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CL Short Story Project 5: Discussion Thread

  1. #792032014-06-30 01:20:05 *Cenica said:

    Out of the ideas discussed so far:

    Romance I think would be really difficult for a short story. As Johan pointed out there's potential but to be able to build anything with good feels (which any romance needs at least in the beginning even if it turns into a tragedy) you need to set up some well worded and placed events. I mean you can always start a story by saying two people are very much in love but then I don't think that attaches the reader in the same way it would if you showed them the development of the relationship. So I'm kind of on the fence with this one. On one side I'd like to try it. On the other side I think it'd be really difficult to do properly.

    Superheroes...I'm a bit bored with superheroes to be honest as there have been a lot of movies with them lately. I also think with making them "superheroes" it leaves less room for development as an individual. Also makes things a bit predictable. Why? Because they're obviously going to be a hero. They're expected to save someone or do something heroic. Sure there's still room to be creative with them but I like the idea of superpowers better.

    Supernatural is a genre I personally love and yes the original vampire stories are pretty kickass. Not like these new sparkly ones... I wouldn't mind doing something in this genre though it might tie in too close to what was being planned for a Halloween writing project. So not so sure about that...

    Lies. I like this idea because it leaves a lot of freedom to the author. It can go in a bunch of different directions and yet still all be tied together with the central theme of lies. A lot of possibilities are available with this as a central theme.

  2. #792182014-06-30 04:57:53Frey said:

    How about this.... SUPERNATURAL LIES... like them both!

    I'm still kinda thinking of more though, how about this... Escape? People escaping from _____. Caves, dungeons...sadness... love, family maybe, idk... something.

  3. #792812014-06-30 19:27:38Cenica said:

    It'd almost be better to throw all these theme ideas in a hat and pick one.
    Escaping sounds kind of like a cool idea.

  4. #793212014-07-01 12:09:00Cenica said:

    Yeah think my top vote is going for lies. There's a lot of interesting stuff that can be written with this idea.

  5. #793592014-07-01 23:55:48DarkChaplain said:

    C'mon, people! Vote Lies, Vote Lies! Screw Superpowers!

    Seriously though, I am batshit worried about a Superpower-themed anthology being very same-y and the stories themselves very inconsistent and the whole thing being a big mess of unchecked powerfantasies...

  6. #793612014-07-02 00:02:13 *Yugure said:

    C'mon, people! Vote Lies, Vote Lies! Screw Superpowers!

    Seriously though, I am batshit worried about a Superpower-themed anthology being very same-y and the stories themselves very inconsistent and the whole thing being a big mess of unchecked powerfantasies...

    This. I agree to this.

    To be honest, I'm not a fan of superpower theme too. If the theme would be "Superpower", then I bet the stories that will be submitted will have the same cycle on it (even if it is not in order, it WILL appear): Superhero intro -> Superpowers -> Settings -> Super Villain -> Showdown -> The End If that happens, I would rather read a manga and/or watch an anime with real superpowers, no offense.

    But still, this is my own opinion, and people can agree and/or disagree

  7. #793642014-07-02 00:27:59 *DarkChaplain said:

    With the superhero craze in movies and tv, I really can't stomach any more of those hero / superpower stories myself. They don't feel interesting, fresh or exciting anymore. They've been done to death.

    FFS, we had Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, RIPD, Wolverine, Kick-Ass 2, Super Buddies, Thor: The Dark World in 2013, and already had another Captain America, the 5th Spider-Man in 12 years (yes, a reboot, with the same shit we've been told for half a century....), another X-Men, and there's still the atrocious Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to come, as well as at least 3 more superhero movies. Another Avengers in 2015, a reboot of Fantastic Four and fucking ANT-MAN in 2015. Batman vs Superman (which also reboots Batman), another X-Men and Captain America 3 as well as the rebooted Spider-Man 3 in 2016. Do I need to go on? They even announced a sequel to the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot for 2017 already! Justice League, a Wolverine sequel, a FOURTH Amazing Spider-Man, a Venom movie.....

    Seriously, what the hell? This ridiculous hype for Superhero movies and TV shows (Agents of SHIELD, Arrow etc) is leaving me completely cold and uninterested.

