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Parent: The Favorite Disney Movies Thread

  1. #799672014-07-10 14:10:13 *Zyxx23 said:

    Disney movies are practically a big part of my childhood. And even now, I still watch 'em. When I skimmed through the list, I did not expect to see some of the titles in there. I never knew they were Disney Movies (I should really pay more attention to it). Well, here are some of the movies I liked.

    Tangled http://thecolorless.net/uploads/25900/Zu_original.jpg Aladdin http://thecolorless.net/uploads/25900/Zv_original.jpg The Emperor's New Groove http://thecolorless.net/uploads/25900/Zw_original.jpg John Carter http://thecolorless.net/uploads/25900/Zy_original.jpg ...and many more (got too lazy to post them all considering how many there are)