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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #869282015-01-31 02:25:20AkariTsugaya said:

    Umm name is Akari Tsugaya and...well this is my first time being on a social website.

    I'm 14 and Australian...and...well... anime and drawing and...umm...sorry, but I don't really know what to say! Well, I hope I can talk to some nice people soon, I already met two really good people on here: Dark-B and Johtoh, If you guys are reading this t-thankyou so much...

    And, I'm not sure how to add friends yet and what's the things about the crushes? But I hope that I chat to everone soon enough and becomes friends!!

    Akari Tsugaya

  2. #871002015-02-04 19:34:31Warlock said:

    @AkariTsugaya Welcome to our site. I hope you try out chat, and enjoy the forum. If you have any questions, just ask me or any staff member, and we'll gladly help you out!

  3. #869392015-01-31 22:11:05l_KIRA_l said:

    Здрасьте. Ну, как и некоторые. Я не особо знаю что писать. Мне 14, я белоруска. На подобном сайте впервые, немного стремно, но хочется познакомится с новыми людьми) Читаю книги, из музыки предпочитаю в основном рок. Манга, аниме. Рисую, а еще я немного социофоб, именно поэтому сейчас здесь. Интересуюсь пожалуй всем с чем не знакома. В общем прошу любить и жаловать+__+

  4. #869952015-02-02 15:37:09Yiev said:

    Hi, I'm Yiev. I also do like anime & manga.... And food! :P It's my first time joining webchat but I hope I could get along well. :)

  5. #871012015-02-04 19:36:14Warlock said:

    @Yiev Well, I think most of us like food hahah! But yeah, we have a good bit of members who love anime & manga. Enjoy the forum and chat, and if you have any questions just ask.

  6. #871902015-02-08 02:07:24DevilInHeadphones said:

    Hello! I used to be apart of this forum a few years ago, so it's been a while and I'd like to introduce myself to the community again! I can't seem to remember my old account here, but I used to go by Izzy here, though now I typically go by Shiro. I'm 18 years old with too much free time, and hope to spend some time here making new friends and getting re-acquainted with this site! This site lead me to meet a lot of my best online friends and get into some great fandoms, and I sincerely hope to meet more people and find more amazing things!

  7. #873562015-02-12 08:34:26Warlock said:

    Yo! Enjoy yourself, and I hope you like the forum and chat. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

  8. #873552015-02-12 08:33:09Warlock said:

    @mary17chan Hello! It's a pleasure to meet you. If you have any questions feel free to ask me or staff. I hope you keep enjoying the site and what we have to offer. I mean the radio hahah!

  9. #873572015-02-12 08:36:08Warlock said:

    Yes, you're doing it right hahah! I hope you like our community, and take the time to get to know as many of us as possible. Feel free to ask staff or myself about anything as well!

  10. #874282015-02-15 19:16:55KirbyWinz said:

    Hello! A friend mentioned this site to me and it sounded fun. I am a big anime/manga and video game fan with a pretty wide interest in both categories. I have a bunch of other interests as well but those are the big ones. I look forward to meeting people :)

  11. #874452015-02-16 11:41:59 *Johtoh said:

    Welcome! You'll come to find most of us our soulless and feast on the souls of the living! (particularly newborns) :D

  12. #875442015-02-23 06:27:49Warlock said:

    Friends telling friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope we keep you interested, and that you stick with us. We definitely have a lot of people on here who love anime/manga/video games. I'm sure you'll fit in, and if you have any questions, then please ask!

  13. #874692015-02-17 21:51:55ChrisTea said:

    Hi guys, Im JustChrisTea or Christea

    Im a uk cosplayer and I love anime and manga! Im new to this site! Im currently entered in a cosplay contest (picture with the most likes wins)

    thats the link to my picture, if you have time it would be amazing if you could like it, im currently in second place! <3 I look forward to chatting with you all! <3

  14. #874762015-02-18 00:52:37MrTingles said:

    Hey, welcome to CL. I hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to check out our User Guide and FAQ if you have any questions!

  15. #875162015-02-20 09:47:25Jacek said:

    Welcome to CL. Be sure to check out the user guide, rules, and FAQ at the bottom of the screen. Any questions/concerns can be sent to staff. Enjoy yourself.

  16. #875432015-02-23 06:25:40Warlock said:

    Hey, welcome to our community! Stick around, and hope you enjoy yourself. Feel free to ask staff or myself anything if you have a question!

  17. #876682015-03-01 16:31:40Tiacchi said:

    Hiii I'm new here, still getting used to everything, sooo if I'll need help, pls help the lost potato O-O Anyway I'm 16, girl, and I enjoy watching anime, reading manga, drawing and playing volleyball. I hope we'll get along well! ^-^

  18. #876732015-03-01 19:54:04Warlock said:

    Hey, welcome to our community. Thanks for taking the time to join. Looks like you're already fitting in so far, but if you have any questions feel free to ask staff or myself, and we'll help you to the best of our abilities. We do have many members who like to watch anime, read manga, and draw. So hopefully you'll run into them sooner or later.

  19. #876802015-03-01 20:48:36Jacek said:

    I read "16" "girl" and "fujoshi." I think at least you and I will get along just fine.

    Welcome to CL. Warlock has already said the boring shit. Have fun.

  20. #877382015-03-03 06:44:43KaliVenom said:

    Hi I'm not new but I have been on this site in ages... I'm kali venom I'm 21 y/o girl. I used to watch alot of anime and read Manga and play computer games but then life kicked my ass into becoming an adult and haven't had much time for any of it but I hope to come here more often and meet people who share my interests :)

  21. #877482015-03-03 15:21:09Jacek said:

    Welcome back. I also hope you'll come here more often and meet some of the newer members. As usual, questions/concerns can be PM'd to staff.

  22. #877792015-03-05 04:50:06nosensei said:

    Hello It seems like not a lot of people go this website anymore, I used to go on here years ago for the chat buuut...I hope to have fun on this website and I hope its not abandoned hahahaha

  23. #878602015-03-08 21:24:08 *Smoothy said:

    ey yo whuts gucci mah diggas. FOunds dis hood from mah animu community lel. I'll be popin's in dis bitch for teh meantime