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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #731772014-04-14 10:14:55ShioriAyama said:

    Hey Guys, My Name is Shiori Ayama, but my friends call me Shimi. I love reading and watching anime. My favourite animes' would have to be Shingeki no Kyojin, Angel Beats and Fairy Tail. My favourite books would have to be Divergent, The Mortal Instruments and the Lorien Legacies. I love to talk a lot. Obviously, as you can see. I live in Australia and I'm 15 years old. Nice to meet you.

  2. #732312014-04-15 04:17:47Cenica said:

    I'd like to welcome all the new users that have joined recently. I'm glad to see that they've returned after the first day.

    If you have questions about accounts please speak with staff members as they've been on CL long enough to know how things run and will give you reliable answers.

    Also please keep arguments out of threads if they're not related to content and they don't contribute. They aren't helpful to the threads and usually end up involving people that weren't involved initially. (And big messes...)

    Anyways, welcome to CL. I'm really glad to have some nice people joining the site. ^___^

  3. #732422014-04-15 13:06:27 *Yugure said:

    Yo! I'm Yugure. I like anime, manga, and anything that is interesting. I'm cool and very sociable, but in real life, I'm a Lone Wolf.

    I'm 11 and I'm always online, ranging from 10-17 hours everyday (but, I have nothing to do xD), so feel free to talk to me anytime. And, that's that.

  4. #732492014-04-15 17:28:47 *Mitsumami said:

    Hello Hello World and people who inhabit it. I'm Mitsumami but you can feel free to call me Mitsumi. I'm 15, I like anime and reading manga which is common here of course. I like Madoka Magica, Snk, monogatari seires, Kyoukai no Kanata, etc. (so to make it short, I enjoying watching anime). I also enjoy playing mmorpgs. For now I'm a newbie (-、-) But hopefully you guys can welcome me as part of the Colorless Family Anywho, it's nice to meet you all( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I hope to get along with everyone.

  5. #735562014-04-20 05:32:10Rebel said:

    Welcome to CL, hope you enjoy your stay here (obviously) make sure and read the FAQ and get a gravatar because I will KO you (obviously joking!)

  6. #736932014-04-21 08:38:18Rikora said:

    Hello everyone I am Rikora. I am 20 and have a habit of trying to find something else to do other than what im currently up to every.. 15 or so minutes. My favorite animes are Guilty Crown and Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai Nice to meet you all =^.^=

  7. #737772014-04-22 07:15:21Milk said:

    Boop I'm Milk and I'm back.

    Let's just say I live in Hong Kong and I watch stuff, play video games and draw.


  8. #737802014-04-22 07:43:11 *Enkidu said:

    Hey people, I'm not really new (use to be on here a few years ago) but recently decided to come back and see how everyone was so.....hi.

    PS - I live in Florida and I hate Disney but love music, anime, whiskey and cigarettes

  9. #739762014-04-23 23:08:11 *Narushii said:

    Konnichiwa! I'm Narushii. I'm 17 years old... and live in Minnesota. Um... I like anime, RPG games, and lots of other stuff. I hope to make new friends here!. Oh I'm new here as well. ^.^

  10. #740262014-04-24 09:14:23Akunamichan said:

    Hi everyone C: I hope i'm doing this right D::: I'm new here, so It's nice to meet you all. I'm Akunamichan but feel free to call me Flipper :3 I'm a 15 year old Half Vietnamese half Hong Kong(nese??) and am from AU C: Errrr I play the Bass, Piano and the harp, enjoy watching anime, reading manga, drawing and playing games :D That's probably all... 030 But once again, it's nice to meet you all and I hope we can get along ^o^

  11. #742932014-04-27 02:29:59Kobeni-chan said:

    Hey everyone! Its nice to meet you all! My user name is Kobeni-chan, but I wish I used Mashiro-tan. I found this site by a friend and I'm already glad I came here! I am from San Angelo, Texas and have italian, mexican, and some irish in me. My hobbies include watching anime, playing sports(preferably tennis and softball), drawing, and hanging with friends. My best friend is also from this site, although, she is a little too gentle and can't do anything in life without me. Once again, I'm glad I came here and I'll be sure to tell Reo to come back soon since a lot of people miss her!

  12. #742952014-04-27 03:10:28Dark-B said:

    @Kobeni-chan hello, welcome to the site and hope you have a good time.

    Be sure to check the FAQ and new user guide threads, and talk with people in chat and see how it is.

    Have fun, and welcome once again.

  13. #744112014-04-28 21:39:52blanket said:

    hello, i already made an ass of myself on this site, so let me try this again. i am oh so very new here, my name is sam, i'm 18, and i'm from california. i'm really weird + lame but i like making new friends, so feel free to be my friend okay? i've kind of made it obvious i'm really bad at these things, so later guys ;-;

  14. #745252014-05-01 15:00:11vertigoofwildfire said:

    Hello, I'm 21 and from India. I enjoy reading comics and novels and watching anime and movies. I don't really have friends who share my interests, so I hope to remedy that here.

  15. #745762014-05-01 23:27:26HououinKyouma said:

    Greetings, I'm a mad scientist. >:3

    It's a pleasure to be here. I like learning and questioning things. I am and was involved with many Dollars forums and many people from drrrchat. This involvment gave me knowledge that thankfully brought me here somehow. I hope we can all get along and that I can manage to make use of this forum in a way I can make myself a better individual and also contribute somehow for all.

  16. #746172014-05-02 02:25:58Iyaza said:

    Hello all! I'm not new here, but I have not been here in 4 years and WOW has this place changed a lot!

    I go under the alias of Iyaza. If any of you remember me, hi!

    My interests include anime, ukulele, and smiling a lot.

  17. #747332014-05-03 06:56:06KlRA said:

    Hey guys, Im new here. As you can tell Im a death note fan, //Kiradoe<3// Anyways, Im in the US in a state we know as California. yay Disneyland

  18. #748272014-05-04 15:21:07rakkyo said:

    Yo. I am some person who is always bored that's why I'm here. I like anime and manga....obviously haha Yeah

  19. #749562014-05-06 01:45:34 *Meridia said:

    Hi! I like anime, manga, games and being random~ I hope to have fun hereeeeee <3

    EDIT: Holy crap, I was drunk.