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  1. CL Short Story Project 5: Supernatural - Submission Window Closed, Editing.

    #795632014-07-05 00:31:57 *DarkChaplain said:

    This thread is a follow up to:

    For the full project details, please refer to those threads.

    Format, Genre & Restrictions

    You will be writing a piece of supernatural fiction.
    This has been decided by voting. You are free to mix in other genres or themes, as long as the story can be recognized as falling into the above.

    Supernatural fiction (properly, "supernaturalist fiction") is a literary genre exploiting or requiring as plot devices or themes some contradictions of the commonplace natural world and materialist assumptions about it.

    In its broadest definition, supernatural fiction includes examples of weird fiction, horror fiction, fantasy fiction, and such sub-genres as vampire literature and the ghost story. Elements of supernatural fiction can be found in writing from genres such as science fiction. Amongst academics, readers and collectors, however, supernatural fiction is often classed as a discrete genre defined by the elimination of "horror", "fantasy" and elements important to other genres. The one genre supernatural fiction appears to embrace in its entirety is the traditional ghost story.

    In the twentieth century, supernatural fiction became associated with psychological fiction. The result is that the supernatural is only one possible explanation for what has been described. A classic example of this would be The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, which offers both a supernatural and a psychological interpretation of the events described. The ambiguity is considered to add to the effect. A similar example is Charlotte Perkins Gilman's story The Yellow Wallpaper.
    More on Wikipedia

    This topic is extremely flexible if you maintain a supernatural angle. Go wild with it.

    Think carefully about your approach this time, and pick an angle you are most comfortable with or interested in!

    Now that the topic is settled and explained, here are the more specific rules.

    You shall plan your story to take up around 2500 to 8000 words. Supernatural Fiction benefits greatly from being rich of detail, similar to Science Fiction and Crime. The weirder and less easy to explain by the laws of physics, the better. Where in Crime Fiction, logic is a key element, in Supernatural Fiction, you get the best results when you let logic clash with the inexplainable.

    The following Not Safe for Work Restrictions apply:

    There may be no purely sexual scenes in your story. While your story may have sexual aspects, taking it too far will have you disqualified. Tasteless smut will not be tolerated! You can get away with implying a scene like this, if it furthers the plot and does not become excessive. Remember that we have younger users on here!

    Regarding Fan- and Tie-in Fiction

    Do not write fan or tie-in fiction. Work on your own, original story instead. Do not restrict yourself to already existing franchises or characters, and best keep in mind that the reader will not have existing knowledge on any one franchise you might try to touch on anyway.
    This means no Anime, no Space Marines, no Holmes, no Ice and Fire, no Trolls, and also no CL users.

    Project Schedule

    The project starts today, July 5th.

    You will have until Monday, the 11th of August to submit your story.

    This timeframe is supposed to allow you fully sketch out your story. I hope that an extended timeframe will help you come to terms with it, without forcing you to rush the execution!

    As an added point:

    Please submit a short concept / synopsis or general idea by Saturday the 19th of July!

    Even if you do not have a great, fully fleshed-out idea yet, please do communicate your ideas anyway. You may either post on this thread, or PM me about it, in case you consider your idea solid enough and do not want to spoil others who will follow the thread.

    Please use this opportunity to gather feedback and discuss your concepts! Formulating your ideas and putting them out there does a lot to progress it, so don't be intimidated or insecure about your initial thoughts!

    Please be aware that you may hand your submissions in earlier, though, since that'll help me getting things done quicker after the deadline drops. As last time, the stories will be edited into ebook formats, and the more time you give me to get your story finalized for the format, the better.

    Also make sure you have enough time to proofread and edit your story!

    Submitting Your Story

    Do NOT post your full story, or huge chunks of it, on this thread or anywhere else on the forum!
    Submissions solely via the forum or PM will NOT be accepted!

    Instead, either PM me a properly formatted .rtf (Wordpad) document or similar. Alternatively you may send the document file via Skype (@ DarkChaplain). Copy/Pasted text and external websites are a no-go! Google Docs is fine, as long as I can grab said file from there.

    The document itself may not use colored text. Keep it simple, keep it clean. Make sure your formatting makes it easy to read your story.

    If you require your story to feature a second font type, which may be used to show machine-speak or other curiosities (which is not uncommon in Science Fiction), please let me know ahead of time.

    An additional request: If you use italics, please mark them as you would on the forum by placing two *asterisks* around the word or phrase! This will help me when formatting your stories for the ebooks!

    Now, Good Writing!

    PS: I hope this won't overlap too much with the next project...

  2. #795972014-07-05 08:06:42 *Ecstasy said:

    I have no excuse to not give it a try :D

    I hope this won't overlap too much with the next project...

    What's the next project?

  3. #795982014-07-05 08:15:42Kirn said:

    Hmmm... this is really not the genre I could really do well, but I will be thinking about possible story ideas. Maybe I will think of something decent.

  4. #796002014-07-05 09:15:45Rinneko said:

    I will participate. Not sure about how well I'll do with this genre, but it's broad enough that I can give it a go.

