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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #708942014-03-04 23:36:12 *Warlock said:

    @UmiYuki Welcome to our community. I hope you enjoy your stay, and that's a lot of interesting details about yourself. I'll also have my teaching degree once I graduate with a couple of other degrees. If you need anything, or have any questions, feel free to ask yo!

  2. #708962014-03-05 00:28:09UmiYuki said:

    @Warlock Thanks! I actually wasn't planning on going into teaching honestly but at this point it's really the only thing getting me through college! The kids in the city I work are... well pretty bad haha

  3. #709762014-03-06 03:22:13SuneChan said:

    Hello~ I'm SuneChan , you can call me Sune , I've had an account from three years ago -but I decided to comeback and make a new one ~

    I'm shy and awkward . I can't make a lot of new friends (to scared to talk to people irl ) ehhm I like anime and video games -I'm very nice and just a weird 15 year old

    I like cooking and enjoy reading manga ~ One day I wanna be a graphic designer for video games , and hope to live in Japan one day

    I'm happy to be back here ~

  4. #710912014-03-09 18:14:28ConquerorOfSleep said:

    HELLO BONJOUR KONNICHIWA ANNYEONGHASEYO HOLA GUTEN-TAG!! My name is Jay, the Conqueror Of Sleep! I'm 16, female and British. Do with that information what you will.

  5. #710922014-03-09 18:21:25ConquerorOfSleep said:

    After reading everyone else's posts, I felt the need to elaborate, since it seems as if my initial post was sorely lacking. I like anime, manga and other random things that I can't be bothered to think of right now. Oh, and I'm much too lazy for my own good. Gosh, I'm so new to this site (barely a few hours). Please take care of meeeeeeee!!

  6. #711172014-03-10 07:54:50Trib said:

    I'm pretty old to CL, since July, 2011, I went away a lot. I have never once posted anything on the forum till now, I have only ever stuck with the chat before. I plan to probably be here a good bit since I've started chatting to people again online. And since this is my first post I'm glad to say hello to everyone. I enjoy talking so ask me anything if you get the chance, I will always answer to the best of my abilities. Cya around.

  7. #712062014-03-13 04:11:40Domo said:

    The first time I saw you on chat, you called yourself a Chair God and I've associated that title to you for two years. Welcome back!

  8. #717192014-03-22 12:21:16JacquelineGraye said:

    Heellllloooo everyone! Just joined today and am having loads of fun on the website. for more info on me go to my portfolio! or profile ;p

    Introduction FINISHED

  9. #717202014-03-22 12:24:00AisuPrincess said:

    uhum.. Um hello? uff... takes courage Gooood Morning, afternoon and evening! My name is Aisu! I'm 18 from mauritius.. um.. i'm a girl.. I like anime, mangas, drawing (even if i suck at it) and ice cream!icecream dance Nice to meet you all bows

  10. #717862014-03-23 01:24:15 *saiya said:
    This is Saiya
    Anyways I signed up yesterday and I like this site :3 ~
    I am 14 and a girl I love computer programming and sleeping B)~
    I hope to get along with you guys :3
  11. #717952014-03-23 03:53:02Ryousei said:

    Hello all~~ :D

    My name is Ryousei (obvi haha~) and it's been such a long time since I've been on, everything looks so different! But I look forward to re-acclimating to the new site, and meeting everyone! :D

    I seem to have lost all the old friends list and messages, so if anyone recognizes my user definitely feel free to drop a hi! :D (Of course, this is open to anyone and everyone as well!) :D

  12. #720212014-03-26 04:14:27 *zonbi said:

    Heyyy, I'm zonbi and I've had an account on colorless for a long time. I was never much of an active member on the forums though and I've probably have only been in the chat for a cumulative time of 10 minutes maybe. I'll most likely be a lurker here, but I hope to get familiar with the new site soon.

  13. #728492014-04-10 00:21:51 *MrTingles said:

    Hey new folks, welcome to CL!

    Remember, if you ever have any questions, feel free to shoot me or one of the other moderators a PM after checking the FAQ and User Guide!

    At any rate, I hope you folks enjoy your stay here, and get involved in some of our projects!

  14. #729502014-04-10 23:07:17Coldu said:

    Umm, don't know if I'm doing this right...My name's Coldu and this is my weird introduction. I like horror and supernatural anime. I also like everything horror-related. I'm a weirdooooo. I also love cats. I'm 16 years old but my birthday is in a month, soo.. I'm from Bulgaria, it's in south-eastern Europe. I'm really friendly and talkative, you just have to be nice to me. Yeah, that's it.

  15. #729702014-04-11 14:16:25 *AshitoKenji said:

    Hey guys I'm Ashito Kenji, but we're all friends here so you can all call me Kenji, and feel free to use a honorific if you like :) I'm 15 and live in Australia. In my free time I love to watch Anime, or talk to my friends about Anime. I love Anime like most people here. I'm the type of guy who will spend literally more than an hour just thinking of a fake name. ~Nice to meet you all~