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  1. New User Introduction Thread

    #8042011-12-27 00:21:36 *Pancakes said:

    Didn't see any specific introduction section to introduce myself in so I figured I'd do it here. Hope that's okay.

    I'm Pancakes, I used to go on this site ages ago back when it was on the old site with a different username which I can't seem to remember to be able to sign back in with. (liking the new site's improvements by the way) But went through a period of having no internet for a very long time and sort of forgot about the site.

    For a little info, I'm 19, live in Australia, and like anime, games etc.

    Anyway, I hope to make friends and have a good time here. ^^

    Edited by staff: You can find lots of info about the site by following this link. It'll spare you time from asking questions and looking like a complete newbie. Click me!

  2. #8602011-12-27 02:35:09 *zatsunen said:
    @Domo Ori? Are you the Ori I know?

    Hello, I'm Zatsunen. ASL? 16/?/Australia. I'm a newfag but I get around ;) thus I'm known.. by some...

    I like manga/cosplay/sleep/etc. I'm lazy. As I put on all my profiles and will copy/paste now, I'm an easily entertained but also easily bored person. I like a lot of things but also hate a lot of things. Yoroshiku, ne?
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    Not a weeaboo but that phrase sums it up the best.
  3. #8672011-12-27 02:51:28Jenna38 said:

    I'm Jenna and well not much I can think of to say except that this new CL site is okay I guess-It's faster I'll give it that but kinda miss the old site. sigh life sucks sometimes.

  4. #8732011-12-27 03:01:11zatsunen said:

    @Domo You'll get used to it. I just don't like the tag thing for forums. I liked the old forums better. I'm starting to like this new chat more because it's less laggy though.

  5. #8792011-12-27 03:14:41Domo said:

    I really liked our weeaboo, Durarara topics. It gave it a nice warm feeling. But I can't say that I actually know what CL means.It's just...other CL had so many good memories. ;______;

  6. #9142011-12-27 05:15:12Pancakes said:

    I did like the old CL site, I remember some of my friends joined and were like OMG this is so cooool we can be like the Dollars from DRRR! xD Good times.

    Nice to meet you guys and hopefully I'll see you around in chat.

  7. #22942011-12-30 03:07:32AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Well since the old one is gone, I might as well introduce myself again. I joined sometime around the end of last month. I guess I can get used to the new site but I miss the old one. Anyway, I'm 16, live in Alabama, and want to be friends with everyone. Nice to meet everyone again!

  8. #148652012-02-27 20:25:33loploplopl said:

    I am loploplopl. I joined a few months ago. I live in Maine (USA) and my full name is Seth Joseph Poulen Gerber-Jones. I am constantly ignored (I don't mind it t all) and this introduction feels like a AA meeting.