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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #861862015-01-10 21:34:58Yumei said:

    Hello~ My name is Yumei My likes are Anime, like Durarara and Naruto, Sleep, Food and my laptop. My dislikes are snobby people and the word bae~ I hope we can be friends. ^^ See ya!

  2. #861882015-01-10 23:06:58keni said:

    hi!! i've had this account since 2010 and i used to be active here for like one month until i forgot all about it, until now. im 17 years old and from sweden, nice to meet y'all!

  3. #862272015-01-11 23:32:45matX34 said:

    Hi, I'm Mat, I use this oldschool username since 2008, so ther's just one matX34 on all the web, and it's me! :-) I'm here to meet, talk about animation and share with people of the entire world. For personal information I'm from the southern France and I'm 15. See U on the chat! :-)

  4. #862842015-01-13 21:11:46Warlock said:

    Welcome to our site! Take the time to look at our User Guide if you're unsure of anything, and to read the Rules. Other than that, most importantly, have fun in chat and on the forum!

  5. #864762015-01-19 03:33:30kuroKame said:

    Hi!!!!! kuroKame desu~ I'm just looking for fellow anime lovers to share my passionate love for anime and manga! I'm so excited about joining this! I'll be in your care! m(_ _)m

  6. #864902015-01-19 14:47:50Kathy said:

    Hello!I'm Kathy from China.I really love catoons. I'm learning both Japanese and English now.Glad to meet you all!

  7. #865642015-01-22 02:06:16Shoobie_122 said:

    hello~! I'm new here, I hope I can fit in well. I can't say much about myself. I'm 21, I enjoy animus and i'm basically going to college atm. Hopefully i'll still have time to stay on here and make new friends. I also vidya games and watching stupid youtube videos.

  8. #866372015-01-23 20:40:10 *gramo said:

    Hi I'm new, obviously. But ... to warn you beforehand.. I on the one side am passionate about a good argument if I posses the required knowledge about it in english. It's a shame for me not being as well as I'd like in this language, for I think it is a bloooming beautiful one. The other side is just utter silence.

    I like cats. I like me. I like stuff. :P

  9. #866382015-01-23 20:57:06olivaisfire1997 said:

    @gramo Oh, wow, I also like me! That is just so cool that we both adore me so much, it makes me happy to see someone with such amazing taste.

    Anywho, welcome to CL, an argument about anything is guaranteed to pop up anywhere, so I hope you have fun here!

  10. #866452015-01-24 04:10:18Hatter said:

    Hello everybody I'm kinda new to the community side but I've been a user for quite long but being the fact that I was mostly inactive this time I guess I should present myself as a new user. I like trains...and food please be gentle guys.

  11. #866942015-01-25 03:59:13Warlock said:

    @Hatter welcome. We've already talked a bit, and I'm glad you're still here. Got any questions, just ask me or a moderator, and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction. Cheers!

  12. #866732015-01-24 19:36:16 *gramo said:

    @olivaisfire1997 Santé my fellow self-devoted companion. Indeed I am delighted as well, being granted the skirmish of a person with such amazing taste as you. Sure I'll find some fun here :) Thank you fellow human <3

  13. #867282015-01-26 00:57:07Gicessi said:

    Hey!!~ I'm Gicessi, and i speak spanish and english... someday i'll be speaking more languages :3... Well, i wanted to try something similar from Durarara's Dollars Web site, So, nice to meet you everyone.

  14. #867342015-01-26 04:48:41Warlock said:

    Welcome @Gicessi. Glad you took the time register! Hope the site meets your expectations. If you have any questions, just ask me or a Moderator, and we'll be happy to help you.

  15. #867532015-01-26 08:36:42 *Warlock said:

    @Gicessi Well, for the most part, it's pretty similar. We have a forum, and we have a chat. However, our forums and chat are a bit different than theirs. To enter chat, just click the button, at the top of the page, and you're already using the forum. So, I think you have a good handle on things so far.

  16. #868152015-01-27 10:18:08vetalsmile said:

    Hello=) I'm vetalsmile and my country is Belarus (just google) =D. I rlly love manga and anime, indi-rock and some kinds of metal music. Hope that i'll find some friends here.

  17. #869212015-01-30 20:46:02 *Warlock said:

    Belarus wow. How did you find out about us? Also, welcome! I really hope you enjoy your time here. Bug me or another staff member if you have any questions!

  18. #868942015-01-29 22:11:17Daicchi said:

    Hello I'm Daicchi. I also love anime and manga and video games. I hope to meet new people who share my interests!

  19. #869202015-01-30 20:44:19 *Warlock said:

    @Daicchi Welcome to the site and make yourself at home. We've got some interesting members, so I'm sure you'll find some that have similar interests to yourself.