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Parent: What Movies Should Everyone See at Least Once?

  1. #802022014-07-14 11:09:02Kirn said:

    Well, last time I wrote about a serial killer thriller, so let's now do something completely different.

    Yes, a Christmas movie! And one of the best ones too, in my personal opinion. Also, this is a first 3D cartoon made by Aardman Studio. That's the company that made Wallace and Gromit, and if you don't know anything about that - watch those too, they are readily available on youtube.

    But anyways, the story here is about Christmas, obviously, and about family and dedication and all those good things. The movie gives a good moral message, and it does it in a good non-overbearing way.
    However, that's not the main reason this thing is so good. The fact is, this movie... well, this cartoon, it has a lot of stuff going on there at any single moment. And not only in dialogues or situations, but at any time you can just press pause, take a good long look at the screen and yell 'damn, look at what's going on at the background, I would have never noticed it!' Amount of work and details put into this movie is so immense that even I - after watching it for I have no idea how many times - still manage to find one or two things I missed on occasion. Meaning this movie has a huge re-watch value too, even in addition to being a very good comedy.
    Oh, and there are some pretty nice actors there too. Main character is played by James McAvoy, whom I don't really know, but two of the supporting roles are Bill Nighy and Hugh Laurie and they are damn great. Well, to be fair, all characters, even very minor ones, are played damn well and are memorable. Oh, and there's even one minor character played by Michael Palin (one of Monty Pythons, in case you don't know).

    Anyhow, I highly recommend this, even to people who don't usually watch Christmas stories. This is an extremely funny and well-made cartoon.