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CL Short Story Project 5: Supernatural - Submission Window Closed, Editing.

  1. #816062014-08-15 22:34:55DarkChaplain said:


    Get your shit together.

    I have since received @Rinneko's story, and @vickylannister and @johan_5179 assure me they're gonna get theirs done and submitted by the deadline. @Ucui seems to be running out of time. @evii-chii seems to have given up on the topic. @Kip hasn't handed her story in yet, but seemed to have things done.

    You're running out of time.

  2. #817332014-08-22 14:01:28DarkChaplain said:


    I have only managed to do preparations and basic editing so far. Some tweaks were made to the overall presentation, but as of yet, I have not filled and carefully formatted the template yet beyond titles and such.

    This is due to me being quite busy this week, and struggling to keep my PC running properly lately. Sudden freezes and shit like that aren't fun, and certainly don't make for a good work environment. I have reinstalled Windows today, and hope this will fix the problems, but I am not sure it will, as I suspect some sort of hardware failure to be the culprit.

    This weekend is also going to be busy for me. I'm fighting to get my apartment in a presentable state since my family's coming to visit on Sunday, so if I get to edit anything, it'll be me procrastinating on other things.

    Fuck, it took me like an hour to send this because my modem died and wouldn't restart as it should have. Meh. I was bored after calling customer support and since I just reinstalled InDesign and Photoshop before things went to hell again, I decided to put another couple stories into the rough draft.

  3. #817342014-08-22 14:50:57 *Kirn said:

    Actually, a break like that is not a bad thing. While writing projects are good and all, we had what... 5 in a very short span, and some prompts too, so it may as well be the time for writers to rest before the next one too.

  4. #817362014-08-22 15:54:09DarkChaplain said:


    The current PDF page estimate is at around 110-120 pages total. That's a few more than last time, despite the stories then being longer on average.

  5. #817542014-08-23 14:42:06Rinneko said:

    We have quite a number of stories this time so I'm already anticipating the variety. Hope you manage to stabilise your PC without too much trouble, DC. :) Also, no worries about it time-wise.

  6. #817612014-08-23 16:03:33 *DarkChaplain said:

    Might jinx it, but I haven't crashed over the last... 16 hours. Which doesn't say much, since much of it was spent hibernating without heavy, or even medium load, outside of skyping with Cen.
    But yeah, I'm pretty much at my wit's end. If my fixes from last night/this morning aren't doing shit in the long run, I'm out of luck. Will have to replace something, just don't know with certainty which part it will end up being, and the cost attached.

    While I'm at it:

    After thinking about your story / wews for some time, I'd like to ask you to fix the final part of your story. Please replace the "wew"s with actual words and adjust the dialogue in that section accordingly. I don't mind the character being eccentric at all, but this is dangerously close to self-insert bullshit, which is against the rules.

  7. #821582014-09-07 05:56:54DarkChaplain said:

    Haven't talked much about this lately, have I?

    Still working on it. I think I have some semblance of control over my PC again, though I'll have to replace a bunch of expensive shit asap. Still, enough control to edit more.

    I HOPE to get this sorted out by the end of next week, fingers crossed.
    I'm not happy with how long this is taking, not at all. I just couldn't deal with actual editing work and OCD over the results and so on, while I'm stressed over the machine going bonkers, bluescreening (thankfully taken care of, defective RAM bar), distorting audio or the net cutting out repeatedly at the worst possible times, while also juggling appointments left and right for private matters.

    So yeah, that's my explanation of why it isn't out yet. I'm currently putting all the stories into the updated epub/mobi ebooks. I'm contacting the authors I'd like descriptions of shortly.

  8. #821632014-09-07 12:02:21 *DarkChaplain said:

    Screenshots have been sent out to all participants!

    The following users will be in this anthology:

    I haven't seen @johan_5179 in over three weeks now, so he won't be in. I hope nothing bad has happened to him.

    I need authors descriptions of ca 60-70 words each from the following:

    Everybody else is free to PM me a new description as well, otherwise I'll recycle.

  9. #832962014-10-06 15:25:21DarkChaplain said:

    Ah, I forgot you left the Skype group. Yes, there was some stuff missing til last week, which needed to go in there. Still need to give the mobi/epub versions a once-over tonight, the PDF is done, so the thread for it is gonna happen sometime the next few days.