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CL Updates: July 2014: Chorus Badge Live!

  1. #801482014-07-13 11:32:45 *Dark-B said:

    I found a decent enough 75x75 resized microphone silhouette after what Kirn said.

    Here is the original:


    and here it is once I resized it to 75x75:


    It's kind of needs work around some of the edges, but I think it's as best as we might find in terms of a "chorus" badge if we want to make it feel as so. I don't know, I only know basic photo editing, but I think this is good enough.

    You may have already tried it though with the search on microphones, but ever since Kirn mentioned silhouettes, I thought I'll just google that as well. There a number of possibilites to work on as well for this one.

  2. #801492014-07-13 11:38:06 *Rinneko said:

    Of course there are some limitation which includes maybe you can only vote if you're like 99th percentile(to avoid silly account spam)

    @Frey Probably not a good gauge of whether a person should be allowed to vote, considering how skewed our percentile system is right now. I believe the reason why only moderators are allowed to give badges right now is because due to their position and responsibilities, they are trusted to have that maturity not to let the badges be given upon a whim.

    Of course, I don't know if there might be a way to work this out so that it is more attainable. Nice try, anyway.

  3. #801872014-07-14 00:09:28 *Warlock said:

    @Trev Well I still haven't figured out where Gargron stores the paypal_id or the ipn. Any help on where those might be located would be cool, since I'm using a different paypal from what we first had, so I just need to replace the id's. That should fix the bar since Paypal blocked Jessie's paypal ipn or something.

  4. #801572014-07-13 13:23:48xiaden said:

    SINGING BADGES EVERYWHEREOMG LOOK Google to the rescue. Just make sure you use them as reference only, there's nothing posted about CC use on the sites, that I could dig up. They shrink to 100x100 pretty well, but not much smaller. Also, give me a few... hours to process everything I missed while asleep. It's like you guys waited till I fell asleep to pull out the AKs.(I'll also end up editing those to work on the site, as long as 75x75 is a reasonable goal that can be achieved.)

  5. #801622014-07-13 13:59:13HappyChaplain said:

    The first one is actually not far off from what I've been toying with for the podcast badge, I'm just still playing with the proportions

  6. #801582014-07-13 13:27:03Kirn said:


    I gave the mic idea some thought... and I think it won't be good for a chorus. Mostly because we should also think about future possible projects and/or badges. Imagine if, suddenly, fan-dubs would again return? If anything, mic would be more appropriate for people participating as voice actors. Or the podcast badge idea we had on chat today. Actually, the first badge @xia-chan posted in the previous post would have looked well for that purpose.
    Right now I am thinking more about just something plain with a note on it, or that other thing, how the fuck is it called in English... ah, yes, treble clef.

  7. #801612014-07-13 13:57:55HappyChaplain said:

    Or the podcast badge idea we had on chat today.

    You mean, the idea that DC had and has already been working on since Friday? Yeah, that one won't have a mic, at least not in the sense of a microphone used for singing.

  8. #801632014-07-13 14:48:48 *xiaden said:

    The mic DB posted definitely set my "phallic imagery" senses off when scaled down to the size requested, which is why I went digging. The reason I kept digging (a whole one post further), is because I got the same podcast vibe for the first badge I dug up. The second one cannot be confused with any other work, and the generic silhouette with rays and a note or two can be scaled to 75x75 pretty easily.

    (I thought I mentioned editing the second to work. howeverrr: oh look, a wild artAnd a baby one too, how cute! I suppose I just did it without saying I would.)

  9. #801602014-07-13 13:40:17 *Rinneko said:

    @Kirn & @Dark-B -

    As aforementioned, a treble clef feels like it represents music and people who enjoy music in general. I think that headphones with a connected mic, or even just headphones on its own could represent choruses because one would usually listen to the chorus song while recording with the mic. As Server-kun also appears wearing headphones with a mic (at least in TeruShinozaki's art), I feel that it's CL-esque. I'm not sure if this'll turn up well in 75x75, though.

  10. #801642014-07-13 15:15:45 *Kirn said:


    As Server-kun also appears wearing headphones with a mic (at least in TeruShinozaki's art), I feel that it's CL-esque.

    Also a very nice thought. Personally, I am all out of ideas for that one for a time being. Though, by now I feel we are really over-thinking the design.

    On a more general note, here's another fact of why the Nerd badge is completely fucking useless and should be removed and forgotten as soon as possible:

    We are the anime forum. Meaning every person coming here is somewhat into anime. And that is already something that makes you nerdy enough in eyes of outsiders. Meaning that you just can give out this badge to literally anyone right fucking now. You even can, with the same effect, replace it with the 'Registered here' badge - would honestly make no difference.

  11. #802332014-07-15 08:45:57DarkChaplain said:


    While I was struggling with the design, @Kip did a fine job coming up with two ideas for the badge, the second of which staff decided to be using.

    This is our new Chorus Enthusiast badge:


    As I understand it, @Ecstasy will be handing this badge out shortly to all previous Chorus participants.

  12. #802342014-07-15 09:05:47Kirn said:

    See, now this is a good badge, showing real participation. And something quite a few people deserve and can rightly be given to those now. Good work @Kip.

    So, what do we have at the end of a day?

    New writers badge - decent badge with exact purpose. Corgi removed - good, that was a useless badge.
    Nerd made - bad, and there's no reason to swap one useless badge made for vanity with another useless badge made for vanity.
    Awesomnauts still there - useless then, useless now. Someone just can't find the strength to part with it, it seems, eh?
    Podcast badge in the works - less of a 'hard work' badge, not counting people hosting and/or editing the podcast, but still, a mark of something done.
    3 pokemon badges we have already - don't think I don't see those. I am already suspect enough about how those will be used.

    All in all, it feels that with new badge-making system, there's an influx of badges. And not all of them are good. Nope, not all. One can only hope this trend will pass before it will become a serious problem.

  13. #802362014-07-15 10:17:22Rinneko said:

    Thanks to @Kip for the new Chorus badge~

    I didn't think such a complex design could be fitted to 75x75, but it came out looking pretty adorable.