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  1. PROJECT: The Colorless 2015 Calendar - SALES ARE OPEN!

    #792522014-06-30 07:58:54 *Kip said:

    Hey kids, guess what time of year it is!?

    That's right, it's time to start our new TheColorless Calendar Project !


    Q: What is the CL Calendar?

    A: TheColorless Calendar is a project that several of our members on the website have participated in working on. Each month is drawn by a different artist, who's art you can find in the older 2014 Calendar Thread, and in the Artists of Colorless Thread!

    @SirTingles and I have decided to get a head start this year by beginning the project in June, so that artists will have a fair amount of time drawing their respective months instead of being on a much too stressful and pressuring deadline, which was a mistake that was made last year and interfered with exams and plans a lot of people happened to have going on at the same time. With this extended deadline, we hope to take some of that pressure off of our artists and provide them with a more reasonable schedule to follow that doesn't require us to pester them about their progress each week or make them feel that they need to rush. We are hoping that this also gives artists more time to think about what they'd like to draw and to give us more of an earlier notice in case they might not be able to complete their pieces.

    Some things we are doing different this year

    For one, this year we will be using the website RedBubble to manufacture and distribute the calendars, which will be much simpler and safer for members to purchase their items.

    Welcome to Redbubble, a free marketplace that helps thousands of artists reach new audiences and sell their work more easily. RB gives you access to a wide range of high quality products, just waiting for your designs to make them more amazing. We coordinate everything from printing and shipping through to ongoing customer service, giving you more time to focus on creating great art and design (and occasionally watching cat videos on the internet).

    In short, RedBubble is a website that allows you to print your art on any of their given products, and pays you for it. RedBubble manufactures shirts, bags, calendars, iPhone cases, and artist prints. You get paid for the art you have provided for the item, and the website gets paid for how much shipping and manufacturing costs. *With this website, we can directly link's Paypal to CL's RedBubble account, making it a lot easier for members to buy and receive their products. For each calendar sold, CL will receive a small donation from RedBubble.

    All proceeds will be directly donated to to help our website continue running for as long as possible. Show your support by flaunting your CL pride and donating to the website!

    You may view CL's RedBubble account here. Keep an eye out for any other future merchandise we might decide to sell!

    Now, another thing we are big on this year is time and reliability. As I said before, our timing with the 2014 Calendar was poorly done, so we would like to avoid those sort of conflicts this time around. If for any reason you do not think you will finish your piece, please let us know ahead of schedule so that we can hand over your work to somebody else willing to do it and complete it. A major issue we had last year was expecting artists to hand in their work BEFORE the given deadline, but due to unavoidable issues we received the work too late and the Calendar was not released at the originally predicted time. This is not the fault of our artists, as they did their best with what little time they had.

    We look forward to working with everybody again this year, and we hope you enjoy the changes we've made!

  2. #792532014-06-30 07:59:02 *Kip said:

    Our Rules

    There are a few rules that we would like every participating member to respectively follow:

    • Do not steal, plagiarize, trace, recolor, edit, or defile another artists work and claim it as your own. We do not tolerate thieves, and you will be handled accordingly.
    • If you have not handed in any work or have been inactive for at least 1 1/2 months (6 weeks) you will be removed from the group and we will find someone else to do and complete your month(s).
    • If for any reason you have not given any art or progress in by the final 2 weeks (14 days), you will be immediately removed from the group and we will find someone else to do and complete your month(s).
    • Our canvas size will be 2200x1910 this year because RedBubble requires a minimum canvas size of 2182×1906 in order to create calendars. Last year our canvas sizes were 1080x1900.
    • All images must be saved in CYMK instead of RBG (you can change those settings in Photoshop. If you do not have Photoshop, save your file in another program such as SAI as a .psd and send it to a friend who does have Photoshop so that they can do this for you). For more information about why we will be saving our files like this and what CYMK is, please read here.

    We are not obligated to give you any warnings before kicking you from the project. This should be warning enough, and since we are giving you much more time than we did last year, we do not expect anyone to delay working on their part of the project until they feel the need to rush within the final few weeks. Use all the time you can get to work on your pieces.

    Do not procrastinate, this will not help you. The deadline is not there for you to assume that it is the day when you will be handing it. Aim to complete your work at least 4-2 weeks before the deadline is met. Give yourself time to work with. You are being given a considerable amount of time to do whatever you want, so do not waste it.

  3. #792542014-06-30 07:59:09 *Kip said:


    If you are an artist and you would like to draw certain months for our Calendar, please announce it on the thread or message @Kip or @SirTingles either in a PM here on the site, or on Skype. All members who are interested in partaking will be added to a Calendar Discussion Skype group, so please provide us with your Skype username as well so that we can add you.

    Those who have already claimed months:

    • January: genericmav
    • February: Kip
    • March: Rebel
    • April: MrTrain
    • May: genericmav and Lieutenant
    • June: Kuro-tan
    • July: CloudVariasKira
    • August: Ecstasy
    • September: TeruShinozaki
    • October: SirTingles
    • November: Lieutenant
    • December: Kip ( * Ecstasy )
    *Artist is willing to draw month in the event that something happens to the previous artist or nobody claims it.


  4. #792552014-06-30 07:59:15 *Kip said:

    The Calendar is now up for sale at our RedBubble page HERE!

    You can preview each month on the Calendars sale page. Details about the Calendar are listed there, but I will also place them here for convenience:

    • Tough wire binding and hanger
    • 200gsm satin art paper with a tougher cover

    Dimensions - A3 (297 x 420mm / 11.7” x 16.5”)

    The Calendar is priced at $23.00 USD. I know, it's a bit pricier than we were hoping to sell it for, but RedBubbles prices are a bit different than what we're used to. Keep watching the RedBubble page for other CL Merchandise that will go up for sale in the future! If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see in the store, send us an email!

    Your private information is safe when purchasing with RedBubble. We provide the art, and RedBubble handles the manufacturing and the shipping.
  5. #792592014-06-30 08:14:21 *Ecstasy said:

    I would want to take any autumn (winter could do too) month, but I'm not sure if my quality is good enough, so I'll take them if nobody will volunteer I guess?

  6. #795152014-07-04 10:28:37Rinneko said:


    I hope more people show interest in this project, because I believe that the end product will be a really beautiful and nice calender. All the best to the artists!

  7. #797292014-07-07 21:07:54 *Dark-B said:

    @MyogiWarrior34 Ah, actually, August, June and December are still practically untaken. Ecstasy is just like a substitute in case no one claims the spots, so you can take any of the three months.

  8. #805532014-07-20 07:55:44Kip said:

    @MyogiWarrior34 we normally draw Server-tan and Server-kun as the "theme" for our Calendar, add me on skype and i can add you to the group if you'd like to discuss it a bit more with the others :)

  9. #817292014-08-21 19:35:43Cloud-VK said:

    @Caden-Kanra MrTrain has April.

    I think the ones open are June, August, and December.

    Assuming Ecstasy is still just filling in in those months. You gotta check with Kip and Ecstasy.