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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #693032014-01-29 03:09:13Rakari said:

    Hi everyone! I'm new in this site. I like anime, manga, videogames and read/writte fanfics. I hope to make new friends here! I speak Spanish and English (I'm still learning, so my writing is not perfect at all...), and I'm studying French... and English.. still...

  2. #695182014-02-02 02:08:26Ktarl said:

    Hello, everybody. Found this site more or less by accident and decided to join it. My hobbies include reading, drawing, anime, manga, video/boardgames...well you get the idea. I am from Germany, but have been living in Texas since 2005 now. Not sure what else to say at this point, but feel free to ask if there is anything you would like to know.

  3. #695192014-02-02 02:24:02Kuro_Yuki12 said:

    Hello I'm new to the website and want to know how this website works and hope to make some friends too. People can call me Kuro or just my full username. Thanks!!

  4. #695412014-02-02 21:50:02RedQueen said:

    Hello, I'm RedQueen but you can call me Red. I'm new here too. I like manga,games,books and cosplay. Maybe somebody already notice this but when I log in the chatroom I never say alot that's because I don't want to disturb others since I'm new.... So please don't think I'm strange^^;

    Anyway I'm 17 and I live in Italy. I joined after I finisched watching DRRR.

  5. #696932014-02-04 09:44:51Mikaze said:

    Hihi! Okay so I'm Mikaze and I'm new to this place and all so please take care of me or something like that! :D and um i guess if you want to know anything else you just ask? I don't bite! ^.^

  6. #698272014-02-08 01:19:29Hellow said:

    hey. I'm hellow. I'm into anime and music. I guess I'm a "closet" anime-lover. No one knows I watch anime. I don't have anyone I know near me thats into anime. So, I feel like an outcast. I'm 17, the states (east coast).

    funfact: When i was younger I thought "hello" was spelt with a w. xD

  7. #698342014-02-08 15:05:52Taro_Tanako said:

    Welcome to the CL @Hellow. Now we know your secret..mwuhahahaha..

    But srsrly, hope you have a great time here. Try lurking around chat for a bit to work out what's going on and who ppl are. It can be a pretty friendly and funny place.

  8. #698652014-02-09 18:41:16akochan said:

    Hello I'm akochan age 20 from Turkey.Here for meet new people who love anime and manga, also japanese culture.Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!

  9. #700112014-02-13 17:31:52Solis said:
    Hey, I'm Sol. I'm 22 years old and from New York. I'm awful at introductions so here's a bulleted list for your convenience:

    • I'm a digital artist.
    • I watch anime (though I haven't seen anything too recent).
    • I play video games (been playing Monster Hunter 3U mostly).
    • I joined this site back in '10 when it was still DRRR!-inspired, but I lost interest in the anime before it finished and never came back.
    I'm actual living trash.
  10. #702232014-02-18 17:01:27DeiSeven said:

    Hello, I just joined in today and...I like whatever these people said above...and I hope I will make some friends to talk about all sorts of things. -(^o^\ )

  11. #702822014-02-20 13:14:49Lazymonk said:

    Hello i'm LazyMonk you can call me Lazy or Monk does not matter really i'm to lazy to care :P. I live in Sweden 17 years old and i am pretty chill not much bothers me really so if you wanna talk msg me or smth :D.

  12. #706502014-02-27 07:17:30ScruffyPillows said:

    Hey guys, I'm Scruffy, and I'm pretty much a normal Otaku! If you really want to know something about me, I enjoy photography, anime, and pretty much scenic nature. So yea, that's about it. Anything else you want to know, do not hesitate to ask. ~Scruffy

  13. #707432014-03-01 18:26:45Rental said:

    Hi, I'm Rental a mix of Chinese, Malaysian, Thai and North American living in New York; mmm... I think I had a previous account on CL before, but don't remember the username. Hobbies: read short novels, light novels, books, manga; watch anime, movies; practice martial arts; photography; play rts and moba games and eh... that's all the info I'll provide here. Sorry for the failed introduction.

  14. #708922014-03-04 22:40:42UmiYuki said:


    I'm Umi! I pretty much go by this name throughout everything. Online games, role plays, FanFictions and etc. I am a full time college student and part time Substitute Teacher, believe that or not. As of this moment in time I am studying Game Art and Design which I have come to find out is actually just pretty much the jack of all trades haha!

    I actually found this site a while ago but I had completely forgotten about it thanks to the move to KY then back here to TX and then college hit me like a FrUking truck! But now that I have more time I decided to hunt this site back down to see if I can make friends... We shall see if my hardly talking mouth can make me some!

    Other than that I really don't have much to say... I suppose if you want to know anything else just ask, if not I shall go talk... Nope, stalk, the chat till I can get up the courage to talk haha.

    With lots of Love, Umi