrain, @Rinneko

    Of course, everybody is welcome to discuss and participate. Even if you don't expect to submit a story of your own, it is interesting to hear what you'd like to read!
    If you'd like to participate in the project and care to join the Skype group for more direct and "casual" exchange of ideas, troubles and general motivational banter, let me, or somebody else listed above, know

  2. #790972014-06-29 02:08:21 *MrTrain said:

    I'd like to suggest a topic of : based on existing work

    so for example you write a story based on the fairytale sleeping beauty about maleficent as a gangster mob bo---

    I think It could be interesting

  3. #790992014-06-29 02:14:07DarkChaplain said:

    Problem is, it is easy to drift from that to stupid fanfiction (against the project rules) or get into potential copyright trouble (also against the rules). While reinterpreting a fairy tale is interesting, there'd need to be clear limits to what we allow a story to be based on.

    So no, @olivaisfire1997, you cannot write about hollywood actors or such.

  4. #791002014-06-29 02:18:48olivaisfire1997 said:

    Ohh, I'll never be able to do it. But I do think that maybe the next theme should be a little lighter, not on complexity, but in scenario, all the anthologies were gritty and dark so far, maybe a change of pace? But I doubt that would be good for most of the previous writters, so if I have an interesting idea, I'll tell right away.

  5. #791022014-06-29 02:26:10Teil said:

    It's a touchy theme but I'm just going to through it out here for the sake of discussion. Romance. With the summer season already underway I feel like this theme could have a variety of applicable situations surrounding the months of July and August. There are a variety of possibilities to explore in this topic. My only concern is the possible lack of originality. I propose in attempt to combat this, a second theme be merged with romance in order for the writer to expand on their work. As for what this second theme is, I leave that for you all to discuss.

  6. #791052014-06-29 02:31:12Rinneko said:

    This would definitely be a lighter base compared to the previous anthologies. However, I'm quite terrified about the corny possibilities. This is probably the genre that has the most stereotypes.

  7. #791062014-06-29 02:40:07olivaisfire1997 said:

    All the more things to explore, in my point of view, if we can work those stereotypes to our advantage in the story, it might turn out entertaining, doing stuff like genre deconstructions would work great in such a wide genre as Romance. So with those possibilities, I don't mind writing something about it at all. And heck, maybe being corny here and there, with moderation may help some stories.

  8. #791072014-06-29 02:42:05Teil said:

    My hope is to obstruct the stereotypical aspects of the genre with an added genre. Preferably something that isn't comedy or fantasy, otherwise it'd just be meaningless and the stereotypes would get worse.

  9. #791092014-06-29 02:43:03DarkChaplain said:

    Problem is that it'd be easy for stories to overlap in terms of cliches, stereotypes and ideas. So what works for one story might get really tiresome when you read it a third time in some capacity

  10. #791112014-06-29 02:46:10Rinneko said:

    I agree that adding another genre would add more possible storylines to the otherwise overdone romance genre.

    if we can work those stereotypes to our advantage in the story, it might turn out entertaining, doing stuff like genre deconstructions would work great in such a wide genre as Romance.

    Many people have tried deconstructing the genre before, and in turn, their new plots slowly become stereotypes. Is this too confusing?

  11. #791032014-06-29 02:26:20Rinneko said:

    I propose writing based on a theme instead of a genre this time. Our previous anthologies have been crime, sci-fi, horror. What about hope in the face of adversity, friendship, family or the like?

    This might be a little more suitable for prompts though, I'm not sure.

  12. #791042014-06-29 02:27:40DarkChaplain said:

    There was plenty of "lighter" stuff in previous anthologies, actually. I've always said that people are free to interpret the themes and write interesting spins on them, even humor and such.
    But I'd appreciate a lighter base topic, I guess

  13. #791102014-06-29 02:45:00 *Cenica said:

    Some ideas:

    An epic styled story where one has a character and they narrate his/her great adventure. Usually epics are poetic but I don't really like the thought of everyone trying to rhyme a story that long. So maybe an epic without the poetry.

