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PROJECT: The Colorless 2015 Calendar - SALES ARE OPEN!

  1. #820042014-09-02 22:27:31 *Kip said:

    A little update

    We've got all the artists slots filled now, hurray!

    There's only 2 months left until the deadline, artists will be handing in their current progress, I'll be editing the Calendars details in the meantime. Pretty soon we'll have this thing up and running!

    I've been busy with IRL problems so i haven't been able to check in much. I'm going to need confirmation from @Rebel and @MyogiWarrior34 if you two are still interested in doing this or if you'd rather not because it's so late. Send me a PM or a message on Skype ASAP (my Skype can be found on my profile).

  2. #845952014-11-15 20:12:30Ecstasy said:

    @Kip I should make it in time, so I should be one person less to worry about. I'll need you to approve of it next week first, though, so I have time to correct stuff if needed.

  3. #846832014-11-20 16:14:52Kip said:

    @Rebel and @arnaK I'm sorry but you have been removed from the group for failing to respond to my messages both on CL and on Skype. Better luck next year! Thank you for your interest in the project.

  4. #851632014-12-06 04:17:29Kip said:

    hm, i edited the OP but i guess i must have exited before i finished. you should be back up there for march

  5. #849872014-12-01 19:43:57Kip said:

    woohoo! almost everybody handed in their pieces on the correct date.

    @TeruShinozaki and @CloudVariasKira still need to hand in their pieces but from what i saw from their progress shots, they're basically both done. i can't wait to put this whole thing together~

    You guys have Until December 10th to get me your pieces in. :)

  6. #855602014-12-22 07:57:51DarkChaplain said:

    So...... did the two latecomers get their stuff in? There's only like 10 days til the new year, so how about some updates on this?

  7. #855622014-12-22 09:34:02DarkChaplain said:

    @Kip Just sayin', but even just a "I'm ill right now, so expect things a week or two late" would be a helpful update for people trying to follow the project's progress. It's not like that sickness kept you from using CL or check the thread, right?

  8. #856502014-12-25 12:21:48Kip said:



    A big thanks to all of our artists. You guys are amazing!

    @genericmav @TeruShinozaki @SirTingles @MrTrain @Lieutenant @Kuro-tan @Rebel @CloudVariasKira @Ecstasy

    I'm so happy we had so many artists this year, and everybody handed in their stuff without any problems! All of these pieces came out awesome.

    The Calendar is now up for sale at our RedBubble page HERE!


    You can preview each month on the Calendars sale page. Details about the Calendar are listed there, but I will also place them here for convenience:

    • Tough wire binding and hanger
    • 200gsm satin art paper with a tougher cover

    Dimensions - A3 (297 x 420mm / 11.7” x 16.5”)

    The Calendar is priced at $23.00 USD. I know, it's a bit pricier than we were hoping to sell it for, but RedBubbles prices are a bit different than what we're used to. Keep watching the RedBubble page for other CL Merchandise that will go up for sale in the future! If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see in the store, send us an email!

    Your private information is safe when purchasing with RedBubble. We provide the art, and RedBubble handles the manufacturing and the shipping.

    An extra shout out to Lie and GM, who collab'd together on May. And to Tingles, who combined his efforts with me on December (monster and costumes designs are all by Tingles! I just did the manual labor lol). And of course, another big thanks to everyone else involved in making this happen. You guys rock!

  9. #856532014-12-25 12:34:33 *Kip said:

    For those of you looking to save a little bit, here's a code to get 10% off of your purchase.


    use it at the check out!

    I'm seeing what i can do about the prices since RedBubble doesn't allow me to lower the price anymore on the Calendar without it still being over $21 USD. I'll be updating this thread with coupons and discounts whenever i see them to help those trying to save some cash.

  10. #856542014-12-25 17:17:41 *Lieutenant said:

    I like how this turns out, it kind of looks like we have some sort of a certain theme colour with colourful insides that is slipped within these arts, pretty slick. Also, I like how people turn in their parts in time, great job, people. )

    Thanks for having me in this project, didn't actually notice it until TeruS bugged me on chat about it, it was fun and definitely keeping the oil to my rusty artsy cogwheel to keep it running again.

    Also, goddamn @TeruShinozaki 's art makes me feel like quitting life (kidding, but seriously though)

  11. #856552014-12-25 17:19:51 *DarkChaplain said:

    June: Kuto-tan

    It is @Kuro-tan, btw

    Also quite impressed with @Lieutenant and @genericmav's contributions. They're damn fine! Good work, you two. Glad you picked up the slack and submitted a few more.

    And I just realized how big the pricetag turned out. Not sure I'll jump at that, even with the discount code. Shipping will probably be insane, too...

    Edit: Yep, 11€ for shipping, bumping the price to 35,98€ total. That's more than I'd pay for merch from japan x__x

  12. #856592014-12-25 19:51:58 *Kip said:

    OH, thanks DC, i was falling asleep while typing everything up but i thought i had spelled all the names right. fixing now~

    and yeah, shipping seems to be a real pain in the ass. i wish RedBubble would let me lower the Calendar price, and they've got full control over the shipping costs. apparently they release "free shipping" coupons/discounts from time to time so i'm gonna keep an eye out for it and post one here if i see it. :(

  13. #859842015-01-03 17:02:37Kip said:

    no dice on the coupons or discounts yet, guys. the one i previously posted for 10% should still work for a while longer, but for now i'll continue checking every day for new discounts that i can post!