    You may say "but DC, you're currently replaying the Batman: Arkham games!", but I'll counter that with: Yeah, and it bores me. I play those because the gameplay mechanics are fine and I want to tick them off my lists for good, not because I find the concept of the brooding superhero in the rotten city with big bad villains that interesting. And even THEN I get bored by the mechanics treading the same ground for the upcoming 4th time in this particular franchise of Batman games - what am I supposed to say about the superpower tropes?

    Seriously though, even Marvel and DC don't have a clue what they're supposed to do that's new and hasn't been done by themselves already. Fuck, a large portion of their characters are copies from their rival's, or minor variations of their other characters. Even they are out of ideas, and I don't see reusing the same tropes and powers and struggles as shown in comics, tv or movies working out well for us.

    There's a reason why superhero novels are as rare as they are. Superpowers work best when visually represented in some way, via graphic novels or movies. Writing any kind of psychic or special superpower with only letters is HARD, and gets repetitive. It is, at its core, a deus ex machina to resolve whatever struggle the hero seems to be in. I'm not enthusiastic about that kind of thing.

    What I AM enthusiastic about is the idea of Lies. Why? Because you can write lies into everything. We lie on a regular basis in real life, and fantasy heroes, as well as superheroes, lie about their identities or deeds all the time. Bruce Wayne is hiding his role as the Dark Knight from the world and won't hesitate lying about it, or setting up situations that'd disprove suspicions of others that it might be him.

    The Government lies about its "war on terror", or about how they aren't getting basically blackmailed by the industry titans. The media makes a whole business out of lying, as do actors who assume roles for an audience.
    People lie to save others, people lie to get an out-of-jail card in the future, people lie to get what they want, people lie to steal others blind. They can also lie to avoid hurting somebody, which can also backfire.

    Lies have a LOT of room for interpretation, moral ambiguity, interesting settings and characters. A story could be about an unrepentent arsehole lying to further his own greed, or it could be about a joking trickster who deceives his audience for whichever reasons. It could be about a guy or girl lying to their family or lover about something, or an employee lying about his work. It could be about a scientist lying about his research, for good or ill. It could be about a priest deceiving himself in his beliefs, or a parent telling his daughter that Santa is real.

    There's a shitload of room for interesting stories, both very human ones close to the heart to spectacular games and complex drama. The funny thing with lies is that they can be both a means to an end or a catalyst setting a whole line of events into motion. They can solve problems and create new ones.

    That's good stuff for written stories, especially since those allow for closer examination of the involved characters' motivations and thought processes. Something that movies really suck at.

    So, in my opinion, one topic is better suited for the big screen, the other lends itself rather well to the written word. Something to consider.

  8. #793822014-07-02 05:36:08Ecstasy said:

    This is why I suggested to change it to supernatural. Because then participants would be able to explore super powers which can be describable with no obligation to make a cliche superhero character.

    Also I'm against having a poll on it. I already feel that there were fake votes from people who aren't going to read/write any stories here.

  9. #793872014-07-02 07:02:52Kirn said:

    Personally, I voted heroes. I guess, I was the only one.

    Well, I really don't have such strong feelings against supers as DC has. I pretty much enjoyed most of the Marvel supers movies. Well, except for Spider Man, obviously. But Avengers-related? Mostly decent entertainment they are. And I am actually eagerly waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy. Entertainment!

    Now, saying all that, I am not sure how well supers would look in plain writing. I mean, it is comics stuff, and the very base of comics are pictures. I'd even say, that's why it translates into movies that well - moving pictures, motherfuckers! And I really have no idea if it would look good in just plain writing, because I really never ever red a superhero... book. I have no idea is that is an actual writing genre.

    And from what I see, occasionally there are attempts to change the superheroes stuff around. Like 'The Boys' comics or 'Unbreakable' movie with Bruce Willis. There are things to explore that go beyond the beaten path of superhero kicking some villain's ass. But you have to be really smart to do that well, and that would actually present a serious challenge to try.

    On a more humorous note. After reading DC's rant and looking at the votes, I have an idea for a story now.

  10. #793882014-07-02 08:25:05 *Rinneko said:

    I voted for Lies quite clearly. Besides all the good points mentioned about this topic above, I personally enjoy writing stories based around emotional conflict and the like. Lies can be spun in many different ways, and everyone can relate to it. New writers will be able to write in this topic with a fair amount of ease, and yet others can take it up a notch to create a challenging story.