    I propose writing based on a theme

    I also think this would be a cool idea as the genre's will eventually get overused and repetitive. Not really sure what would make a good theme though. Maybe something dealing with summer or fall.

    Freedom/ Being Freed
    Boats: Canoes, Cruises, Sailboats (a lot of boating here in the summer)
    Vacations or Trips to Foreign Places

  14. #791122014-06-29 02:49:16Rinneko said:

    Summer or fall might actually go well with romance, if we're going there. Ironically, that would make it a half-genre, half-theme.

  15. #791132014-06-29 02:53:44Cenica said:

    Not really a big fan of the romance genre in a short story. Seems like it'd be difficult to build anything meaningful in that short amount but idk.

  16. #791142014-06-29 02:57:26Teil said:

    An epic sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Provided there aren't too many restrictions regarding plot it could turn out well. However, combining an epic with a summer/fall theme seems as if it would be difficult.

  17. #791152014-06-29 02:58:13MrTrain said:

    Another idea: Everybody writes different stories about the same set of characters, or maybe just one character is shared between the stories. I think it's an interesting concept. Perhaps the characters only share names and one or so trait in each author's work

  18. #791172014-06-29 03:02:42Frey said:

    So hmm...like I suggested in the skype group a month(?) ago, I was thinking about a "Superhero" theme.

    I mean you can do it vanilla style where a super hero saves the day or go do it like One Punch Man stuff or Deadpool-ish. You can tackle a lot of stuff like love, or err morality... or something else you can think of.

    Hm...now that I wrote about it, I think it's more of "Superpowers" theme than "heroes".

  19. #791192014-06-29 03:14:07Yugure said:

    I propose writing based on a theme

    If this is going to be implemented, then I suggest a summer theme. It fits the current season, and I like to read various stories about how people spend their summer :D

    Wow, I sound so selfish, my bad

  20. #791272014-06-29 06:28:42Kirn said:

    One thing I want to mention right away - go to hell, people, I do not do romance. So if we pick that, I will skip this one. Well, that may not be such a bad idea, as I may as well have a break.

    Themes instead of genres is, however, a decent idea. Another site I am at has writing contests, and there they do exactly that - propose a theme, and everyone makes the genre they want. Works well enough, I can tell you. Well, it's important to invent a theme that can be interesting to write about too, and can be diverse too.

  21. #791302014-06-29 07:03:29johan_5179 said:

    I could write something about a creepy stalker stalking an impossibly cute warrior loli who's into bondage, but I don't think that would be completely acceptable.

    Also, about Romance/Slice of life. This concern of mine still stands.

    Romance/Slice of life. There is a lot of potential here as well, but the chance of ending up writing something sloppy while going for feels is very large. I would advise against it. Feels is not something you can just fart out, you have to build it up. The closer your subject is to reality, the more difficult it becomes to treat it plausibly while keeping things interesting. You can't just make believe a great setting and hope it will carry your story for you. Romance/Slice of Life depends more on characters than anything else. And as I've seen, we here at CL don't really write good characters. Scratch that. Most people don't write good characters, definitely not in a short story.

  22. #791312014-06-29 07:08:48Dark-B said:

    I said it once, @Frey said it again, let's go superheroes and super powers this time, folks. Quite simple, and quite fun to read, don't you think? Best time to read about these stuff is also summer, so yeah, let's do this.

  23. #791332014-06-29 07:22:36Ecstasy said:

    From stuff suggested so far I support the idea of changing genre to topic. I'd totally be interested in the topic of friendship, which was mentioned as well.

    Superhero story is also a nice idea. I'd just switch it to supernatural, though. It'd give people more space to work with and I could go into my favorite topic, which is vampires.

    And I second people, who don't want romance. I might be fine with reading it, but writing it would be kinda embarrassing.

