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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #1080602016-11-15 16:21:10furanfurai said:

    Herrow I'm new. My name is furanfurai and I like Pizza. Also, Farris is a retard :3 Oh yeah, and I like playing MMOS like Aion or GW2, also WoW. Cats and all other kinds of fluffy animals are love. My dream is to become a real memelord one day!

  2. #1081212016-11-19 09:13:02NightWolf said:

    Hello everyone, I'm Night Wolf. Please call me Night. This feels oddly like a support group thing to do.. I am 100% female please don't confuse my name with that. Um, nice to meet y'all.

  3. #1085832016-12-30 01:22:12Misaki_Yata said:

    I'm Misaki Yata! Of course that's not my real name, but it's my favorite anime character so I went for it! I'm just a 16 yearold otaku with way to much time so I come on here! XD

  4. #1085902016-12-30 07:22:52Remi said:

    Good evening, it's been centuries since I've been active on any type of forum, but I look forward to meeting you all. You can call me Remi.

  5. #1086422017-01-03 13:09:18Kei_ said:

    You may know me, you may not.Name is Kei, joined long ago tho I didn't know what I was doing so hello now. Hope to make good friends. Nice to meet y'all^^

  6. #1088032017-01-16 20:47:02usuka said:

    Hiya! The name is Rachel. 17/USA. All I do these days is draw and roleplay. I enjoy wasting hours of my life just fooling around on TvTropes and obscure cult sites. Nice to meet ya'll.

  7. #1088842017-01-22 03:46:35Luciase said:

    @Gintatas Welcome to the site got any questions, concerns throw em out the window your now one of us, dont worry we dont bite well i do but it wont hurt much after you lose your soul :P

  8. #1088942017-01-23 07:06:56KeraVX said:

    Hi I'm Kera. Nice to meet ya all :) I'm from Poland so my English isn't too good.

    Hope to have interesting conversations here :D

  9. #1089052017-01-24 06:35:53KeraVX said:

    @shafnat Well in Poland Kera has no meaning (it's based on my irl name xD), but good to know about Indonesia ;) Also monkey it's ok animal (I think) :D