  5. #796182014-07-05 16:57:25Teil said:

    I'd like in on this one as well. It's been a while since I've written a full story but I think it'd be fun to start up again.

  6. #796662014-07-06 18:15:08DarkChaplain said:

    If you haven't already "signed up" for #5 on the thread, please do so asap.

    I'd like to keep the thread reasonably active and show people that there's a nice bit of participation.

    Likewise, if you decide not to sign up / participate, I'll likely remove you from the Skype Workgroup until you may decide otherwise.
    While I'd like to keep the feedback loop strong on there, I'd like to limit it to the actual writers. If you're not writing, I'll assume you'll be a reader, and thus you've gotta wait til the project is finished and released to satisfy your curiosity~

    If you're signed up and not on the group yet, let me know in case I don't have you on Skype, or ask a participant to add you in.

  7. #796732014-07-06 21:49:08Cenica said:

    I think I'm going to write something for this actually.
    Originally I thought I wouldn't but I changed my mind....imagine that....

  8. #796752014-07-06 21:50:49hellstorm901 said:

    I got a couple ideas I'm thinking about. I'm going to go with Ghosts because it's the safest for me to write in this genre and because Ghosts give you flexibility as they range from Kind to Evil tormenting Spirits.

    My first main idea is drawing inspiration from things such as Event Horizon, supernatural/hauntings with a Sci - Fi backdrop as the future/Sci - Fi/Space would allow for a break from the usual middle of no where village or haunted apartment block etc.

    Going in the exact opposite direction I'm also looking at a Ghost story set in either an underwater facility or in an active deep underground mining complex.

    And yes I also do want to try and bring back mindfuckery to my story because this seems like the genre for it.

  9. #796762014-07-06 22:39:25JacquelineGraye said:

    Yeah, actually I'd like to participate in this one, last time I said I would, but sadly didn't have time. Hopefully since it is summer I'll be having lots of free time. I may not be the best of writers but its worth a try~

  10. #797442014-07-08 01:52:00 *Teil said:

    Right, well I've developed 2 general concepts for my story and I'm quite torn between them. As the plots themselves haven't been fully developed there is no risk of spoilers and thus I have taken to this thread in hopes of some constructive feedback regarding the direction I take with one of these concepts. So, if you take the time to gloss over the following ideas I urge you to reply with your thoughts! Thank you.

    • Concept 1: The story will take place in modern society. The focus character is what shall henceforth be referred to as "an entity of great power." Said entity has been living on Earth for quite some time and can be described as an observer or possibly a judge to humanity. In the time in which the story takes place, the entity has deemed it necessary that the human race be exterminated. The plot shall follow the entitiy's initial triggering of what he deems to be the apocalypse of humans. It is to explore his interactions with the human side-characters within the story. My goal is to put heavy focus on the reasoning behind the decision of this power which will hopefully be revealed as the plot progresses. The story is to explore the concepts of ideals and humanity using the supernatural as a surrounding theme. For the sake of clarity, one might refer to the entity of power as God-like, hence "judge to humanity." However, my hope is to focus less on defining the character based on concepts such as God's and deities. Other things that should be noted is this entity is not going to be portrayed as if it feels it is all-powerful. It should also be noted that my intention is to build the character around loving emotions for the human race, rather than determining their extermination out of hate.

    • Concept 2: This story is also going to take place around modern times. The focus character is that of a seemingly emotionally unstable boy. Within said boy, there appears to be another force driving him. The boy is to constantly talk to said force and refers to it as "Her" and "She." The plot follows the already mad boys decent into further darkness. Driven by "Her" the boy commits numerous murders throughout the town which he inhabits to the point where he has become infamous as a serial killer. The catch is that this entity "takes all the pain away" from the boy in exchange that he continues with murders. Whenever he is injured he won't feel the pain. His wounds heal quickly as well. The also applies to emotional wounds. My hope is that this will help explain the boy's lack of morals and conscience. This story will place more emphasis on the supernatural as well as explore more psychological concepts. It is also to incorporate a sense of horror, but not to the point where it overtakes the story.

      Keep in mind the concepts here are like a very very very rough synopsis and are only a setup to the events that are to unfold within the stories themselves. I haven't written in a while so criticism is welcomed and encouraged.
  11. #797512014-07-08 06:56:28Ecstasy said:

    @Teil I'd prefer the second one since you can focus on one character which is more fitting for a short story. Unlike a god-like being and the focus on the whole humanity pretty much. And I feel the second story fits the topic a bit better.

  12. #797522014-07-08 13:23:34Rinneko said:

    I believe that the second concept would be more suitable to the short story. The psychological aspect and deep-rooted reasoning in the first one is a bit difficult to develop fully in a restricted span of words. Exploring that, the entity's relationships, and the ongoing apocalypse would be a bit much and rushed.

  13. #797572014-07-08 17:56:28Kirn said:

    I am now conflicted. Ghost story or the devil story...

    I am not revealing ideas anyhow, so don't give advice, I will decide on me own.