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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #597932013-06-22 21:27:15Reage said:

    hahahah this is fun! I'm Reage nice to meet you! I'm an otaku, and... pleas ignore my terrible spelling from now on I'm a frickin grammar jew!

  2. #605532013-07-08 13:39:50muckoanggono said:
    I'm technically new, I just didn't see this thread until now.
    My name is Nicko. People here call me Mucko, or Maggie, or Mango.
    I don't really care anymore, you can call me whatever you like... limited to one word.
  3. #605962013-07-08 23:04:28mate said:
    hey everyone!
    actually I prefer hiding my real name just call me mate. I want to have some friends to talk about anime with so a friend of mine suggested me to come here.
    hope I can be friends with you!
  4. #605982013-07-09 00:02:21piemaster said:

    Hi! I opened this account years ago and forgot about it... but anyway, my name is tessa I would love to make some friends on here that love anime/video games and all that jazz as much as I do! :)

  5. #606572013-07-10 06:02:37coldchipsspoils said:

    Hi... I'm Coldchipsspoils... You can call me Chips for short...

    I'm just... looking for good conversation and seeing how this anime was I'm hoping to meet people who are interesting. C: Hit me up if you have something interesting to talk about!

  6. #606962013-07-11 00:02:11llenteng said:

    Hi! I'm Llenteng. Well, call me John.

    I was registered on this site twice. Haha. I just forgot those two accounts. Well, I kinda wanted to be active on something since I don't do much. I'm from the Dark Side of the World. Ho ho.

  7. #613442013-07-23 03:50:24KupidValentine said:

    Hello there fellow Noobs And Trolls who have nothing better to do then well troll lol The names Kupid, Im am new smh the word New reeks of Noob but we all start there smh anyway ASL 23/m/NY anyway enough of this boring stuff

  8. #615112013-07-24 00:01:22Trixcy said:

    Yarr. Why hello. Nothing better to do is right. Found my way here and thought 's good time as any to get active. Need to get rid of this boredom.