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CL Short Story Project 5: Supernatural - Submission Window Closed, Editing.

  1. #797632014-07-08 19:30:48 *kamihate said:

    So, i'm here now to present my idea to you guys, and before i begin, sorry if i make orthographic mistakes, i'm not good with words, so let's begin:

    「My idea is a story who tries to explore the fear and horror of the supernatural things...inside our mind. We all have fear, we all have a horror tale that makes us cry and run. My story is situated in a normal city, without anything special. When, some weird things start to happen, starting with a child find dead in front of her cabinet. Some days after, a woman dies for a rabbit attack(yeah, rabbits attacked her). The main character tries to find and discover what's going on. The real problem is, like everybody, he have him own fears, and this is going to hunt...」

    I don't really know if it's a good idea, and if this is really a supernatural theme, and i hope i can find a way to explore it. Any suggestions and critics can be made, I'm new in this writing things, so any advice is welcome. I hope i can do something good. So, please, comment.]

  2. #798932014-07-09 18:22:21hellstorm901 said:

    Okay so I've set myself on an idea.

    The basic outline is its set on a deep sea underwater mining complex where the facility begins to suffer from strange events some that are an inconvenience up to flat out deadly events.

    The facility staff need to hold themselves and the facility together until they can be rescued.

  3. #799682014-07-10 14:15:36 *Rinneko said:

    Here to submit my basic idea for this short story.


    A person has a dream where his deepest fears and worst events are relived. The dream ends with a snippet from the best memory that he lost. From then onward, that particular day is thrown into a loop where the night ends with that particular dream. The process continues endlessly, torturing the person but leaves him willingly to do it all again just to regain that lost memory.

  4. #802112014-07-14 17:24:28vickylannister said:

    Mantle of a Mortal

    An ambitious Reaper-in-training has received her first true assignment- reaping the soul of a mortal man. Her confidence soon dwindles as she realizes that this won't be some trivial task, as her target is constantly being swarmed by other mortals, and the number one rule of Reaping is to never show yourself to anyone aside from your target. So it is that she's forced to do something she's never done before- in order to get close to him and catch him unaware, she must assume the mantle of a mortal.

  5. #802842014-07-16 17:13:12Kuroba_Loki said:

    I'm thinking of a story..

    A middle-of-nowhere town is caught in a case of happenings where the townspeople's dreams are coming true, and not in a good way. One of the residents is shown a dream where they can either save the town, or leave it in ruins. The only way to find out is to read it...when it's done of course XD

  6. #803112014-07-17 02:15:35reki said:

    I just realized that this is your 5th anthology writing project. I have the first two saved on my phone to read. :>

    Good luck to the participants!

  7. #805732014-07-20 14:54:44hellstorm901 said:

    I can't help but notice we have a shit load of participants this time around.

    Hope they all stay around for the short story project after this one.

  8. #811492014-08-01 06:23:23Kirn said:

    So all right, I am finally writing something. However, I had to abandon my initial idea, because, after I really thought about it, it wasn't about supernatural at all. So I am now writing down my other idea, which is really not my style... so, quite honestly, it's going slow and I have no idea if I will be able to make something decent out of it.

  9. #812962014-08-04 23:57:26Cenica said:

    I'm dropping out. I'm still going to get my story finished, eventually, and will probably link it in the literary thread or something, but I won't have it done by the 11th.

  10. #813102014-08-05 11:59:04 *Kirn said:

    Okay. I have just finished me goddamn story, with 3855 words in it. Can't say I am overly happy about how it went, but what the hell, this may as well do. Now, as usual, I will wait for a few days, then I will look over the goddamn thing with a fresh eye, edit it out and hunt for typos. So yeah, the story is ready, but I'll send it over a bit closer to the deadline.
    All in all, took me three days to do, few hours each day, doing about 1/3 of the story each time.

  11. #813702014-08-06 22:12:48Bright said:

    If we have to share our ideas then my idea is basically in the late century or so basically about mysterious murders and slaughters of many many people :D

  12. #814522014-08-09 01:55:54Teil said:

    Regrettably, I'm afraid I'll be dropping out as well. Due to a road trip across the province that I was not informed about prior to leaving, I've been away from home since last Tuesday and it doesn't look like I'll be back for another week. Assuming I'm not drowned in hours at work, I'll probably take some free time to finish the story and throw it in the literacy thready too after I return. Very sorry, best of luck to the rest of you all, and I look forward to seeing the other participant's stories.

  13. #814862014-08-10 13:51:36Frey said:

    Sorry, I have to drop out too. Haven't had the time to write due to school and work duties. :( But I will probably continue writing this even after the deadline and just post it somewhere. u_u

  14. #815032014-08-11 17:32:43DarkChaplain said:

    I got so many reports of people struggling with the deadline, as well as three separate private appeals for a few more days, that I'm gonna push the deadline.

    The new deadline is

    Saturday, August 16, at Noon GMT+1

    Click the above link for the Countdown page.
    You have 4 days, 16 hours left.
    If I don't have your submissions in my PM box by then, or at least pending in Skype, you're out of luck.

    This is more than I wanted to give you at any rate, but fuck it, I'll just play a few games til then, and maybe some people who dropped out due to awful scheduling will finish their stuff up anyway with a few more days available.

    Please make sure you take the opportunity to edit your submissions some more. If you have things you'd like to change around or fix, go ahead. This also goes for @Ecstasy, @Kirn and @hellstorm901 as well as @kamihate. You already submitted, but feel free to re-submit an edited version if you'd like.

    This delay will likely mean that this time's anthology might only be released in late august. Do not expect as quick a release this time as with the Crime anthology. That ain't gonna happen.