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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #642602013-10-05 01:58:52Mikoto_Suoh said:

    Hey everyone nice to meet you all I am Mikoto (took on the name after K project) and I am from Canada. This sight seems really cool and everyone seems to be pretty nice so hopefully we can all have fun haha.

  2. #644522013-10-10 07:14:05MrTingles said:

    Welcome, new folks. Don't forget to check the FAQ and whatnot, in order to have a better time here~

    And if you have any further questions, feel free to contact any of us mods!

  3. #644952013-10-12 04:16:29NidTheBard said:

    Hello, I guess I am suppose to talk about me. Nothing too interesting, just another teenager who enjoys anime and video games. Also, Nid is what I go by, the name is based off of my D&D character I play.

  4. #644972013-10-12 08:29:09Jindo said:

    I decided to make a comeback. I been here since the old times like 3 years ago I suppose, but I think I need to re-introduce myself. My name is Jindo. Probably only 1-2 people will know me since I am not sure if any of my old acquaintances or friends are active anymore. So Hello.

  5. #645042013-10-12 16:04:35Saphiran said:

    H..Hello im Saphiran im 15 years old and from England... I....umm.. I love Anime, manga and Drawing ... please take care of me >w<

  6. #646592013-10-16 15:06:34LizzieLee said:

    Hello everybody I'm Elizabeth age 12 and from England :) I Love Vocaloids, Music, Anime, Manga, Drawing, and Boys! <3

  7. #646992013-10-18 13:38:52rheill said:

    hi guys. i see the old members are still here. darkchaplain and cbsky and others.... well. im rheill. formerly im ledy.

    but ill always be wynn

  8. #650112013-10-26 20:29:28NidTheBard said:

    @Saphiran That's adorable!! I bet you'll be fine on here, everyone seems pretty nice. But, that's just all of who I've seen.

    @LizzieLee I find it interesting that a twelve year old girl has found her way on here. May want to be careful, not that I'm saying anyone here is a pedo, but better age than sorry.

    Also, I find it interesting that you are both from England. You guys should find out if you live near one another and hang out or something. Sorry if I seem forceful, I just love English accents...

  9. #651232013-10-30 03:12:39MersaClair said:

    Hi, there! I'm not really very new, but it's been a few years since I've been here. I used to be called TanuTan if anyone remembers me. I'm 18 now and glad to be back.

  10. #651252013-10-30 05:48:01kodoku_kaze said:

    Hi, everyone I'm kodoku. I really wanted to get back on a forum after the dollars closed recently. But I didn't get a chance to do so, until now. Anyways I live in the U.S, and enjoy anime, manga, etc. This site looks cool, and I'm excited to be a part of it. I look forward to having fun, and making friends! ^_^

  11. #652192013-11-01 19:20:17olivaisfire1997 said:

    ...I should've noticed this thread a long time ago...Umm, hey I'm olivaisfire1997, I'm portuguese and so is a third of my username, I'm 15 years old, for now, I like classic literature and music. I'm kind of a weird guy, but still overall friendly, I like mostly all kind of Anime I encounter, still not much of a manga reader, don't know why. Oh and I got interested in this site because it seemed a fun and active community. So yeah I guess that's it, hope we can all get along.

  12. #652542013-11-02 05:21:19Nemuyo said:

    Hi, I'm new around here. Kind of bored looking for a time passer around here. I love butts. I have a butt and smell fetish. If you smell good or have a really nice ass. I love you. I also really like cats. I have a calico called Mocha. I'm Nem or Nemu is fine too. Nice to meet you all.

  13. #653212013-11-03 04:14:26myBara said:

    Domo~ I'm new to this ^^~ I got interested of dollars cuz of Durarara! LOL my life is deprived x3 My name is Tai~ I'm looking for something to pass time. I'm 18 I like majority of us I like anime and video games. I like puppies :3 Nice to Meet ya ♥