    I would prefer Heroes after Lies, personally. They do not have to have superpowers, if that's not your cup of tea. Still a good topic that can weave quite a number of great plots.

    This is why I suggested to change it to supernatural. Because then participants would be able to explore super powers which can be describable with no obligation to make a cliche superhero character.

    I agree with Ecstasy on this one. :) It would be a compromise, and supernatural is a relatively workable genre. Supernatural can actually range pretty far, and is not limited to just superpowers.

  11. #793902014-07-02 09:30:00Frey said:

    I'm for supernatural, but the poll says superpowers, should I interpret that as supernatural? I know I suggested SP, but supernatural is indeed better than superpowers.

    Hm, I have no problem with lies though, it is a pretty awesome theme.

    Ah, I'm still torn with the two themes(lies and supernatural)... but if lies will attract more participants, then I think we should go for lies.

    Superpowers is always on an edge to be a cheesy theme...

    23 poll votes? really? Half of that is still over the most participated anthology as far as I know(11 I think?10?). It would be a shame if the poll winner's voters won't actually write...

  12. #794062014-07-02 14:10:14DarkChaplain said:


    Due to lack of an edit feature for polls, I had to make a new one. This time it is JUST Lies and Supernatural (changed from Superpowers as per feedback), since the other two options were pretty much losing already.

    This means that everybody needs to vote again! Go and vote, people!

  13. #794282014-07-02 20:15:20 *Cenica said:

    Isn't that too much like fanfiction? (Well it is for my taste...) I'd rather have people come up with their own monsters.
    Which is what I think we're going to do for halloween.

  14. #794382014-07-03 02:27:20DarkChaplain said:

    Kaiju is pretty much the whole big monster "genre". Godzilla is one, as are the ones from Pacific Rim, or the dozen+ ones featured in Kaiju Rising. The Cloverfield monster also counts, as, oddly, does King Kong. The old game Rampage also featured Kaiju on Kaiju action.

    It's not a specific franchise, movie-monster or anything. Kaiju literally translates to "strange beast" and often does the whole monster-attacks-civilization thing. Sadly, the trend has been kinda limited to Japan for ages, and the whole Zombie dreck hole of the 2000s, along with the failure of Godzilla in 1998 and the sub-par Jurassic Park III, made the genre of fiction wander into the drawer again. Pacific Rim and Godzilla might just have managed to make it appealing again for us in the west.

  15. #794392014-07-03 02:35:42 *Cenica said:

    My only fear with that though is that you'd get a lot of stories about big monsters smashing things. They wouldn't vary much I guess.
    For me it feels like the big draw of monster movies is the monsters themselves. It always had me asking questions like where did they come from exactly. What it's intention was. (Food, territory...etc) So I think it might not be so bad from that kind of standpoint. I guess I should check out that anthology though. Might have some interesting stuff.

  16. #794402014-07-03 03:33:24DarkChaplain said:

    I agree, there'd be a lot of overlap and I kinda doubt that people would put enough thought into something fresh and exciting.
    Ah, there are plenty of neat stories in Kaiju Rising, including religious spins, or comedy. I've only read the first few stories so far (a shame, I wanted to read them much more quickly!) but it's got David Annandale, Josh Reynolds, James Swallow and Larry Correia, so I'm personally still excited about it!

  17. #795012014-07-04 02:47:44DarkChaplain said:


    I'm planning to start this project today/tomorrow, depending on your timezone. As in, Friday night for me.

    If you have any feedback left to give about project specifics, give it quickly, otherwise I'll stick with what worked last time!

  18. #795332014-07-04 19:10:04 *DarkChaplain said:

    Supernatural is leading with 12 to 11 for Lies.

    I'll close the poll in about 4 hours from now. The one leading the poll will be the topic for the project, and I'll start making the thread then.

  19. #795572014-07-04 23:13:02 *DarkChaplain said:


    Supernatural wins with 16 Votes

    This will be our topic for #5.

    Lies loses with 13 Votes.

    Lies will be considered as topic for project #7

    New thread in a while. Feel free to still post feedback until I get ready!