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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #977152016-01-18 18:30:29Inia said:

    Hello, everyone. I came here from the googles. This place looked interesting, so I thought I'd join.

  2. #977462016-01-19 22:46:40Koushiro said:

    @Inia welcome to the family! Feel free to ask anything and check the guide's out! I am a nice person! If you wanna know me more, just click my name! See you!

  3. #980112016-01-24 23:01:27Maryam said:

    I think this is like my 3rd or 4th time posting in this thread and none of them were even somewhat written seriously but here goes:

    My name is maryam nice to meet you. Let's do this.

  4. #981052016-01-25 23:48:02yungestsenpai said:

    Hey, I'm yungestsenpai. Im 17, living in Cairo and im a guy. I've never used a forum, or chat room or anything social online. Kinda looking to try this since it seems kinda fun.

    I obviously like anime and very little manga although I am building a bookshelf of manga. I do like to talk to people a bunch. I fangirl a bunch about shows i like (mainly monogatari) so if i drive you insane I really am sorry.

  5. #981462016-01-26 19:53:52Inia said:

    @yungestsenpai - I'm pretty well versed in the internet. If you have any questions, whether they feel "stupid" or not, feel free to message me. I even create picture walk-throughs so that you know what you're looking at. It can feel overwhelming when you don't know the lingo or functions.

  6. #984212016-01-30 12:17:11That1Guy said:

    Hello there, I'm that one guy who is always chilled out, you can talk to me about anything i'll give you all sorts of advises, they could be tough but a decision with something positive in it is always the right choice. I'm here to have a good time! Lets get along kono-yaro ;) Peace.

  7. #984902016-01-31 12:23:45Kinnear said:

    To post a reply to another post, click the date above the post and then reply to that.

    Also, welcome to CL. I'm Duane. We'll get along.

    P.S: Spent 5 minutes looking for this when I saw you in chat, butyou were gone before I could send it. xP

  8. #985112016-02-01 03:01:05ID_Tuner said:

    This looks like the right place to post my introduction according to the rules, so here:

    I am ID_Tuner. Username Sounds strange, I know.

    I am 26 years of age, and live in the northwestern region of the United States. I write fanfiction in my free time (though I"ve had a block for a while) and am hoping to make a video series on my fics similar to what MyogiWarrior34 did with Speed Legend/Supido no Densetsu (I hope I spelled that right! Sorry If I didn't!)

    I also really enjoy talking about cars and racing! I'm a die-hard fan of both Initial D and Wangan Midnight! Wish they'd bring the Arcade Stage and Maximum Tune arcade machines to the states! >_<

    Anyways, that's me in a nutshell.

  9. #988402016-02-07 09:00:27Gesu-ko said:

    Hey, I'm Gesu-ko (formerly Corabelle though nobody probably remembers me). It's pretty dead on this site nowadays...

  10. #989362016-02-09 08:55:59Ulgrim said:
    Hey guys am new Ul

    I like anime and mangas. Hope i can along with you guys and i actually joined coz i like durarara :D
  11. #989722016-02-09 21:44:56KidKonno said:

    Hi I'm KidKonno Just joined because I saw something similar on Durarara!! and it seems like a cool place to hang out. Just here to chill and make friends. I'm 16 and from the USA.

  12. #991762016-02-14 04:11:56 *DunnDolo said:

    Sup guys. Im DunnDolo (pronounced "done" not "dune") and I was looking for a new site to chillax on since the other anime site I was on died when new owners bought it and didnt know what the hell they were doing sobs

    Anyways i explained everything you need to know about me in my profile and its too long to repeat lolz.

    Im just looking to have fun, joke around and have some good discussions, so hopefully i can meet some good companions up here. Thanks for having me.

  13. #992572016-02-15 03:19:10Discourteously said:

    Welcome back or Welcome in general! Well to the Colorless. The faceless, aimless, community of misfits who fit in perfectly with each other.

    Haven't been around in a while?
    Suggestions? Letters of adoration? Contempt? Contact staff here!

    And lastly, forum and chat rules can be found here towards the end of the page - and any link I mentioned above could probably be found within this link as well.

    Discuss. And erm, hello all of my old friends! I've moved around a bit, still a neet posing as a regular human.Still in NY. Currently enrolled in a culinary course in Soho whilst working certain nights as a gravekeeper at Calvary Cemetery (come spook me!)

    (I've picked up some vices, don't judge me! :3)

    And to the new members/friends, I love you. If you look closely at pic above is a Colorless badge.In fact, I feel like I was one of the few that actually took the Colorless to heart - I didn't have many friends and just wanted to feel a part of something so unique - an invisible community.

    Hell, my even close CL friends or those who remember that rather embarrassing thread where I actually dated another CL member irl... who was basically a stalker...anywho-

    So, new members that still carry on the torch, I thank you. From the depths of my heart.

    It's been quite the while since I've been here haha! I look forward to just seeing how much this place as changed and grown in the past 6 years. Again, welcome! I

    (@Yotsuba @Spooky @ anyone else I'm forgetting, please, lets catch up!)
  14. #994562016-02-19 15:27:00 *Freeze4life said:

    Hey Guys ...I am just a freeezy guy who loves anime ,novels ,manga, cats, games and everything fun...I Love to have fun and spending time with people and making new friends it doesnt matter what their tastes are... Anyways If u r still around after reading that i guess it would be fun to know you Arigato

    and btw Sweets n Cool Drinks be life cuz i am freezify

  15. #994722016-02-20 01:31:47Blush said:

    woah hiya :O I'm blush from ireland. I hardcore pokemon and anime&manga. Love drawing and i'll be study animation coming September. I'm super new and i hope to make a ton of frands so message me whenever :)

  16. #996542016-02-26 01:26:11Anchored_Sea said:


    It's pretty cool to see people from all over the world posting.

    I mean, the net's already worldwide, but this is like a condensed version of it all.

    》》It's nice to meet everyone.

  17. #997222016-02-28 05:00:05Tadashi said:

    Hello. May name is Tadashi. I am 17. I am half Swedish on my father's side and a quarter Korean and a quarter Japanese on my mother's. I live in Hawaii. Anime is not really a huge part of my life but it's what brought me here. My hobbies include disassembling and reassembling various appliances such as computers, phones, watches, cars, and the occasional malfunctioning dishwasher. I plan on majoring in Aeronautical engineering, but I also have in interest in robotics. I am also an avid gamer and I enjoy playing all types of games, from MMO's to telltale games. I hope to meet some good friends here. Thank you.