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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #1108782017-05-30 02:38:34EvoRulz said:

    @Eseru oh sweet! :D thanks for taking up the offer! by the way if you click the date and time above a post you can make a sub post like so~ keeps things lookin neat :3 but dont worry this is the #1 thread that people learn the trick on haha ^_^

  2. #1109232017-05-31 06:24:53Tokumei_Yujin said:

    Hey yo, everyone! I just remembered this community existed! Heard about it awhile back, but anyways.. I'm Tokumei, and I loooove, loove anime, manga, video games, you name it! I just enjoy Japan and nerd culture as a whole. I'm really glad this is here so I can chat with people who also share some, or all, of these interests. Welp, enough rambling, I suppose. Glad to be here!

  3. #1110112017-06-05 22:36:32 *__fly_on_the_wall said:

    Well, I think I need to introduce myself...

    I'm a fly, in the wall, that tries to see and listen to everything (I just realized that this intro is just creepy).

    To be honest, there's not much to know about me, I'm a curious guy, that tries to grab knowledge about anything that piques my interest. Feel free to contact me if you enjoy programming and stuff.

  4. #1114912017-07-20 04:22:16PYLAAM said:

    Hello everyone! Not really sure what to say but I'm pylaam and im from virginia, usa. I love reading books and daydreaming. It's nice to meet all of you ⁿ_ⁿ

  5. #1115222017-07-24 04:57:45Almondjoy said:

    It's Almond!!

    Hey so according to my name I'm just hard on the outside and a basket case inside, but I'm actually none of that. The names Almond b'cuz I didn't use to be sturdy but now I am-of course i'm still breakable. Who isn't (excluding fiction and myth)? Anyways, I don't actually read manga or watch enough anime to become a die hard fangirl, I know the basics. I just wanna be inn this chat because people like you hold a passion and I wanna try it out ^ ^

  6. #1116412017-08-02 02:49:24MakiMaki said:

    Hello my name is Maki...all I'm gonna say is that my name is Maki. =] (Kinda mysterious right?) anyways my name is Maki :3

  7. #1116432017-08-02 04:21:37shafnat said:

    Wow theres a lot of new member coming in and out. just want to tell you, if you found out the chat is dead, it's just dead for a while, you can come back later and see the dead chat again. there is 1/3 chance you'll see the chat is alive but well, you can have fun scrolling down the forum and bump any thread you find you'll fit in. Welcome!

  8. #1116772017-08-06 23:43:16Akane-chan_-w- said:

    Hi! This site is a lot like the old one I use to use ^w^. I'm Akane-chan~ I love anime and manga, don't mind gory stuff. Books are okay too. I live in the US and I hope we can be friends!

  9. #1117492017-08-18 08:14:57AirSoft said:

    Привет, я тоже новенькая. Живу в России, в небольшом городке. Я увлекаюсь тем же ,чем и многие из вас. Хотелось бы найти здесь много новых друзей))

  10. #1117872017-08-24 20:38:18 *cyanners said:

    Hello! You can call me cyanners.
    I'm from Texas/America YEEHAW
    My big interests are: Anime, CSGO, League and MarioKart if anyone wants to game than hit me up.
    I heard about this forum a couple months ago and finally got around to looking at some posts, making an account. This forum looks pretty nice so I think i'll hang out for awhile.