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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #670372013-12-07 19:20:18Bluesomething said:

    Hey I'm Blue. I'm lazy so didn't really put that much into my profile yet. Already likin this site and will hang here often so, thanks for having me. I like humor and may occasionally say something stupid/tell a lame joke, feel free to point that out and tell me I'm annoying. Thanks4your time. Oh I also use made up words and obviously.....I talk a lot.

  2. #671752013-12-10 10:35:52 *abinit123 said:

    Hello im abinit123! It's good to meet you guys! There is not much to say except I am an anime and manga fanatic. I also love games, but mostly PC. Anyway I hope to get on well with everyone and become an excepted member of CL! (sorry about doing this a bit late) I'm 16 (17 in a couple of days) from England

  3. #674022013-12-18 07:51:32yashika411 said:

    Hi, I'm Yashika I came on the site ages ago as well. I am also from Australia. So Yeah! I love anime, manga and video games.

  4. #674062013-12-18 10:03:55King_Kazma said:

    Yo. I'm Kazma, i've been travelling the internet in search of good forums to join. This seems like one. I'm 18, from canada, and a huge anime/manga fan. Nice to meet you all!

  5. #675492013-12-22 01:25:24Rebel said:

    Sup Strangers, I'm from DollarsBBS site... I've only found out about this earlier on this same day, and WOW this site looks awesome compared to my old site... I hope to meet Nice awesome bros and chicks on CL and help make the world a better place...not to worry I've just finished reading the FAQ and README and The CL User Guide... so I'm on an OK track on this site... peace nerds, strangers, bros and chicks

  6. #677732013-12-27 20:14:15Shaoln_Master said:

    I did need an introduction. Late but what ever. My goal here is obvious as anyone else's. Badges and social networking peers. So far I'm at 0 percentile. But that will change soon. Feel free to add me or at malikcc.mcc@gmail.com

  7. #677992013-12-29 12:38:01bakahodokemono said:

    Hi, people. My username is bakahodokemono but you can call me Ouji. I don't know what to do here. I just signed up without having any motivation. I watch animes and read manga but I don't think I'm an otaku. I play Stepmania, FIDE Online Arena, and I'm a 4-level solver in Project Euler. I wish I can find something fun to do here. (P.S. bakahodokemono comes from Baka-Aho-Odoke-mono. Yes, there's nothing important about it)

  8. #679202014-01-03 02:44:38m_animosity said:

    Hello. I had an account on here a while ago but I forgot the password after not logging on for a while so here's a new one. :P 17 from Canada, just call me "Ani" Nice to meet you all.

  9. #684632014-01-13 21:47:29Snowyeti said:

    Hello Everyone! I just came across this site and I thought I'd give it a try. I'm 27/F/California. I usually go by Yeti in MMO's. My favorite anime of late is One Piece, Oreimo, Stella Women's Academy, and Attack on Titan. I also have an appreciation for old school anime too and am a big fan of Osamu Tezuka. Other passions: WoW, Joss Whedon, Archery, Art and my bunny Fiona. ;p

  10. #688212014-01-20 20:18:10Mobile_Phone said:

    Hello. This is Mobile Phone, also known as Phonesy. I'm just introducing myself instead of ghosting the empty halls and watching as anon.

  11. #690662014-01-25 10:19:06 *eicler said:

    hey everyone, I'm eicler and it's a pleasure to be here :D I'm here to talk about games and anime and stuff. Pleased to meet you!

  12. #692392014-01-27 20:19:50MikaItsuki said:

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site. I was just typing into my laptop and this came up so i decided to click it. I am a member of the dollars-bbs site and have been for almost 2 years now. I'm into anime, manga, skateboarding, and supernatural. I'm here to make friends with same interests as me. Its a pleasure to meet you all.

  13. #692432014-01-27 20:46:31--Jack-- said:

    @MikaItsuki Glad to see a new member! But I'll let you know early: We aren't a fan of Durarara. We don't dislike the anime, it's just another anime to us. CL was a fan-based site a long time ago, but now we're an Anime/Gaming/othercrap community. And usually people who say things like "I'm in the Dollars" or "Lets make a Dollars group" tend to get flamed or disagreed with.

    In short: We're CL, not a fan-tribute. It's just that a lot of people think we're trying to be a recreation of The Dollars and it tends to annoy us.

    But we are a fun community unto ourself, so have fun!

  14. #692612014-01-28 11:38:52arnaK said:

    i'm emily and i live in Canada. it is currently -22 outside feeling like -33 with windchill where i am. i'm ready kms cuz i have to walk in this shit to get to my bus stop for exams. it's fucking 6:38 am and i fucking hate everything. fuck everything. it's too cold. fuck.