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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #1061562016-08-14 15:03:14chalice said:

    -glares at lowkey- we'll settle this later. But welcome to CL you nugget! :D (also tell me about NYC, that's a demand not a request).

  2. #1063852016-08-22 21:35:27lnhackcurtis said:

    Hello! Just FYI, I'm not good at this whole introduction thing. But I guess I'll give a bit of info.

    My name is lnhackcurtis, but you can call me by my first name, Leah, and I live in Nebraska (USA)! I love anime and reallyyy need to start reading more manga :3 But I'm really excited to meet a ton of new people. :D

  3. #1064562016-08-26 04:14:21 *saeki said:

    hello, saeki here~ (*´╰╯`๓)♬

    saeki loves reading light novels and fanfiction and manga and doujinshi. is currently learning nihonese and using that as an excuse to watch anime (๑>؂•̀๑)✌

    よろしくお願いします~ saeki hopes we can get along !!

  4. #1070732016-09-18 03:00:29Kro said:

    Hi hi! I am Kro, not realy new to the Dollars as a whole since been hanging around many different Dollars groups, buuuuuuuut I am new to this website so pleased to meet you :3 I am 17 and well, you don't really need to know the rest do you? ;) xD You could always ask me though

  5. #1071862016-09-23 00:41:15timberwolf15 said:
    hello, I'm timberwolf, but u can just call me wolfie, I like anime, and I am a huge gamer, I'm really great at English, but I'm going thru a really lonely time, so I'm hoping to make some friends. :3
  6. #1072632016-09-25 08:37:51 *Parkam said:

    Hi there, I'm Parkam and my friends call me Yoji.

    I'm 18 and currently reside in Carson City. (This is all you need to know.)

    Anyways, this place seems pretty neat so I'm looking forward to meeting you all. :)

  7. #1073302016-09-28 05:07:23Richy said:
    I am Richy. I just joined. I live in Idaho (USA). I don't have many friends to talk to. So and my full name is Richy J. Hobson
  8. #1075772016-10-14 00:40:12Spice said:

    Hi I'm spice but my real name is Courtney! I'm 20, live in Washington, and I love dogs! I also like lattes and I'm learning to brew them myself. Hope to get to know you all ✌️

  9. #1075962016-10-14 23:04:17 *Balder said:

    Hi! I'm Storm, student & Norwegian. (Short summary: nerd who like to thinks she is sporty.) I was active here a couple of years ago (as 'Storm')- but forgot my old password. So here is the new me, vola!