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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #624992013-08-12 15:39:30Hirasawa said:

    Oh....i am Hirasawa...i recently moved to Japan (Shinjuku) but sadly i will be moving on to the next city to reek havoc Indonesia~ I can barely speak indonesian....but i guess i will have to learn.

    I am easily irritable (by that I mean i piss people off really fast) but to be honest I am really fun~^.^.....See me around sometime...i will be the person using lots of "~~~~" and "nee"....ok?

    Ja nee......gotta go make Izaiza pissed~~

  2. #625542013-08-13 05:27:44Toku said:

    Hey All. I was going to use the name Denji, but it was always taken, so I used to the name of my AoW steam bun and alcohol shop (namely Toku Buns, but with just Toku). So call me Toku! 23 Male from Nowhere, U.S.A. Really, North Iowa is pretty much Nowhere. Anywho.I'm easily amused, I write and sing, also train with my sword Haru no Hanketsu (Zatoichi Haru). Play Go/Weiqi/Bunduk, horribly, though I've managed to train some people in the basics. That's about me! Also, thanks for the chat, I was always envious of the Dollars for such a sweet CR.

  3. #627242013-08-16 17:55:18 *Shedar said:

    Hello I'm Shedar as you can see and I'm back here after a long time and it feels really nostalgic but my old names are a secret

    yeah hi

  4. #629022013-08-23 09:48:02Ayeshunkid said:
    Hello! you can call me Aye.
    I'm Ivy and I'm a 15yr old female that lives in Sydney Australia.

    I enjoy anime and asian stuff A LOT~
    I'm really friendly and open to anyone. I don't bite(unless you're into that stuff) so please feel free to talk to me
  5. #631062013-08-30 10:30:18 *devilina_kaneris said:

    heloo my name is devilina_kaneris, you guys can call me everything, i don't care, but no bad nickname hehehehe but the way i'm Chinese and i'm 14, so nice to meet you all !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. #631182013-08-30 19:52:34Transpose said:

    Hello there! Joining because the community seems pretty awesome. I don't join very many forums or anything like that, but I believe that I will become a frequent visitor. I hope to be able to contribute to the community in some way or another. n_n

    I'm 20 years old and my name is Naoki, however you may refer to me as my handle if you wish. I enjoy art and programming. I'm an aspiring musician, but I love programming and the like as well of course. Hopefully one of these hobbies will become something I can live off of one day, but who knows. It's about all I'm good at though so if neither of them work out I'm screwed haha. Oh and I'm also a vegan. (Not that anyone cares or should care. xD)

    Of course I love anime and manga as well. I've also attempted writing my own books, but I always end up failing miserably. x3

    That's about all I can think of to say right now so may as well end it here. Hope to see you all around. n_n

  7. #633762013-09-06 20:52:51 *Zurako said:

    Hello~ I'm new here. The name's Zurako... ehh...I'm from California? I like anime and manga... and this site... IS SO COOL!!

  8. #634202013-09-08 01:08:37Aisawa_Eriko said:

    Hello there~ I'm Eri and it sounds like I'm from that group of super great people who are new because... Yup~! Well, what should I say? 16 years old, leaving somewhere great in the world (Yeah, you're totally right! DAT country ----> Ponyland) Don't fear to talk to Eri-sama, I don't bite, I give donuts <3 See ya all !

  9. #634882013-09-10 21:21:10VolkieVolks said:

    hi im volkie

    i believe in white supremacy and that the flower of the state of ohio is wonderful. i believe if we all pull together we can fix the wrongs of china and if we focus on school learnings we can bring back the economy of africa and america. also bring back jobs by volunteering at cat shelters because the us job market is bad.


  10. #639882013-09-27 10:25:24girts521 said:

    Hey, Iam actually not new to this site, but I havent been here for a while so I thought I would introduce myself. So my name is Girts and at this moment I am living in Germany but not sure for how long. Hope to see you all on threads or chat ;)

  11. #639992013-09-27 12:19:51girts521 said:

    @DarkChaplain well I were born in Latvia, then my parents moved to Germany while the situation in Latvia became worse but I moved to England instead, while I wanted to study there in university but it didnt work out, so I moved to my parents. After a year I decided to try one more time and study in another university. So I moved to the Netherlands and studied there for another year but unfortunately it didnt work out as well, so now Iam currently living in Germany with my parents again, but planing to try one more time :D