  24. #791342014-06-29 07:24:41Dark-B said:

    And I second people, who don't want romance. I might be fine with reading it, but writing it would be kinda embarrassing.

    Oh yes, quite frankly, and this is not to bring down the writers, but I'll be cracking all day while reading their romantic stories. So may not be a good idea.

  25. #791412014-06-29 10:09:55hellstorm901 said:

    Superhero sounds somewhat interesting but I think a good middleman for the genre might be Superpower instead.

    Rather than writing about a stereotypical superman you can instead write about a super villain or someone with superpowers who isn't really what you could class as a good guy.

    Chronicle comes to mind as an example of the superpower genre where there's no clear superhero or supervillain. Just people using powers for their own benefit.

    Darker Than Black also would count as an example of this with people receiving powers and it showing the consequence its having on their lives or how they're using it for their own agenda.

    Story ideas for the superpower genre.

    • A standard good versus evil superhero story

    • A story written from the super villains point of view

    • A story written from a non super powered persons point of view such as a soldier going up against a supervillain and his minions.

    • A story about a person discovering their superpowers and how they use them (This could be them adapting to their new powers or showing how their powers are isolating them from society)

    • A post superhero story where the superhero has lost their powers or the public is adapting to life without a hero to solve all their problems (Megamind is an example here)

    • A story where everyone or at least a large number of people have superpowers and all the issues having a society filled with superpower users is bringing (X-men, Darker Than Black, To Aru Kagaku No Railgun)

  26. #791552014-06-29 17:20:52Teil said:

    I second the idea of a superpower theme. Not only does this offer a wide variety of possibilities story wise but, it's also easy to incorporate many different themes into as well. This could allow for the readers to add in their own spin on the take of superpowers while maintaining a unique air from the other writers.

  27. #791522014-06-29 16:07:15DarkChaplain said:

    I just had an idea while doing the dishes:


    Lies can be spun in an infinite amount of creative ways. One could look at the liar, the ones being lied to, the effects, the struggle to maintain a lie. Of course, this stretches from simple "I'm lying to my friends" to big con artistry, cheating in casionos to big government coverups.
    Lies exist in all walks of life, small and big ones, good and bad. They exist in every genre, and could thus, as a theme, give the writers a massive amount of freedom.

  28. #791542014-06-29 16:38:12kamihate said:

    @DarkChaplain The lies subject is great in my opinion, 'cause there are multiple areas we're we can explore the "sides" and "types" of lies. Stories about lies are simple too, beacause they're something, how can i say, near from us. I think the stories would be great about this theme. That's my opinion

  29. #791632014-06-29 19:28:59 *Gwynn said:

    Reading through the ideas here I like: heroes, supernatural, and lies. Planning to participate in this one too.

  30. #791662014-06-29 19:58:10DarkChaplain said:

    Personally, I'm not thrilled by superpowers. Probably because I find normal humans with depth more interesting than somehow privileged badarses with laser eyes and super speed. While magic and special powers are cool, don't get me wrong, they can get VERY awful to read about when there are no strings and limits attached.

    To put it plainly, I'm not a fan of the ultimate power fantasy that many superheroes represent. It is very easy for amateur writers and veterans alike to fall in the trappings of hero powers.

  31. #791682014-06-29 20:21:40hellstorm901 said:

    That's why I gave an example like Chronicle which is a spin on the usual superpower tale.

    The characters in that film aren't badasses or heroes by any definition. They're just kids enjoying their powers and rather than being corrupted by power its their non-super power issues which cause them their problems.such as being social outcasts, parental abuse etc.

  32. #791822014-06-29 23:04:42Rinneko said:

    I like the idea of lies! Seeing as lies could come in many different forms, I think it's diverse enough to hold many different plots. However, it's not very light for the summer season and some people were looking forward to that.

    I don't want to do superpowers honestly. I'm alright if it gets to romance, but I'm not a fan of writing about superpowers. That could get cheesy very quickly.