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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #306502012-06-22 01:12:55Zefferno said:

    Im zefferno, call me zeff, I have been on this site since 2010? i believe, I lurk a lot, I like manga, and some anime, and now im trying to read real books.

    Please treat me well

  2. #306552012-06-22 01:37:57 *shafnat said:

    SHAFNAT NAUFAL ROZAN. I AM 14 YEARS OLD.. i forgot to press caps lock once again. by the way,i'm not new. i've been here since about 8 months ago.

  3. #306562012-06-22 01:39:18 *Mau said:
    Hi, I'm not new.
    My name is Maudia, and I like two things.
    Foodporn and butts.
    Good day.

    /bumping thread for newbies.

    3 years later : Sweet baby Jesus the second hand embarrassment from this is real.
  4. #339622012-07-22 16:36:12Ethernal said:

    Hey! Iam olso new in this site, althought I had an acc in the old CL but I didnt use it a lot. So, Iam Ethernal, 19 years old and living in Germany, Berlin (but my deutsch is not so good so plz write in english) Well I love anime,games,Japanese culture,manga,music. Hoping to find some friends here :)

  5. #394702012-09-26 22:28:35 *Wolfangle said:

    Hey, im Wolfy, the one and only... Fuck my username..NiQQa, im Wolfy

    Try to steal my place, and I will cut your arm off. ;3 hi there


  6. #415712012-10-30 16:54:19--------- said:

    By the suddeness of the moment I found myself upon this page from previously viewing pictures of hamsters. I at first had thought the viewed site to hold some interest of mine, despite the seemingly horrid community, and so decided to join. Thinking it to be the polite thing to do, I determined to introduce myself. "Hello, I am ---------. If you must use a shorter name for me, I'd prefer the nicknames Hyphen","Dash","Minus" or simply "-". I tend to write in past tense as if this were a story." I said, and as waiting for replies were something I deemed silly, I began working on something else, actually work.

  7. #417152012-11-02 05:30:09BboyNoblesse said:

    Hey I'm BboyNoblesse, or Bboy, or Stephen, or Steve, or Dick. I'm fairly new, I just registered today. I saw that there were a bunch of new people here also, so I decided to post an introduction. My main hobby is cigar smoking while doing long walks on the beach, but I also dabble in violent masterbation.

  8. #488502013-02-21 05:49:25abandonedstreets said:

    hey there, i guess im meant to say im new, and in all honesty i have no idea why im joining it just seemed like a good idea at the time (the time being now). i have no idea what im doing.

  9. #497182013-03-04 09:34:14SnipeKrow said:

    Heyo there~ I'm SnipeKrow, Krow for short. Otherwise you can call me Nero, Gory, Blue, or whatever the hell ya want! So anyways, just another newfag around her to crowd up the place, gomen haha. Im 19 from America. My skype is Gory1776. Hoping to meet some pretty bomb people, so hit me up yo! Lates peeps ;P