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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #209702012-04-05 06:09:18Chestnut_Rice said:

    I'm also a Chinese motherfucker, although I'm pretty sure genetically I'm mostly Manchu with other shit that my family can't be arsed to explain for a few generations now.

    Living in Vancouver, Canada at the moment. Diss any of my OTPs and I will break your skull open thank you berry machu. Also I'm a guy if there's any confusion. Dance Dance Revolution is the fucking best. That is all.

  2. #219692012-04-14 10:13:41 *pitabun said:

    Hello, I was invited here by a friend, he said he helps with this site a lot but won't tell me who he is. I thought you all looked kinda cool even though I don't like those anime shows so I signed up over at his house! He thought I was like a girl from one of his animes, so he set the avatar to be that girl. Dunno her name though, so it'd be awesome if you could tell me.

    He also said you guys dislike bad grammar here, and can get really mad for mispellings, so I hope I don't make you too angry. You'd die if you saw my facebook page.

    Nice to meet you all, you can just call me pita.

  3. #257692012-05-13 22:06:38BakaPoon said:


    Just joined... although been bugged to join for a while now... OneDollar... Ehem..

    im 17, like Anime & Games (not horror anime D:) From Thailand! nice to meet you ^^

  4. #257902012-05-13 23:51:42Maryam said:

    Hello everyone.

    I just joined yesterday so I'm rather new to this site. I hope I'll get along with everyone here.

    I really like Naruto and Shugo Chara is my favorite Anime of all time.

    I'm 27, male, and I am currently living with my mother (due to my financial situation) in Portland, Oregon.

  5. #258382012-05-14 11:57:59loploplopl said:

    I am going to re-introduce myself. I am loploplopl, I am not new, I have been here for 6 or 7 months. I don't post much and my chat has been broken (until recent, now it works!.) I have 2 friends on this site (I have no clue what their usernames are) so... yeah.

  6. #258402012-05-14 12:04:12 *Kuroba_Loki said:

    Hello, I'm wew and new in this site.

    Hello .________.

    I only abide by 2 rules: ~I'm always right ~If I'm wrong, refer to rule #1


  7. #280492012-06-01 13:17:34shironeko said:

    konnichiwa, I'm shironeko, 20 years old and I'm from Indonesia I love game, anime, and manga, and also anything from Japan, especially art

    btw, @Pirateness , have you found the password? its the same password like in the anime

  8. #283702012-06-03 17:50:22Kairna-kun said:

    Hello uh, I'm uh, new I guess. I'm Kairna. You can pretty much see me online with @kylitakinse handler, but I prefer to use Kairna here. Kai is my nickname / RL btw.

    Pleased to meet you everyone. I'm new here.

  9. #306502012-06-22 01:12:55Zefferno said:

    Im zefferno, call me zeff, I have been on this site since 2010? i believe, I lurk a lot, I like manga, and some anime, and now im trying to read real books.

    Please treat me well