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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #880092015-03-17 07:33:07safri said:

    moshi moshi , my name is safri-desu. i like to listening music in order to spent my time and also love to watch anime :). nice to meet you guys.

  2. #880152015-03-17 17:36:02Jacek said:

    Welcome to CL. Be sure to check out the user guide, FAQ, rules, etc. if you have any questions. Anything it doesn't cover, PM any of the staff and we'll be sure to help.

  3. #880312015-03-19 05:13:40Warlock said:

    Hey, make sure you take a look at the User Guide, and ask staff if you have any questions on anything. Otherwise, have fun, and I hope you can make some friends on here!

  4. #880122015-03-17 13:30:43GR3NADE said:

    Hi everyone im 20 i love anime(mostly ero :3) as a growing men i am and also playing game.. Looking forward to make new frnds.. =)

  5. #880162015-03-17 17:36:41Jacek said:

    Seeing as most of the members are giant perverts that also play lots of vidya I'm sure making friends won't be too hard. Welcome.

  6. #880322015-03-19 05:16:31Warlock said:

    Welcome to CL. If you have any questions, then please ask. Take a peak at chat as well if you're interested. Hope you enjoy the place.

  7. #881752015-03-25 03:34:03LadyS said:

    Hi there! I'm new here and have a variety of interests ranging from anime and manga to movies and sports. I'm a fairly nice girl, so I look forward to getting to know you. :)

  8. #883612015-03-31 21:13:46Jacek said:

    Welcome, Unicorn that is badass. Be sure to check out the user guide/faq/rules below, any questions/concerns can of course be sent to anyone under the staff list. Enjoy yourself. Live a little.

  9. #885482015-04-04 18:36:35Jacek said:

    Hi, from England. Welcome to CL. Check the FAQ/User guide/Rules, ask mods any questions, and you're good to go! Hope to see you around.

  10. #885962015-04-06 17:19:41Atticus said:

    I'm Atticus, and I can either be extremely shy, or extremely outgoing. I enjoy classic rock, doughnuts, and long walks on the beach. I also turned eighteen in January, and am 'murrican.

  11. #886032015-04-07 00:02:35Jacek said:

    Welcome, @Atticus. I think all of us can really be described as shy or outgoing depending on the situation and who is around, so you're not alone. Any questions/concerns, you're welcome to send to anyone on staff. Hope to see you around.

  12. #886122015-04-07 16:19:13 *Sheep said:

    uhh.. hello I'm Sheep. People in chat bleat more than I do, but it's cute. I love everyone equally.

  13. #886132015-04-07 16:57:23 *OwL said:

    Hi, I'm OwL and I love Tea. I am very secretive about myself so don't ask any questions, I hope we get along somehow. I won't be on too much tho. Thank you for having me here.

  14. #886752015-04-10 03:06:39ossia_zs said:

    Hi, I'm rather new to all this, I'm ossia_zs , sorry but I'm really bad at describing myself, but I like anime, drawing, reading, archery. I'm 18, and I'm from Canada. I hope I can make some new friends. :)

  15. #886882015-04-10 21:54:23PaperRaptor said:

    I'm Paper Raptor, and I am an altoholic. I suffer from too many MMO alts, and a deep and burning love of almost all things nerdy.

  16. #886932015-04-11 02:27:50Sparrow said:

    Hello I am Sparrow. I already have an account on this website, but I forgot the password and decided I need a new one. I'm 16 and like reading, movies, video games, TV shows, and many more things. Nice to meet you.

  17. #887132015-04-13 00:25:44lovelyaudino said:

    I love Chinese Cartoons. Like anyone else posting here, I'm new and looking for friends to discuss weeaboo things about. I'm an old lady probably compared to most the people posting on here. Anime has been a big part of my life since my early elementary years. I am also a convention goer and cosplayer. :) I love MANime, 80's and 90's anime and even some newer stuff. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is like the coolest thing ever to me and I wish Iggy were real so I could adopt him.

  18. #887582015-04-15 07:46:31Quintessential said:

    Hey! My name is Quintessential! You can call me Q or Quin or Quinten or whatever you want :D I like Coffee (Couldn't live without it) Pizza (It tastes Good) Chocolate chip cookies, Video games(Actually all types of games) Raman Noodles, the word Quintessential(My favorite Word) and sour skittles. And my friends. XD I'm a bit of a glutton and eat like a horse if you didn't notice by the contents of my likes up there :P I hope we can get along, and hope we can be friends ^___^


  19. #888012015-04-18 12:56:53Chaotic-loner said:

    Hello, I'm a chaotic-loner! It has also become my username because i thought that my username had to be related to me somehow. I googled chat sites that have the same interface as that of Durarara!!! and found this site, I hope i get along with everyone in the chat. I'll drop by the chat whenever i feel like it. As for my basic info which i can give to anyone: I'm 15years old and a highschool first year, my exams are right around the corner and i'm not very good at studying hard, math is a real bummer for me, but so is history,physics and chemistry...you get the idea,right? Anyway, i hope to improve soon. I love shounen manga and recently i have been getting into the horror genre.Though, i think i like the psychological genre more.

  20. #889962015-04-23 21:59:21Taro_Tanako said:

    @Chaotic-loner welcome to The Colo(u)rless! Hope you enjoy it here. Deffo come check out chat.

    Also, if you likes dem animu then check out Gosick. It's got mystery, lolis, a hint of a dark story, but isn't too scurry. Ask around and we'll all give you recommendations though.